ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald planned this outdoor adventure with komoot!

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ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald

ALBTAL.Abenteuer.Track Etappe 1

ALBTAL.Abenteuer.Track Etappe 1

15.4 mi
1.9 mph
3,325 ft
3,275 ft
Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

Tour Overview

Starting Point
3.77 mi


Hiking Highlight (Segment)

5.59 mi


Hiking Highlight

6.59 mi
7.70 mi


Hiking Highlight

8.15 mi


Hiking Highlight

10.1 mi


Hiking Highlight (Segment)

11.0 mi


Hiking Highlight

11.8 mi


Hiking Highlight

15.4 mi

Tour Profile


Mountain Hiking Path: 6.25 mi
Hiking Path: 1.95 mi
Path: 2.19 mi
Footpath: 3.96 mi
Street: 0.50 mi
Road: 0.56 mi


Alpine: 0.32 mi
Natural: 5.00 mi
Unpaved: 3.19 mi
Gravel: 5.43 mi
Paved: 0.28 mi
Asphalt: 0.64 mi
Unknown: 0.55 mi

Weather Forecast

ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald and 4 others planned a hike.

October 9, 2018


  • KISS

    Thanks for the invitation. Is there an appointment? Am always traveling with a dog, is that possible? Questions about questions. Greetings Tanja

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    • November 8, 2017

  • JuleWandert

    Exactly the questions we would have too

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    • November 8, 2017

  • Kauai

    The route is too long for me. Since I make 2 stages of it, or put the start to Talwiese ;-) I'm from here ;-)
    I have already gone the shortened ways. They are usually very nice. A few gravel highways are also there. Straight between Weithäusleplatz to the observation deck.
    Only the "climbing passage with special rope" I did not know yet. I'll have to go up next time.
    Apart from the "climbing passage" unknown to me, there is nothing that your dogs would not be able to do there. Curly has already done that :-)

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    • November 9, 2017

  • ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald

    IMPORTANT NOTICE - as of 20.04.2018
    Around the Hahnenpfalzhütte on the 1st stage of the Albtal.Abenteuer.Tracks there are currently road closures due to forestry work. These are expected to be mid-May.
    The Albtal.Adventure.Track can be committed to the hut. For the way back to Bad Herrenalb please follow the signs of the Schwarzwaldverein.

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    • April 20, 2018

  • ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald

    Hello adventures!
    For several weeks, our beloved Albtal.Adventure.Track is downright sabotaged. Again and again, the markers used for pathfinding are presumably removed from trees and rocks, be it with solvents or sandpaper. That does not only hurt us in the heart ... the trees, too! In addition, it also causes trouble for all adventurers who have to cancel their tour because they find no clues!
    The Albtal.Adventure.Track is an approved tour and the spray marks and decals in the woods are extensive and certainly not harmful to the environment. We would like to call in this way, with the removal of the mark stop! The removal is illegal and constitutes property damage that has been brought to the notice. As a consequence, there are high claims for damages for the elaborate new markings.
    Anyone who has seen something or can give hints, is welcome to contact us!
    Telephone: 07243 3549790
    Many Thanks. Your Albtal Plus team.

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    • May 23, 2018

  • KISS

    @ Albtal Plus Team: When we went the tour, everything was still great. Thank you very much!
    It was a brilliant compilation and very nice.
    The destruction I have experienced in recent weeks in different regions. A NoGo! Have also seen many signposts with stupid, written by hand, comments on the tours. Must and must not be, by hikers you should not expect such a garbage.
    Keep going, your tours are great.

    translated byView Original
    • May 23, 2018

  • Sven Lorenz

    The hottest are the digital "ALBTAL.ABENTEUER-BADGE", a kind of digital hiking badge, which is beamed via beacon at the start and destination, automatically to the mobile when you start the stage. And if you do not get tired, you'll get the deserved FINISHER-HERO-BADGE at the finish. The trek is really exhausting and who made it, who shares the badge on insta, facebook or whatever he did. But works only with the "blukii-Info-APP", which is lukewarm. Simply download in the app stores! I think it's really cool and I did not go anywhere. Just check it out! LG sul.

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    • July 24, 2018

  • Friedrich Pineker

    Very nice and challenging tour! Did you master today on 25.12.2018. Cross-country skiing makes even the Black Forest a bit more attractive. 😊

    translated byView Original
    • December 25, 2018

  • Hendrik

    Really a great tour. Are already back through the Alb valley at the source of the Alb, but it will certainly be completed again.
    You can't complain about the markings, they are sufficient and clearly visible. Thank you.

    translated byView Original
    • September 13, 2020

  • Denn Is

    The tour is very varied, very interesting concept and I really enjoyed it. At first I took the idea of wild paths a little too seriously and got lost straight away. Be sure to take a cell phone with GPS reception with you. Still very recommendable and challenging. Paths through forests, meadows, gorges, hills and valleys. Some trail markings were very weak or hidden - but you can find everything. In my opinion, it is not suitable for children. I was out and about from 9 am to 6 pm with breaks.

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    • March 3, 2021

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ALBTAL – das Entdecker.Tal im Nordschwarzwald

ALBTAL.Abenteuer.Track Etappe 1