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Sentiero gravel, impegnativo

Bike Touring Highlight (Segment)

Recommended by ➡️El Pillar⬅️🦄🤖🍻


  • ➡️El Pillar⬅️🦄🤖🍻

    Ok, so, this segment is a mother fucker! At least riding with 700x 37. I had to push my bike for quiet a long time, the trail is full of big stones, looks like a sort of empty small river, actually, it'is so during winter rainy days. Btw, it's hard, if you don't want push your bike, don't pass my side i loved it.
    It's really wild, the wood is so deep inside there so..silent...once you get the top, you realize that you are in the middle of fucking nowhere. I found couple of hunters houses, lot of animals...i will ride it again.

  • Distance2.24 mi
  • Uphill925 ft
  • Downhill100 ft