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Lycian Way - Day 21 - Goynuk to Hısarçandır (rejoining trail after Goynuk)

16.2 mi
2.3 mph
4,925 ft
2,075 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
1.04 mi
Water tap
Bridge collapsed
1.94 mi
Water tap
3.89 mi
Water source
Possible camp spot
5.29 mi
Camp spot
7.45 mi
Potential camp spot
8.29 mi
Camp spot
10.2 mi
Water source
10.8 mi
Water source
Water source
13.9 mi
Possible camp spot next to dirt road
16.2 mi
Mosque, WC & water
16.2 mi

Tour Profile

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Speed Profile

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followingthearrows and ToughGirl went for a hike.

November 30, 2019


  • ToughGirl

    🇹🇷 Saturday , 30th November - Day 21 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷🥾 Back into the mountain!!! Big climbing day today!- accommodation- outside a mosque on a raised platform in Hisarçandır
    - Money 9.5 TRY - entry into the Canyon National Park
    - River Crossing - 5
    - Distance 26km
    💦 This was one of the bests days we’ve had on the Lycian Way. It started with a challenge! The road had collapsed and there was a rather large river we needed to cross. It was time for shoes and socks off and to embrace the ice cold water and wade across! We then made it to the Canyon where we needed to take the path which would take us to Hisarçandır our destination for today. Total distance of 11.9 mi with ascent of 5,845 ft and descent of 3,235 ft. It followed (mostly) good-quality mountain trails for most of the way, though there are some rugged stretches where you need to be careful of your footing. 🥾 This was by far one of the best way marked sections. There was one small section where we lost the trail for a bit, but we soon found it again. Lots of climbing, lots of ascents, lots of switchbacks. But the views - were stunning! Once we reached the high point, we discovered a small town at the very top! 💧 There were also plenty of water sources along the way. After the high point, they rest of the way was along rural roads. This made the final few hours pretty quick going and we got to the town around 5 ish. 🕌 We headed to the mosque as that’s the main place to go, and at least we know we’ll have access to water and toilets. We tried to find some one to ask about camping, but there was no one around. We set up camp - and I think - better to ask forgiveness rather than permission! 🔊 The only one issue with our location was the proximity to the mosque speakers and the calls to pray. It was very loud!!!

    • December 3, 2019