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Mittlere Kernberghorizontale

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  • auco

    The central Kernberghorizontale is a relatively flat, narrow hiking trail on the central slope of the Kernberge. You should be a bit dizzy and hard-wearing, even if it's not really dangerous or difficult. The views are terrific. Coming from Jena there are many great views with banks to relax. The student slide is a large rock slide, the thief crib is a mountain slide that has not yet been completed. Towards the end there is a short section where it drops a little steeper. In the end, the cool Fürstenbrunnen lures with picnic benches.
    The Saale-Horizontale around Jena is actually completely recommendable, but this section is particularly beautiful, because of the dry hillside location it has almost a Mediterranean flair.
    On weekends and public holidays, "oncoming traffic" can be expected ;-)

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  • Ein 🐟 namens Wander

    The "horizontal" on the core mountains are among the most beautiful hiking sections around Jena. Fantastic in fine weather, to be enjoyed with caution in damp weather due to the sometimes steep slopes.
    The paths are sometimes very narrow, so that in oncoming traffic you sometimes have to push against the slope.

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  • christian

    Most beautiful section of the horizontal with phenomenal views and great paths along the pines and shell limestone rocks.
    With a good eye, you can discover many small animals and rare plants.
    Recommended all year round.

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  • Thomas Luge

    The slopes are steep and when the sun is shining, it gets damn warm.

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  • Thor

    There are really crazy people who ride their bikes for a long time ...

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  • Michael (Draußen zu Hause)

    With the mountain bike it is a lot of fun. BUT: You should take care of yourself and take all the other consideration, because only then the joy remains unclouded 👍

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  • Waldfee13

    A holiday feeling is guaranteed after a tour

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  • PrivateJoker

    One of the most beautiful sections of the middle horizontal with great views and photo opportunities.
    Sometimes the path is very narrow and it goes straight down at the edge. Therefore you should be sure-footed.
    It can get very hot in summer when the sun heats up on one side and the heated limestone rocks on the other.
    One should not underestimate the path length. Since the path always pulls into the small side-side-side valleys, you have to cover a very nice route for the rather short stretch between Wöllnitz and the Kernberg district.

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  • Susanna

    Very nice hiking trail with great views, surefootedness is a must and you should also be free from giddiness.

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  • Sopho, Micha & Bella 🐶🐾

    The unique core mountains of shell limestone stretch east along Jena.
    The corresponding Kernberg horizontal is perhaps the most famous hiking trail in the close-knit network of trails around Jena.
    It is definitely part of the “compulsory program” of every runner and hiker who trains in Thuringia's oldest university town.
    Due to the Jena Kernberglauf, which has been taking place annually since 1977 with around 1000 participants, this particularly scenic path is known far beyond the city limits.

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  • Distance1.15 mi
  • Uphill525 ft
  • Downhill275 ft