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Dom von Speyer

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  • Sebastian Kowalke

    Speyer Cathedral looks back on almost 1,000 years of history. In 1025, the Salian King Konrad II personally laid the foundation stone with the aim of building the largest church in the West. He himself did not experience the completion of the construction work. Only 40 years later, his grandson Henry IV was already king, the cathedral was inaugurated. In the following centuries the cathedral was extended and enlarged again and again.

    In the Palatine War of Succession finally occupied French troops Speyer. They had the order to burn down the city - except the cathedral. However, the church could not be fully protected from the flames and the cathedral was badly damaged. Restoration work did not begin until the 18th century. The original Romanesque building was supplemented with baroque elements, which were dismantled in the next works in the 19th century and replaced by neo-Romanesque annexes. Only since the 1960s is one trying to restore the original Romanesque form completely.

    A visit to the cathedral is also worthwhile for non-religious people, because it also allows you to have a look into the history of Speyer and the history of the construction of the churches of the West.

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  • B@

    The cathedral is a Unesco heritage and impresses with its simplicity. I can recommend the visit of the Kaisersaal with the inspection of the tower. Although this costs a bit (6 €), but includes a small tour to the Imperial Hall and with explanations to the frescoes. The story of how they came up in this room is best explained here. I'm impressed with what they did so long ago. Today such acts would probably fall victim to the euro.

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  • Eugen AIC

    Mandatory program on tour to Speyer. Always impressive and beautiful!

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  • LSky

    The cathedral is not only nice to look at, if you have a bike ride on Speyer, you come over anyway. Behind fern Dom you can also take a break in the park.

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  • Pascal Kaufmann

    The cathedral of Speyer is easily accessible from all sides. The cathedral forecourt is one of Speyer's Most Beautiful Places

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  • Marianne PWV

    Cultural heritage at the highest level over 2000 years old

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  • Heiner

    Look and enjoy the park to the Rhine. You do not have to write anything more!

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  • Henne

    With environment in front of the cathedral.

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  • Henning

    A very beautiful church surrounded by beautiful old town.

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  • Bernd Sagurna

    Impressive cathedral without much pomp. You feel really small.

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  • Holger Pilsl

    Speyer, cathedral and environment, just worth seeing.

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  • Stephan Morgenstern

    The cathedral to Speyer

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  • Mull

    Speyer is always worth a tour

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  • Elevation-60 m