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Denkmal - Zehdenschlacht

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  • Ducky

    The exact background for the outbreak of the feud and the actual cause for Hodos campaign against Mieszko I. are not knownSpeculation is that Mieszko wanted to exploit the weakness of the Saxons on their eastern flank and intended to conquer the economically important area around the Oder to Pomerania with the then important trading center Wolin and thus also to gain access to the Baltic Sea.Since under Charlemagne († 814) in the context of Christianization, the claim to power of the Franconian-Roman Empire had been extended to the Elbe, Elbe Slavic princes were regarded as tributary to the emperor. They also appeared on the Reichstag. In the 10th century, Margrave Hodo was responsible for collecting the tribute that Emperor Otto I of Mieszko I and the various Slavic tribes east of the Elbe could demand. After the division of the large Saxon Ostmark, which arose only after the conclusion of the conquest of the Elbe Slavic area by margrave Gero 937, splintered the area between the Elbe and Oder from 966 territorially into individual smaller border marks.further information

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  • Gerd

    Monumental monument designed to commemorate a battle won. Every year there are held knight games.

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  • Mariusz

    Near the monument there is a parking lot. Unfortunately, the bike racks are missing

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  • Tamara Normat

    It's worth going up - great panoramic view of the beautiful Oder valley.

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  • Elevation40 m