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Lycian Way 2019 - Day 12 - Boğazcık to Demre

Lycian Way 2019 - Day 12 - Boğazcık to Demre

21.9 mi
3.2 mph
975 ft
1,900 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
1.56 mi
Potential camp spot
2.84 mi
Potential camp spot
4.30 mi
Potential camp spot
5.57 mi
Aperlai Pansiyon
Boat house
9.54 mi
Sunken city
13.5 mi
Potential camp spot
Potential camp spot
13.9 mi
Potential camp spot
14.7 mi
Potential camp spot
17.6 mi
Wooden bridge across inlet
22.0 mi
Kent Pansiyon
21.9 mi

Tour Profile

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Speed Profile

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followingthearrows and ToughGirl went for a hike.

November 21, 2019


  • ToughGirl

    🇹🇷Thursday, 21st November - Day 12 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷* From: Boğazcık camping/couch to Demre
    * Weather: sunny 22 degrees (it seemed a lot hotter!)
    * Distance: 23.5km walked - travelled by boat 11.8km - total 35.3km
    * Ascent / descent: 290m / 580m
    * Accom: Pension Kent.
    * Total cost: Boat ride 150TRY (pp), dinner 30TRY (pp), resupply 38TRY, Accommodation 85TRY.
    It was so nice waking up in a warm room! 🥶It was freezing outside and it was enough of a struggle getting out of the door in the morning to start walking. We said goodbye to the other hiker who camped outside (He was frozen!) and started the 6k walk to the Boat House. The night before we had arranged to travel a section of the Lycian Way by boat and also to take in the Sunken City. 🌊 Just before we reached the sea we came across lots of old runs, empty tombs, city walls and houses. The ruins are out of this world. It’s amazing to just be walking along and to stumble across these artefacts. We reached the Boat House and met Moustafa who would be our boat driver. 🚤 The boat was a small tin can, no life jackets, no safety chat. Just a discussion about price and where we wanted to go. 🌊 We stopped off at a little island inlet which also had ruins on. It was time for a quick dip in the Turkish sea! I’m not going to lie it was a little bit cold in November. But on the plus side it was very refreshing and helped to ease the aches and pains in our legs and feet. 🚤We then traveled down the coast for about another 20 mins before we re joined the Lycian Way at 2pm. We planned to reach the city of Demre, before dark... which as always was going to be a bit of a challenge. The good thing was there was a 5km stretch of road walking which was well lit and helped us to make good time. ⛰After Demre is the 3 day mountainous section where we have been told by lots of people that there is no water... we had been having chats about how best to approach this section as there is a lot of elevation gain and loss, plus the weather is not on our side at the moment with thunder storms, lightning and huge amounts of rain coming. You don’t want to be on the Lycian Way in the remote mountains in those conditions. It’s just not safe. ⛺️Camping for me was not an option as my gear isn’t going to be warm enough at that level of elevation. 🗺 This section probably requires the most planning and research to ensure it can be done safely. It is very remote in the mountains and I would not recommend for new/novice hikers. 😀We do have a plan to tackle this section!!! 👉More info to follow!!

    • November 24, 2019

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Lycian Way 2019 - Day 12 - Boğazcık to Demre