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Soonwaldsteig Tag 2: Vom Hahnenbach nach Ellerspring

20.1 mi
2.5 mph
3,225 ft
2,250 ft

Tour Overview

0 yd
0 yd
25 yd
0.27 mi
0.45 mi
0.47 mi
1.26 mi
1.63 mi
2.23 mi
2.38 mi
2.38 mi
2.73 mi
2.96 mi
3.11 mi
3.18 mi
3.79 mi
5.52 mi
5.58 mi
6.35 mi
6.54 mi
6.57 mi
6.74 mi
6.77 mi
7.19 mi
7.53 mi
7.87 mi
8.31 mi
8.54 mi
9.80 mi
10.2 mi
10.4 mi
10.5 mi
10.6 mi
10.8 mi
11.0 mi
11.2 mi
11.7 mi
12.1 mi
13.1 mi
13.5 mi
13.9 mi
14.3 mi
15.3 mi
16.5 mi
16.5 mi
16.9 mi
17.2 mi
18.2 mi
18.4 mi
18.6 mi
19.3 mi
19.4 mi
20.0 mi
20.1 mi

Tour Profile

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Hunsbuckel and Manggongjai went for a hike.

May 17, 2020


  • Hunsbuckel

    We continued the tour today at Hahnenbach, where we ran past the Herrenberg visitor mine and the Altburg celtic settlement, both closed due to Corona.
    So we had time for the Schmidtburg, which towers over the Hahnenbach, but less high than you might expect. This is due to the original and eponymous purpose as a smithy for the mined ores, for which a well was needed and you did not want to drive it through an even higher rock.
    The tour then leads through the idyllic Hahnenbach valley before the first serious ascent to the Teufelsfelsen on Womrather Höhe made us seriously doubt the tour. I had more jitters before the second climb to Koppenstein Castle.But first the tour leads past a sea of cairns, then to the Blickenfels and as an extra of this stage past the huge but difficult to access Katzenstein. From there it goes down to Simmerbach (also called Kellenbach in this area).Now it was time to climb to Koppenstein Castle. I have already descended the huge Rosselhalde and thought how stupid you could be to climb there. Well, just as stupid as we are! We actually did it, but it was quite an effort.From Koppenstein Castle, the route leads from the northern train of the Soonwald through a depression to the southern train and there to the Altenburg lookout tower, where we made our last rest. Now it goes over the dull Rennweg and wonderful forest paths towards Ellerspring to the hiking car park.

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    • May 17, 2020

  • Mario

    You can only say: hats off! The tour sounds very good but also very demanding. 👍

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Keith

    How do you do this with the transfer?

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Hunsbuckel

    We park a car at the destination and pick up what was left at the start after the tour.
    Unfortunately a lot of driving ...
    Actually we wanted to camp in the trekking camps, but all of that was canceled.

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Keith

    So that's how we did it with the Neanderland Steig .... Rheinburgenweg & Rheinsteig is great by train ... 👍

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Hunderunde

    Strong piece of you two. I walk, but you hike. Great respect. I will wave to you later when you pass the Hochsteinchen.

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • christian

    Awesome tour and picture series. Respect for your performance 💪🏻If you want to go on a trekking holiday, the Soonwaldsteig is a great thing

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Sabine 🦁

    A real adventure tour! Really great!!

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Birgit

    I recognized a lot! 😁 Very nice pictures and great performance👏🏻

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • AM

    a nice tour and not so crowded ... then you come through "my" forest ... nice hiking .....

    translated byView Original
    • May 18, 2020

  • Alexandra Und Volker

    Very nice and impressive

    translated byView Original
    • May 20, 2020

  • Heidi

    Could the "listening funnel" better hear the rustling of leaves and the twittering of birds?

    translated byView Original
    • May 21, 2020

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