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Çimpe Kalesi - Burg Çimpe

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    Çimpe Castle is a fortress on the Gallipoli peninsula in the southeastern part of the Balkans, which was conquered by the Ottoman army in the middle of the 14th century, in 1352, a very important turning point in the history of the Balkans. In the documents, the name of the castle is also referred to as "Cinbi", "Chinpi".The settlement of Rumeli, like the conquest of Istanbul, is an event that opens a new era in history. With the efforts of Sultan Orhan's eldest son, Suleyman Pasha, the Ottomans captured Tsympe Castle (Cinbi in Turkish) in 1352, captured Gallipoli of great strategic importance two years later, and within five years conquered the southern region of Thrace, bringing out soldiers and people Anatolia; so they soon established a strong bridgehead on the European side.This bridgehead is the beginning of the Ottoman empires in Europe, which spread to the front of Vienna. In the years 1329-1344, Aydinoglu Umur Bey, who made sea voyages from Izmir to Thrace with his navy, was the first great veteran to prepare for the conquests of the Balkans. In the years 1357-59 the migration from Anatolia to Rumeli continues and the Rumeli peak becomes stronger. In the foundation from 1360 that Orhan established for Suleiman in Bolayır, we see that many villages and farms with Turkish names were founded in this region.Some historians and historical sources have established that the castle was given as a gift after Mr. Orhan's son, Suleyman Pasha, helped east Rome by disrupting the Bulgarian and Serb forces around Edirne. With this event, the Ottoman Empire took a castle on the Rumeli side for the first time. Mr. Orhan used Çimpe Castle as a military base in the Balkans.Source: Wikipedia (Turkish)

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    • August 3, 2021

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