Molonglo River Trail
21.6 mi
900 ft
900 ft
Starting Point
0.60 mi
Approach to descent to river crossing
Molonglo river crossing
2.63 mi
Detour to Barrer Hill
View from Barrer Hill towards Black Mountain (and Boundary Road, one way to Arboretum)
View from Barrer Hill
View from Barrer Hill
4.39 mi
Example gate on ride
Molonglo river view
7.60 mi
Butters Bridge
9.26 mi
View back towards Canberra
11.9 mi
Not exactly friendly invitation to start return trip!
17.6 mi
One of many ways to head up to Arboretum
19.4 mi
Arboretum view to Canberra City
21.6 mi


  • Average Speed
    6.9 mph
  • Highest Point
    2,179 ft
  • Lowest Point
    1,690 ft