Long-Distance Cycle Paths


Long-Distance Cycle Paths

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Why not make the road the most important part of your trip? Long-distance cycle paths are ideal for that. You will travel a remarkable amount of kilometers daily, while being able to notice every detail of the journey and get to your destination through the strength of your leg muscles only.

The cool thing about long-distance cycle paths here in Europe: They are well-paved, smooth asphalt for hundreds of kilometers. Which makes them perfect for any bike, be it with indestructible trekking tires or rock hard road bike tires – as long as it is comfortable, you’re ready to go. The routes are well-marked, too, from beginning to end. Theoretically, at least. Being old stagers with a couple of miles among us, we advise you to save the whole route to your smartphone, as a friendly gesture to your muscles and your nerves ;)

You will travel a remarkable amount of kilometers daily, while being able to notice every detail of the journey and get to your destination through the strength of your leg muscles only.

Long-Distance Cycle Paths To Go

Choose from our ready-to-go Collections with handpicked Tours and lots of handy information, created by passionate people like you.

Cycling along the German-Polish border
Bike Touring Collection by
8 stages on the Alpe Adria Cycling Path
Bike Touring Collection by
Experience reunification on the German Unity Cycle Path
Bike Touring Collection by
Radweg Deutsche Einheit
Along the Loire River by bike
Bike Touring Collection by
The bicycle route Berlin-Copenhagen
Bike Touring Collection by
Cycling through Upper Swabia in Germany – beautiful paths & landscapes
Bike Touring Collection by
Oberschwaben Tourismus
Radnetz D-Route 3 – in 17 stages across Germany
Bike Touring Collection by
D-Route 3/ Europaradweg R1
In 6 stages along the Aller cycle path
Bike Touring Collection by
The Baltic Sea Cycle Path from Copenhagen to Gdansk
Bike Touring Collection by
Coal, wind & water tour — in 6 stages through Elbe-Elster-Land
Bike Touring Collection by
Kohle, Wind & Wasser-Tour
The Elbe Cycle Path — cross-border cycling pleasure
Bike Touring Collection by
The Weser Cycle Path
Bike Touring Collection by
7 stages on the Kocher-Jagst cycle path through southern Germany
Bike Touring Collection by
The Danube Cycle Path from Donaueschingen to Budapest
Bike Touring Collection by
Werratal cycle path — 6 stages along the Werra to the Fulda
Bike Touring Collection by
Nature meets culture — 6 stages on the Paderborn Land Route
Bike Touring Collection by
Paderborner Land Route
Water & history – 6 days on the Römer‑Lippe Route
Bike Touring Collection by
In five stages along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path
Bike Touring Collection by
Schwarzwald Panorama-Radweg
Südschwarzwald-Radweg – 5 stages of pleasing nature
Bike Touring Collection by
The Franconian Water Bike Path – 8 days of creeks, lakes & rivers
Bike Touring Collection by
Fränkischer WasserRadweg
Swim trunks, beer, baroque — The Niederbayerntour in 7 stages
Bike Touring Collection by
10 fabulous stages along the Romantic Road
Bike Touring Collection by
Romantische Straße
Allgäu Cycle Route — discover southern Germany & Tyrol
Bike Touring Collection by
Radrunde Allgäu
5 royal stages on the Schlossparkrunde through the Ostallgäu
Bike Touring Collection by
Schlossparkrunde im Allgäu
Lake Constance to Königssee cycle path
Bike Touring Collection by
Bodensee-Königssee Radweg
On the Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps
Bike Touring Collection by
The Stromberg Murrtal Bike Path – 7 stages of nature and culture
Bike Touring Collection by
Lake Constance Cycle Way — 3 countries in 5 days
Bike Touring Collection by
Full pleasure on the Danube valleys cycle path
Bike Touring Collection by
The Heidelberg-Schwarzwald-Bodensee-Radweg
Bike Touring Collection by
The Vennbahn cycleway — 125 km of Europe
Bike Touring Collection by
Nature, art & culture - 5 stages on the Vechtetal Route
Bike Touring Collection by

The right season

The best time for your trip depends on your priorities. The warmer it is, the more pleasant it is during the day—especially in the mornings and evenings. Unfortunately, though, the roads tend to get busier the warmer it gets and you’ll always find more action on the road in summer than in spring or autumn. One thing is also clear: in winter, it is not always advisable to embark on a long cycling tour—something your feet and fingers are thankful for. No matter when you go, just make sure you take more water with you when it's warm and more food when it's cool as the cold weather also consumes more calories.


How you choose to spend your nights will define the nature of your trip. If you are choose comfort and rent a bed every night, you will have to plan your stages ahead of time. Camping, especially in the wild, will make you more independent, but you’ll have to bring more stuff. If you’re unsure, just try it out and see what your body and mind are longing for after a day in the saddle.

Bed and Bike

How To Stow Your Stuff

Bike Bags Or Backpack?

If you are planning to ride with a backpack, try it out beforehand on long rides. Even the lightest backpack can lead to pain and tension after a while. Bike bags aren’t cheap, but they will be your friends for years.

Classic Panniers Or Frame Packs?

This decision mainly depends on whether you want/can put a rack on your bike and how much stuff you want to bring. The advantage of frame packs is that they don’t need screws or other measures – you simply strap them to your frame. However, they carry less volume than classic panniers, which are attached to a rack.

Front Or Back Rack?

This depends on your personal taste. Classically they are attached to the back of your bike, however, this makes the riding experience more cumbersome. Having a front rack will make your bike more agile, but it takes a while to get used to the steering behaviour. Of course, you can use front and back racks to bring more equipment, but be aware that you will feel every gram on long distances. Take our word: Most of the time, you will need fewer clothes than you think while you’re packing when you are still in the middle of civilization.

Check List

Clothes For Riding

  • Pants that let you sit in the saddle for many kilometers
  • Underwear without seams (alternative: cycling pants)
  • Shirt or jersey
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection for your head (e.g. helmet)
  • Shoes to ride in

Clothes For The Evening

  • Comfy pants
  • Underwear
  • Shirt
  • Sweatshirt or fleece
  • Comfy light shoes


  • Patch kit
  • Pump
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Containers for at least 1.5l of water
  • Snacks for the road

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Long-Distance Cycle Paths