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#92 Barfußwandern am Winterstein - 📽️mit kleinem Tourvideo

5.96 mi
4.5 mph
700 ft
525 ft
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Tour Overview

0.73 mi
1.17 mi
1.51 mi
Hier machte das Laufen am meisten Spaß
2.44 mi
Die Kapersburg
Die erste kurze Rast. Kurzer Check ob noch alle Zehen an Ort und Stelle sind😊
2.57 mi
3.16 mi
3.43 mi
Den kleinen Single Trail zur Kuhkopfhütte hätte ich fast übersehen. Die Umgebung sah so fremd aus, als wäre ich noch nie hier gewesen.
Nicht der erste bösartige Weg auf dieser Tour.
Die Kuhkopfhütte ist erreicht.
Überall heftigster Holzeinschlag.
3.56 mi
4.37 mi
5.09 mi
Ein neu angelegtes Biotop.
Auch hier ist alles frisch geschottert. Die Füße freuten sich gar nicht über diese Neuigkeit.
Der Steinkopf Funkturm
Die heutige Fernsicht war excellent.
Der Hausbergturm
Das Kohle-Kraftwerk Staudinger
Der südliche Teil von Bad Nauheim
Der nördliche Teil von Friedberg
Die Skyline von Mainhatten
5.19 mi
5.96 mi

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Dje Nyima went for a hike.

July 7, 2020

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  • Dje Nyima

    Today, mindfulness and overcoming was on my imaginary curriculum.
    (Note: In the whining that follows there is also a pinch of exaggeration and something funny about your own person).
    My hike today took me from the Forsthaus am Winterstein, over the Kapersburg, the Kuhkopfhütte and the radio tower past the Steinkopf to the lookout tower on the Winterstein.
    After a long rest there, I went back down to the forest house.
    The difficulty today was that I had walked the whole distance barefoot this time.What I hadn't planned was that some of the paths had been re-paved. In addition, some of the paths that used to be pleasant to walk were quite compact due to harvesters, which are currently harvesting the dead forest, and were therefore hard and rocky.The initial fun with this venture had been driven out a little at the latest on the section from Kuhkopfhütte to Wintersteinturm 🙈🤣🤣🤣.I actually wanted to insert a small video snippet into the tour video, on which the pulsating flanks of my feet could be seen sehen. It was a bustle on the flanks, as if animals were working under the skin😊.
    That the blood circulation in the feet also worked excellently afterwards is probably self-explanatory.
    Nevertheless, it was good to overcome the inner bastard again.
    In preparation for today's tour, I had already slept on a Tarzan booklet tonight🤣 and also left my shoes at home as a precaution at the beginning of the tour, so as not to be tempted to dig out my backpack after a bit of mimimi and put a line through my own today To make plans.
    Instead, I had a lot of patchwork on board in case something unexpected had actually buried itself in the foot.
    The descent from the Winterstein Tower to the Forsthaus was a complete overcoming.
    This path was quite easy to walk and often covered with a humus forest floor, but by then the feet had left so many feathers that this path was no longer a pleasure.
    Every bit of pointed stone that I, although I was very attentive, overlooked and bored into my heel almost made my eyes shoot out of the caves.
    The remaining meters had to be used more and more by my forefoot for the movement.
    At the end of the tour I had the feeling that I had personally met every cursed stone on the winter stone with my feet.After I got back home, cleaned and cared for the feet extensively, the treads were doing surprisingly well again.
    Apparently there is already some getting used to such (goal) tours. Regeneration is a lot faster than when I started my shoe-free career.
    All in all, it was still a good, interesting and fun day👍😊.
    However, my visual focus 👁️ today was not to look at the surroundings, but almost exclusively from the path that was right in front of my feet.
    Oh, and before I forget.At this point, a message on my own behalf: ....., you mountain bikers, .... I hate you🤣.At least a few of you.
    Today I also had one on my head (as Hesse usually says).
    I would have loved to start with a throat bite 😤😈🤣.

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    • July 7, 2020

  • Aqua 🏊‍♀️Run MK

    Good morning ✌
    that is again a nice tour report, written very amusing, I had a lot of fun reading and could literally feel every stone of your feet 😬
    Auaaaa !!!
    But surely a wonderful experience, which I should also give my tender treads (at least a bit away)
    So I have to go to work right away, but when I saw that you were on the road and there was something new, I took the time to idle away a little 😊..also a nice movie, greetings Martina

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    • July 8, 2020

  • aweifb

    Yes! Torture yourself! 😂😂🤣
    Your torture report was a lot of fun.
    Hmmmm - maybe I should go barefoot again? 🙄

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    • July 8, 2020

  • WolFF

    Great idea - unfortunately nothing for my Fieß ... so without a slab ;-)
    Described amusingly, so I'm looking forward to your next TorTour!

    translated byView Original
    • July 8, 2020

  • Dje Nyima

    @Aqua 🏊‍♀️Run MK
    🤣🤣🤣 How do you enjoy yourself with the suffering of others? Poo, double poo, shame on you 🤣🤣🤣 hahahahaha, Spässle.
    Yes, some stones were pretty nasty, I can't talk about it😂 and in some places I didn't want anything more than my shoes.
    For that reason, I left my pussy already at home. I know myself 🤣🤣.
    Well, I take that as a big compliment when your work has to be done behind me mir. Thank you for the flowers 😂 * happy *.
    I just hope that because of me you weren't late for work. Otherwise, I will only post new tours "after" your evening.
    All the best ... Bernd
    Jaaaa, the modern form of self-flagellation😂😂. Barefoot hiking on the Winterstein.
    Depending on the surface, walking barefoot is a lot of fun. In the future, however, I will still no longer cross and cross barefoot😂.
    Muddy sections and damp moss are at the top of my wellness plan.
    On somewhat longer hikes, I always find it very pleasant to briefly hang my shoes on my backpack and walk a few kilometers barefoot. For me it feels like loosening up the soles of the feet and the leg muscles. Is probably related to the changed pressure load on the soles of the feet and also the change in the load on the leg muscles.
    Then it goes back into the clumps and continues normally.
    Mei nägst tour is guaranteed ma widda with Schlabbe sei 👍😊

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    • July 8, 2020

  • Ian

    MerThat's astonishing me badly! Gesch poor mistreated 👣👈das = ☠➕ really nothing for degenerate - rotten shoe carriers damaged by generations of civilization❗
    BACK TO THE ROOTS and ROCKS ((including all pointed gravel stones on the freshly created forest paths)
    😁👍Top survival and Concentration training, even with continuous mindfulness exercise to avoid the risk of injury❗
    I just wonder:
    How do the South Indian pilate feet endure, which pilgrimage up to the sources of the Ganges in the Himalayas?
    If there were fewer shoes and the spoiled people went more barefoot (because of child labor and other negative consequences ...)
    we would all benefit from it several times!
    So get off the sofa!
    Get out of your slippers and into the woods, meadows, fields!
    A really sustainable, fun lesson for inspiration on how women / men & children could break new ground if they had a hard-wearing cornea with fun and after exercise / agony!

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    • July 8, 2020

  • Annafarina 🦝

    You have a great way to describe your tour. You immediately have pictures in your head. These are then supported by your own pictures. This gives you a nice idea of your tour

    translated byView Original
    • July 9, 2020

  • Dje Nyima

    "How do the South Indian pilate feet endure, which pilgrimage up to the sources of the Ganges in the Himalayas?"
    I think the soles of my feet probably look like the soles of my mountain boots🤣🤣.
    @Annafarina 🦝
    Hi Annafarina, thank you very much for your positive words.
    I can also give you this praise for your tour descriptionsbeschreibungen.

    translated byView Original
    • July 9, 2020

  • Doris

    Respect! The video is also impressive. Do this! 👍!

    translated byView Original
    • July 9, 2020

  • Yvonn

    But you were pretty fast, even though you were barefoot👍
    I can totally understand your agony! On my tour Just go on, I also had the great idea to go on a long hike with my barefoot shoes. First it was great on the forest and meadow paths until the gravel came🙈I actually wanted it Crack 40km mark, but after 36km nothing more😂
    But it was still an experience and a nice round!
    PS: When I go hiking, the mountain bikers also annoy me, but when I go mountain biking, the hikers also bump into my sack, especially if you have tortured yourself up the mountain and then the well-deserved descent is messed up😂😂😂
    But since I know both sides, I'm totally tolerant.

    translated byView Original
    • July 9, 2020

  • Dje Nyima

    Yes, to be honest, I was a bit proud when I got back to the car.
    The data from Komoot (probably also with other WanderApps) can sometimes really not be taken seriously ernst. So this time too. But I had already spoken about that in my tour # 90, in the 2nd comment.
    I once ran another app for comparison.
    And no, I'm definitely not running barefoot through the forest at 7.3 km / h.
    I definitely would have noticed 😂😂😂hahahaha.
    I only noticed this average when you mentioned it in the comment.
    In the short tour video you can see my actual running speed on a pleasant surface.
    On the stony sections, on the other hand, I was much slower. Rather in the creeping stork walk.
    I couldn't even have covered your 36 kilometers in barefoot shoes with the normal clumps. My highest respect for that.
    I can only dream of it.
    And yes, I can confirm that with the experience and that it was nice. I also had this feeling afterwards.Your experience regarding the perspective of hikers and MTBers is absolutely understandable. I would probably do the same.
    I would probably like the comb if any honk suddenly trolls in the middle of the path on the way down.
    By the way, the MTB Lumpi with whom I had my head was not even on the descent.
    He was still on the climb with his bike and still had a girl at his side in front of whom he apparently wanted to let one hang out. Hence the "🤣" behind my "I hate you" text.
    The guy wasn't really serious ernst.
    But there are such specs everywhere.

    translated byView Original
    • July 10, 2020

  • Die Tanja

    What a long barefoot path ... 🤭
    Years ago I did a very small barefoot hike 👣 with friends. It was pretty nice at the beginning, but when I took my godchild on my shoulders (because the bark mulch had so pee) it was also exhausting for me.
    But I think I have to try it again.
    Thank you for your amusing story. 😊👍🏼

    translated byView Original
    • July 11, 2020

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