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191 mi
5,150 ft
5,150 ft
Expert gravel ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.


More information

Includes segments in which cycling is not permitted

You will have to dismount and push your bike.

after for 246 yd
after for 218 yd
after for 66 yd
after for 183 yd
after for 103 yd
after for 179 yd
after for 0.88 mi

Includes segments with temporary access restrictions

Check ahead to confirm restricted segments are open to the public.

after for 1.73 mi
after for 2.74 mi
after for 3.28 mi
after for 5.90 mi
after for 2.51 mi
after for 0.67 mi
after for 0.35 mi
after for 5.45 mi
after for 2.36 mi
after for 0.86 mi
after for 2.10 mi
after for 2.27 mi

Includes a movable bridge

Check opening times.

after for 7 yd

Includes off-grid segments

Navigation instructions may be limited.

after for 0.98 mi
after for 1.91 mi


Singletrack: 26.1 mi
Path: 84.0 mi
Access Road: 183 yd
Cycleway: 54.3 mi
Street: 3.95 mi
Road: 19.7 mi
State Road: 198 yd
Off-grid (unknown): 2.88 mi


Unpaved: 88.5 mi
Compacted Gravel: 28.7 mi
Cobblestones: 1.24 mi
Paved: 32.5 mi
Asphalt: 37.1 mi
Unknown: 3.01 mi