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Ostseebad K√ľhlungsborn

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    K√ľhlungsborn (until April 1, 1938 Brunshaupten-Arendsee) is a town-free city in the district of Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). It bears the title Ostseebad.The history of the three original villages Arendsee, Brunshaupten and Good Fulgen, from which K√ľhlungsborn was formed in 1937, goes back almost 800 years. 1177 were mentioned in a document "Bruno of Cubanze" and "two villages Brunos". "Cubanze" may mean temple district or clearing. In 1219 the name "Brunsh√∂vede" (= farm or port of Bruno) was mentioned in a foundation charter of the nunnery Sonnenkamp. The village was given at that time by the sovereign to the nunnery Sonnenkamp, which had its seat first in Parchow at Kr√∂pelin, later in Neukloster. The village of Arendsee is said to have received its name from the nuns of this monastery, after the monastery of the same name in the Altmark. Fulgen was first mentioned during the Thirty Years War, when all three villages were badly hit, but especially Fulgen. Brunshaupten was a row village, which followed approximately the course of the Cubanze brook. The oldest part of Arendsee can be found where the road to Rerik leaves in a sharp bend K√ľhlungsborn. Fulgen was a large village east of Brunshaupten before the Thirty Years' War. The inhabitants of the three villages lived on fishing and agriculture. Some were allowed to call themselves landlords, their leased land was the size of small farmsteads, most of them were buskers and whiskers.Source: Wikipedia

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  • Distance3.93¬†mi
  • Uphill100¬†ft
  • Downhill150¬†ft