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  • derschrecklich

    The Heidelberg Thingstätte is one of about 40 Thingplätze the early period of National Socialism and was built from 1934-35 to plans by the architect Hermann Alker of the Reich Labor Service and Heidelberg students. Geographically, it is the counterpart to the Heidelberg Cemetery, which was created at about the same time (1934) on the ant hill, the Heiligenberg on the other side of the Neckar opposite ridge for fallen soldiers of the First World War. The Thingstätte is said to have been built on an alleged Germanic cult place, with which it was issued as part of the Nazi blood-and-ground mysticism. The stage was to be used primarily for propaganda events. After the Second World War left the signposted as a place of celebration Thingstätte largely expire. For several years, the US community in Heidelberg held their Easter solstice celebration on the Thingstätte or it met youth or sports groups there. In the meantime, the site is a listed building and is regularly used in the summer for open-air concerts (for example, opera performances, concerts by Udo Jürgens, Placido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé or André Rieu).

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  • Michael Feigenbutz

    Stefan monastery
    Below the parking lot on the Heiligenberg with Thingstätte and Michaelskloster there is a tower on the right and a few remnants of the wall. G. Stefan monastery. There and also on the tower you have a fantastic view of Heidelberg and the castle.

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  • Ralf

    Performances are still going on here.
    Also accessible by public bus.

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  • Oliver

    A great building, though built by the Nazis. Has not been used by those, the very good acoustics can be experienced on rare occasions at concerts there.

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  • Jochen

    Impressive facility on the Heiligenberg above Heidelberg.

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  • Sabine

    Very interesting this plant.

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  • Jonny

    (Thingsstette, Heiligenberg)

  • The Bull Terrier, his Human & Food

    Impressive place, always worth a visit.

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  • Zauderjo

    Since the 1980s, the Thingstätte was also a popular meeting place for Walpurgisnacht. Starting in a small frame, there were more and more visitors year after year.
    In 2017, it even came to a forest fire, the fire brigade through the flock of Walpurgispilgern could face only with difficulty.
    Therefore, the Thingstätte was closed to Walpurgisnacht in 2018 and it will probably remain on 30 April in the future.

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  • Joccer1

    Very nice, would the monastery above the Thingstätte, you can play great catch and the view from the monastery is also very nice

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  • Dirk

    Impressive facility with "interesting" past.

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  • JR on Tour

    Especially for the 1st of May a highlight.

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  • Dominik

    Always nice, the big steps are great for a picnic.

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  • Rolf Butterer

    Again and again a tour resists.

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  • Joehännes


  • Änna

    Keep reminding yourself how precious peace is

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  • Clemens

    Should you look at yourself.

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  • Michael

    Beautifully designed, though the purpose was not great.

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  • Frank

    Very impressive! German history, albeit negative, up close ..

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  • Elevation440 m