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Adam und Eva

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  • Grünspecht

    A steep ascent, but always worth it.

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  • Hendrik Heuer

    Circuit from Coppenbrügge, swimming pool via E11 or XR Roswithaweg via Teufelsküche and Fahnenstein with great views of Coppenbrügge Süntel and Osterwald.
    A detour to the Ith tower past the Bisperoder cliffs and back over the IthssHils way.

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  • Kalle & Danny

    On the northern arc of the Ith on Coppenbrügger's side, there are two eye-catching rocks called "Adam and Eve". From a certain point of view, the larger rock looks similar to a pregnant woman.

    Before infinite times, at the beginning of the world, the Creator once wanted to revive the earth with god-like creatures. Thus, out of his will, a male and a female being emerged. From light and dark, firm and loose, fertile and thin soil, combined with the most varied salts and juices of the soil, he created Adam, the man of the earth. Like him, he added a companion to the man, Eve the life-givers; for, according to God's will, this generation was to multiply and to fertilize the earth fruitfully. But before God had breathed them the inspiring breath, even before both could rise from the earth alive, the evil came creeping up and blew them of his poisoning breath. The Creator saw that his work was corrupt and realized that if his two creatures were alive, immeasurable evil would arise from it. An infinite sadness overcame him. His tears dripped to the ground and drowned there, flooding everything, the life just created. Adam and Eve had still tried to save themselves on a mountain before the rising tide - but in vain. When, after long periods of time, the sun had dried up the floods, two rocks stood close together on the ridge of the Ith, where the very first human couple had died. Of the people who know nothing of those past times, but only suspect, they are called Adam and Eve.
    Source (coppenbrü

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  • Kirsten

    From here you should definitely walk the Ith Hills path to the Ith tower ... A beautiful Kammweg with beautiful views!

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  • Twobeers ®️

    A beautiful rock formation. In summer with a beautiful view.

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  • Twobeers ®️

    In winter, spikes should not be missed in the luggage for the ascent.

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  • Mattes

    Wonderful stone nature art. Easy to reach via the ridge path.

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  • Marcel Lensing

    Noticeable rock formation on the northern arc of the Ith.

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  • Marco

    Strange formation.
    I suspect it was caused by corrosion.

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  • Elevation440 m