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Von Mühldorf am Inn durch den Innzipfel zur Wallfahrtskirche Heilige Mutter Anna

11.2 mi
3.0 mph
250 ft
250 ft

Tour Overview

54 yd
Das ist ja eine nette Begrüßung 😊 ❤️
Hofraum des Haberkasten
Der Haberkasten, ein historischer Getreidekasten
Die alte Stadtmauer von Mühldorf/Inn
St. Nikolaus
St. Nikolauskirche
Das Altöttinger Tor am Stadtplatz
Fassaden im Inn-Salzach-Stil
Der 500 m lange Stadtplatz
Fassade am Stadtplatz
Das Rathaus
Wappen am Rathaus
An der Weißbierbrauerei Unertl
Ausgezeichnet für erstklassiges Weißbier
Münchner Tor (Nagelschmiedturm)
Wanderweg am Innufer
0.59 mi
1.13 mi
Blick auf den Inn
Wunderschöne Uferwanderwege
Am Innstrand
Am Innuferweg
Blick auf den Inn
Eine der 5 Innbrücken in Mühldorf
1.89 mi
Der türkisfarbene Fluss
Am Innuferwanderweg
2.39 mi
An der Innschleife (Innzipfel)
An der Innschleife
Am Innzipfel
Wanderweg am Innufer
Das Ausmaß der Stämme ist gewaltig
Leider fielen hier der Säge etliche Stämme zum Opfer
An der Innschleife
Die Innschleife
Den Klängen des Wassers und des Xylophons lauschen
2.92 mi
3.42 mi
3.43 mi
Die Innfähre verkehrt wohl momentan nicht
Anleger bei der Personenfähre
Blick über den Fluss
Blick über den Inn zur Frauenkirche
Historische GrenzsteinE begleiten uns
4.33 mi
Bis hierher reichte einst das Erzbistum Salzburg
🕷Spinnennetz 🕸
4.83 mi
Die Wallfahrtskirche Hl. Mutter Anna
Die Wallfahrtskirche Hl. Mutter Anna
Altar m. Hl. Anna Darstellung
Die Wallfahrtskirche Hl. Mutter Anna
Die Wallfahrtskirche Hl. Mutter Anna
5.12 mi
6.00 mi
St. Johannes der Täufer Oberflossing
St. Johannes der Täufer Oberflossing
Altar mit Bildnis des Johannes d. Täufers
Hl. Geist am Ambo
St. Johannes der Täufer Oberflossing
6.06 mi
8.06 mi
Brücke über einen Bachlauf
Pferde 🐎 auf einer Koppel
Anwesen mit kleinem Kirchturm am Wohnhausdach
9.54 mi
Jüdischer Friedhof Mühldorf
Am Jüdischen Friedhof
Tafel mit Inschrift am Jüdischen Friedhof
9.58 mi
10.0 mi
Die Apostelfürsten Petrus & Paulus
Wasserturm von Mühldorf
Wasserturm von Mühldorf
Wasserturm von Mühldorf
Das Alte Wasserschlössl
Das Wasserschlössl
Ende der Tour
10.2 mi
10.4 mi
10.9 mi
11.0 mi
11.2 mi

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Speed Profile

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Söhni 🏃 and Anne went for a hike.

May 29, 2020


  • Söhni 🏃

    Mühldorf am Inn is a district town in Upper Bavaria. The city center consists of a historical core in the so-called Inn-Salzach style, with several houses showing a closed, harmonious ensemble through false facades. The core of the old town of Mühldorf am Inn is bordered by two gates, the Münchner Tor (Nagelschmiedturm) and Altöttinger Tor, and the town square extends to around 500m.The circular hike around a narrow Inn loop extends north of the Inn with the old town and south to the outskirts of Oberflossing. We start north at the Mühldorf am Inn train station, which is well connected to the surrounding area - Munich, Rosenheim, Traunstein, Passau etc. From the train station it goes down to the Inn.Around 190 monuments are listed for Mühldorf am Inn, the old town as an ensemble and other residential buildings from the period from the 16th to the 19th century, as well as numerous boundary stones and fountains or remains of city walls, for example. Or the remarkable town hall with buildings from 1450. Church towers shape part of the panorama and there is also a prince-bishop's castle (1593). This is on Katharinenplatz, outside of our group, and is the tax office today.From the train station we walk through Sedanstrasse and see the water tower (1904). We go to the roundabout and through Töginger Straße towards the city square. It goes through a green area to the city wall with ponds and a Kneipp treading pool. We pass the city library. Opposite is the so-called Haberkasten, a historic grain box that is used as an event location and the district museum in the Lodronhaus, which was once a grain box.Our next destination is St. Nicholas Church, which was first built in 1251. The church tower dates from the time of the second building around 1300. What you see today is from several centuries. Inside there is a magnificent baroque design. Also on the church square is the St. Johannes chapel from the mid-14th century. The rectory (15th and 16th centuries) with its stair gables is also impressive.Through Kirchengasse we get into the Stadtplatz street and enjoy the views of the Inn-Salzach style. To our left is a hunting museum, which cheerfully takes up the subject of hunting, and stands the Frauenkirche, which was consecrated as the Capuchin monastery church in 1643. Its tower from 1856 follows the style of historicism. The Frauenkirche was also temporarily used by the Franciscans.We go on a connecting path to Luitpoldallee. In front of the indoor pool, we turn right into Leopoldstrasse, then left, across a parking lot towards Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse. The destination is the Innstrasse and the Innfußweg, over which we hike through the Innzipfel and cross the Inn via the Brückenstrasse.Again we accompany the Inn, now on the other side and come to a viewing terrace. We walk through the green in the Upper Tegerau to the Innzipfel and then through varied open landscape to Annabrunn with the pilgrimage church of Holy Mother Anna. In 1686 it was built as a chapel and was expanded to the church shortly thereafter. We have completed half of the circular hike.Annabrunner Straße brings us through meadows and agricultural areas to Oberflossing, that we only roam north and meet the Flossinger Bach. It goes through varied nature again. Steinhölzl follows Fischerhäusl, recognizable by the pond. In Gießen we come back to a little street called Tegernau, the ride of which we walk through. We accompany the Hammerbach, also on the Hammerfußweg, come through Trautmühle and to the viewing terrace on the Inn.The Hammerfußweg takes us across the bridge road over the Inn and is protected by Nepomuk. Innstrasse and Friedhofstrasse take us around the old town center. On the way back we pass St. Peter and Paul Church, which is visibly more recent than the one we have already seen.

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    • May 29, 2020

  • Sabine 😎

    Toll 👍👍👍

    • May 29, 2020

  • Nadine

    Hello you two, I already missed you and your beautiful tours. Nice that you are back. 👍🏻😊

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • KISS

    So nice to see you on tour again! The greeting is so warm. ❤️
    Super nice start, great tour and so well documented again. 👏

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • LoKi 🚴

    Yes, nice that you are back; and you are presenting a tour worth seeing again 👍

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • Harald 🔆

    Great to see you again on the way. Enjoy the time in the Honey Moon Suite and do some tours on the beautiful Inn. But that's 100% safe with you.

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • So, nun aber los

    Very interesting tour. And nice that you are on the road again 👋

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • Andrea 🐾

    I would have loved to see a picture of the Honey Moos Suite 😍

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • elisabeth

    I already missed you, nice to hear something and with such a detailed report. ☺

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • Willigipfel

    Welcome you two back on tour. Great, powerful again with a great hike. There was at least so much beer with you that they had to sell it ... 😅

    translated byView Original
    • May 30, 2020

  • Söhni 🏃

    Hello my dears! It is nice to be back, especially back in nature! If you're missing, that's a good sign! Hopefully?! 🤔😄.
    In any case, we are very happy. We are now giving your tours hearts and enjoying the Pentecost weekend with the children! We'll see the tours later! Happy Holidays to all! 😍🥰

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    • May 30, 2020

  • Stoni


    • May 31, 2020

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