Route Planner
28.0 mi
325 ft
325 ft
Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Includes a ferry crossing

    Check ferry timetable.

    after 11.1 mi

  • Includes a segment that goes up or down a series of steps

    You may need to carry your bike.

    after 14.6 mi

  • Includes a segment in which cycling is forbidden

    You will have to dismount and push your bike.

    after 24.5 mi


Singletrack: 0.70 mi
Path: 9.22 mi
Access Road: 189 yd
Cycleway: 5.39 mi
Street: 6.50 mi
Road: 6.03 mi
Ferry: 142 yd


Unpaved: 4.13 mi
Compacted Gravel: 146 yd
Cobblestones: 0.75 mi
Paved: 9.86 mi
Asphalt: 12.6 mi
Unknown: 0.63 mi


  • Average Speed
    9.8 mph