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  • Roger

    The Schnabelburg is the ruin of a mountain castle on the beak-like elevation north of the Schnabellücke near the village of Hausen am Albis in the canton of Zurich.
    1185 Walter I., Baron of Eschenbach, called himself after the newly built castle. However, we do not know exactly whether it really was the same castle, whose ruin is known today. Archaeological investigations of the castle complex have shown that the castle was probably built only in the 13th century, and this very hastily. However, there are no traces of the ruin that can be seen today, suggesting that another castle was built first.
    In 1218, the last Duke of Zähringer, with whom the castle owners were connected, died, and so began the economic descent of the family of the lords of Eschenbach-Schnabelburg.With Berchtold III. von Eschenbach was in 1270 a friend of Rudolf I von Habsburg new lord of Schnabelburg. Berchtold II fought in 1278 with the Habsburgs in the decisive battle on Marchfeld against Ottokar of Bohemia. It can be assumed that the Eschenberger Ritter fell in 1298 in the decisive battle at Göllheim, since he then disappeared from the documents.A son of Berchtold, Walter von Eschenbach, helped in 1308 to assassinate King Albrecht I of Habsburg. After that he was occupied by the Reichsacht. In August 1309, the Habsburgs besieged and conquered the beak castle in revenge for the regicide. According to archaeological findings, the castle was either destroyed during the siege or later rebuilt.In 1955 excavations were carried out at the ruins by Hugo Schneider and conservation measures were taken.

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  • Sylvia

    Quite difficult descent, because there is not really a way. Due to the foliage relatively slippery.

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  • Ernst

    Ruins from the 13th century

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  • Ayrlin

    Nice place, but the way here is much harder than other pathes around.

  • Karin

    Interesting if you like ruins. If not, then the official trail is nicer and easier to walk.

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  • sven wolf

    It's a nice break. But don't follow the descent. We were at a dead end. It is not a descent. You definitely have to go down as you came up.

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  • Elevation880 m