Did You know?

Every time you contribute to the community, you will collect and earn points. The more points you earn, the closer you get to becoming an Expert or Pioneer.

Collect & Earn Points

You can always check your total score on the Merits page under the Profile tab. For a more detailed breakdown, you can see points earned per region on the Meet Pioneers page in the community section.

Every contribution counts: you receive 1 point for

  • every Highlight you create, recommend, or for which you suggest an edit
  • adding a photo/photos to a Highlight (1 point per Highlight)
  • adding a tip to a Highlight (1 point per Highlight)

Bonus: you’ll receive 1 extra point if you do all three

  • create a Highlight, add a photo (or photos), and provide a tip for the community

Every vote counts: you earn 1 point for voting

  • Highlights (recommended yes/no)
  • photos (apt picture yes/no)
  • tips (helpful yes/no)

Well-deserved? The community decides:

  • You receive 1 point every time a member of the community likes any of your Highlights, photos or tips.


You can spot an Expert by the silver badge: the Expert Badge. These are the members of the community whose contributions have received so much positive feedback, they’ve proved their knowledge in exploring a particular region. Check out how many points they’ve earned to compare your expertise with theirs.


Pioneers can be recognized by the golden badge proudly displayed on their profile: the Pioneer Badge. This accolade is the highest honor, and it’s only granted to those who are ranked #1 in a region for any particular sport. These are the members whose knowledge you can trust most; individuals who never stop exploring.

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