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  • Michael Hinz

    Even today there are some "Nazi works of art" on the Maschsee, including a kind of Siegessäule which rises a good 20 meters in the air. There is a naked man according to Aryan ideas (muscular, tall, slim) on a ball to see. The sphere could be Earth. He holds the olympic fire in his left hand. The torchbearer is performing the Nazi salute with his right hand. When the statue was built in 1936 and inaugurated on the same day as the Maschsee, the sports competitions were imminent. The figure clearly showed who, according to the ideology of the Nazis, had something to say. At the bottom of the stone column you will also find the inscription of the Nazis. "Will to build / gave blessed hands / the blessing of work / joy, health and strength / donation henceforth ... The lake! / 1934-1936." The words health and strength were popular propaganda words during the Nazi era. Above the inscription can also be seen the imperial eagle whose swastika was removed in 1945. At least something! Incidentally, the stature was donated by Fritz Beindorff, longtime Senator of the city and former sole owner of Pelikan. He was a Hitler advocate and National Socialist, who was one of the signatories of industrialists and bankers who demanded in 1932 from Hindenburg the chancellorship of Hitler. On some points Beindorff was the Nazi regime but also critical.

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  • Kalle & Danny

    Torch bearer on the pillar - Hitler salute, lodges symbolizing enlightenment or Olympic welcome? In 1937, the city placed the 4.5 m statue "Torchbearer" by Hermann Scheuernstuhl on the 18 m high pillar, which was already built for the inauguration of the Maschsee lake in 1936. Nazi art heroized "health" and "strength". The figure posted on a ball refers with its right hand to the Hitler salute and with the torch to the Olympic flame, which was first carried in 1936 to the site of the Olympic Games in Berlin. The "Victory Column" took over the construction of the lake and glorified
    the Nazi state with the inscription on the pedestal. After the war, the swastika was removed over the dedication inscription.
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  • Heiko

    Landmark on the northern shore of the Maschsee.

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  • Else 🚴‍♀️ 💨 🚀

    A hike around the Maschsee is highly recommended

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  • Frank-Michael

    Sculpture from a past 1000-year Reich.

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  • Tisen

    A visit to the Maschsee is worthwhile

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  • Elevation50 m