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HIdden- Gems ­čĺÄ 33k [LISBON BIKE RENTALS┬«]

21.0 mi
8.1 mph
1,675 ft
1,650 ft
Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike. The starting point of the Tour is right next to a parking lot.

Tour Overview

Largo do Corpo Santo

1.01 mi
3.52 mi

Funda├ž├úo Calouste Gulbenkian

Point of Interest
5.03 mi
6.37 mi
┬ę OSM

Aqueduto Águas Livres

Bike Touring Highlight

7.90 mi
┬ę OSM

Monsanto Miradouro

Bike Touring Highlight

9.15 mi
┬ę OSM

Sweet single trail

Mountain Biking Highlight

9.86 mi
┬ę OSM

herrlicher Ausblick

Running Highlight

10.3 mi
┬ę OSM

Miradouro Montes Claros

Mountain Biking Highlight

11.3 mi
┬ę OSM


Hiking Highlight

12.6 mi
┬ę OSM
14.5 mi
┬ę OSM

Champalimaud Foundation

Bike Touring Highlight

15.9 mi
┬ę OSM
17.7 mi
┬ę OSM

Capela de Santo Amaro

Hiking Highlight

18.0 mi
┬ę OSM

LX Factory

Hiking Highlight

18.8 mi
┬ę OSM

Jardim Olavo Bilac

Bike Touring Highlight

19.7 mi
┬ę OSM

Igreja da Estrela ÔŤ¬ Lisboa

Road Cycling Highlight

21.0 mi

Tour Profile


Singletrack: 0.79 mi
Path: 2.05 mi
Cycleway: 6.32 mi
Street: 6.14 mi
Road: 4.25 mi
State Road: 1.47 mi


Unpaved: 1.58 mi
Cobblestones: 388 yd
Paved: 8.62 mi
Asphalt: 9.16 mi
Unknown: 1.43 mi
  • Includes segments that go up or down a series of steps

    You may need to carry your bike.

Weather Forecast

LISBON BIKE RENTALS® planned a bike ride.

January 23, 2020


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