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19.6 mi
3.6 mph
3,200 ft
3,175 ft
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Starting Point
0.30 mi
0.86 mi
2.14 mi
Schiebestelle aufwärts, 30hm
2.22 mi
3.61 mi
Zaunkunstwerk, 2fach abgesichert
4.06 mi
4.07 mi
6.02 mi
6.15 mi
6.16 mi
6.43 mi
8.52 mi
8.55 mi
9.56 mi
10.8 mi
11.4 mi
12.4 mi
13.8 mi
16.1 mi
16.6 mi
17.7 mi
17.7 mi
18.5 mi
19.4 mi
19.6 mi

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skyhopper.mtb went mountain biking.

June 10, 2020

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  • skyhopper.mtb

    MTB tour from Missen via Hauchenberg to Niedersonthofen.
    MTB technically top enduro route, bad about 50 high meadow gates over which you have to balance the bike. Partially vandalized, my MTBers should be put off. Quite heavy in wet conditions because of the roots. I left out the way up to Stoffelberg was devastated by cows. Towards Niedersonthofen on the street you have to push the bike or drive off the street.
    Back over the Falltobelweg (not worth it - pushing / carrying 50hm for the most part). If I would not do it again, it was optically not so great and not very mobile. Just keep left before the Tobel to Gopprechts, then you also come to Knottenried.Only 1MTBer seen, in total 3 hikers. The way back from Knottenried is simply S0-S1. Before Missen at the cross (before going down) there is a new hiking trail to Missen on the right. It could be nice.
    1A battery used, approx. 1250hm.
    By the way, mountain biking is allowed in Bavaria! Resident restrictions without authorization are not allowed. In Austria, an order with a number must be published for each sign. How is it in Bavaria, how do you know if there are signs from the community?

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    • June 10, 2020

  • Professor

    Shitty weather but super nice area - and a fine beer😊😘

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    • June 10, 2020

  • Joachim E.

    I only do Hauchenberg and Salmaser Höhe in the spring before the Almaufauf or autumn after the Viehscheid. Then most of the gates are removed and you don't need a side cutter. 😏

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    • June 12, 2020

  • Martin T.

    True is better 😁 nevertheless, if I feel like it in summer, I like to lift my bike over a gate, at Salmaser Höhe no problem, but at Hauchenberg the hiking trail near the tower has been completely barricaded
    3-row electric fence with additional posts in front of the gate.
    No more getting through even for hikers.
    I guess that the farmer had had enough of the traffic and I'm gradually wondering whether this app is not a curse rather than a blessing.

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    • June 12, 2020

  • skyhopper.mtb

    Hello, I'm already through before the grazing season, fences were not much less. I don't like the side cutters either, just:
    Fence passages that damage clothing are not possible. I tore my rucksack on the barbed wire when I passed the fence (without a bike!), That shouldn't be allowed. Adding electricity to fences at the top edge is not fine and is dangerous when it rains. You don't even know how to open the fence without getting a blow. Have had bad experiences in Switzerland electric fences, they had been violently wiped there no matter what you wanted to hold him down with (stick, gloves, ...). Think that was an energizer for dry soil (Australia) with umpteen times and dangerous impact performance. Something like this can be fatal when wet, you just have to hang on the (Hauchenberg) barbed wire. Think a complaint to the community could improve?
    The community workers had just cut the paths that day and were friendly. There is path maintenance in Missen.

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    • June 13, 2020