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Rhein-Taunus - Wispertalsteig

10.9 mi
2.8 mph
1,200 ft
1,050 ft

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47 yd
0.29 mi
0.42 mi
0.51 mi
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1.90 mi
1.97 mi
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2.76 mi
3.37 mi
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5.44 mi
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7.09 mi
7.96 mi
9.81 mi
10.3 mi
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10.9 mi

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Thomas and Sonja went for a hike.

November 10, 2019


  • Thomas

    The starting point for our hike is the car park at the Laukenmühle. After about 50 meters we come to the "entrance" of the Wispertalsteig. Here you can either enter right or left along the path. We decide on the left path and run counterclockwise ...After about 500 meters we come to our first highlight, the distant view of the Laukenmühle and the ruins of the Lauksburg. A really nice view located on a small hill.
    A few meters further we pass through the ruins of the former "Free State bottleneck", here was in 1919 actually the attempt to form their own free state within the German Reich ...
    A somehow rustic and also bizarre landscape has been created here, since the nature of the ruin has been adapted and the old walls and stairs covered with moss.
    We continue through the forest, which is adorned with beautiful autumnal foliage, the air is cool and pure and already after this short distance you start to enjoy the area.
    A few meters further we reach the Mehrholzblick, a lookout point located on a slate rock. Here a bank and the really beautiful view into the Wispertal invites to a short break. We eat and drink a little something and enjoy the beautiful surroundings before we continue towards Mehrholzhöhe.
    Here a paddock awaits us, also here we stay for a short time and enjoy the view of the paddock and the great 360 degree panorama.
    We continue the way a bit further and can now choose between the direct route to Espenmschied or the further VBerlauf the Wispertalsteig, we decide of course for the trail and continue to our left.
    It does not take long and our way leads us back into the forest, where we now walk towards the workers' well.
    The iron-bearing water in clay bottles was sold as early as the 18th century in the "Werkerbrunnen" in Sauerbornbachtal.
    We look at the plant, everywhere warn small signs in front of the CO2 Austriit in the fountain.
    We do not make a rest, we now continue in the direction of dinosaur rocks and come to an old slate tunnel, which you can not enter, however, over. Again, we take a quick look around and you can only guess how many such tunnels there may still be in the area.
    A few steps further along the stream, we pass a scree pile, here we rummage something and actually find small rock crystals.
    Our path takes us on a gentle climb to our next destination, the Dinosaur Rock. At first we think we know the area, it looks very similar to the area with the view of multicolor, but of course we are here for the first time. It goes into the forest before you stand directly in front of the rock.
    Vertically erected shale formations give the rock its name, because in fact they resemble a dinosaur.
    Here we make another stop and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
    Continue through the enchanted forest until we come to a hill and again have a magnificent view over a meadow landscape.
    Along the meadows and past cows, we come to Espenschied, a small climatic health resort in the Wispertal.
    If you want you can stop here in the Gasthof zur Linde and enjoy good home cooking.
    However, we continue through denm place and take the path to Hansenwiesengraben.
    We walk a long way until we recognize the lava mill below us and notice at the same time that we have missed our way. We turn around and walk back towards Hansenwiesengraben. At the two phelates, which are each marked with the plaque of the WQispertalsteig, we recognize the small path that leads us to the ditch.
    It has been raining a lot in the last few days and this is noticeable on the way, it is muddy and slippery.
    Carefully we walk along the Hansenwiesengraben and here again have a beautiful view of the landscape.
    Now it will not be long before we arrive at the parking lot where we make a short detour to the Laukenmühle to warm ourselves up with a hot coffee.

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    • November 13, 2019