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Four countries in 7 days cycling (NL - D - B - Lux)


Four countries in 7 days cycling (NL - D - B - Lux)

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45:18 h

395 km

3.230 m

A 7 days cycling tour starting in NL, via D, to B & Lux....a real 4 countries experience. A perfect tour for a short holiday with the bikes and tent.
We started at a camping in Vaals, left our car there and cycled to Aachen to start the tour via the Vennbahn to Troisvierges (in two and a half days).
After that we continued via Vianden to Luxembourg City. To be back in NL in time, we took the train from Lux-City to Coo (B). We followed the rivers as much as possible, while crossing the Ardennes, to avoid too much climbing. Via Liège we concluded the tour back to the car in Vaals.....This tour was not too heavy even with our limited cycling fitness.

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Tours & Highlights

  • 4 countries tour Ardennes - Luxembourg (day 1)

    65,5 km
    8,5 km/h
    570 m
    280 m
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  • Tours
  • Afstand
    395 km
  • Tijdsduur
    45:18 h
  • Hoogtemeters
    3.230 m

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