Route Planner
21.5 mi
950 ft
950 ft
Expert mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.
  • Includes a very steep uphill segment

    You may need to push your bike.

    after 8.54 mi

  • Includes segments that go up or down a series of steps

    You may need to carry your bike.

    after 135 ydafter 21.4 mi

  • Includes a segment in which cycling is forbidden

    You will have to dismount and push your bike.

    after 3.99 mi

  • Includes a segment with temporary access restrictions

    Check ahead to confirm restricted segments are open to the public.

    after 20.4 mi


Singletrack: 4.17 mi
Path: 6.85 mi
Access Road: 206 yd
Cycleway: 5.30 mi
Street: 2.74 mi
Road: 2.35 mi


Alpine: < 109 yd
Natural: 1.84 mi
Unpaved: 6.28 mi
Gravel: 1.29 mi
Paved: 6.58 mi
Asphalt: 5.03 mi
Unknown: 0.50 mi