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How does our recruitment process work?

komoot changes the way people explore. This requires dedication, hard work, smart ideas, pragmatic approaches, luck and, most importantly, great people. Here, you will be your own boss, managing your own time, how you work, how your tasks shape the future of komoot — and you will have impact. We receive many questions every day about the way we run our hiring process and if you are curious to find out more, please continue reading.

What happens to my application after I apply?

After you apply for a job with us, your application lands in our database. At this point, you should have received an automated confirmation email from Workable (our database) containing a copy of your application. This is where your recruitment process starts. There are 5 steps in komoot’s recruitment process: Screening, Challenge, 1st Interview, 2nd Interview and Offer.
Your Application


Your application gets reviewed by our recruiter first and then, if successful, by our hiring team. The hiring team is different for each role depending on what we are looking for and who we would like you to potentially meet. We do not use keywords or any software to scan and screen applications. We recognise that you invested time and energy in building your application, and we want to dedicate the same to properly review it. If you pass the screening by our hiring team - we will send you a challenge.


The challenge is a real world practical task designed by our hiring team to let you showcase your skills. Only around 3% of all applicants make it to this stage, and if we have sent you a challenge it means we are seriously considering working with you.

1st Interview

This is the first time you will meet someone from the komoot team face to face. In the 1st interview, you will most probably meet with 1 of your potential future teammates and your future mentor. We will let you know the outcome of the 1st interview within a week, unless we inform you otherwise. Only around 1% of all candidates are invited for a 1st interview.

2nd Interview

If the outcome of the 1st interview is positive, you will be invited for a 2nd interview. This usually happens within a week after the 1st interview. Here you will meet with another one of your potential future teammates and a peer from another team that you would closely work with. We will let you know the outcome of the 2nd interview within a week, unless we inform you otherwise.

Offer stage

This is the last step of the recruitment process. If you convinced us and we convinced you, we will prepare an offer for you. This usually happens within 2 working days after your 2nd interview. We will inform you if otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sees my application?

Actual humans - our hiring team. Maria - our awesome recruiter - sees and screens every single application that arrives. If she finds your application suitable, she then moves it forward to the hiring team for that role. The hiring team (4 people) then sees it too. So, all together your application will be seen by up to 5 people. We do not use keywords or any software to scan and screen applications. We recognise that you invest time and energy in your application and we want to dedicate the same to properly review it.

How many applications do you receive / role?

We receive on average 266 applications per role. This - of course - varies depending on the role. In 2019 we have received around 11500 applications for 54 opened roles. We carefully review all of them. Even if these numbers sound high, there is a good chance we will invite you for a challenge as long as your experience, skills and motivation fit what we are looking for.

When will I know if my application was successful?

We review applications at least once per week and we will inform you about the outcome right away. Sometimes though, life happens (e.g. team mates are on vacation, the team is at one of our regular gatherings, we are releasing a new feature or product) and we need a little more time. If this happens, we will do our best to inform you. The general rule is - if you haven’t heard from us - your application is still being considered.

It’s been a week since I applied and I still haven’t heard back from you

This might occasionally happen. We review applications at least once a week but sometimes a team member is on vacation,we are at one of our regular (and famous) gatherings or just releasing new features/ products that requires the attention of everyone on the team. If this happens, we communicate this directly - we understand how frustrating it can be to wait for an answer. The general rule is: if you haven’t heard from us, your application is still being considered.

What is the “challenge“ and why do you ask to submit one?

The challenge is a real world task that we have often worked on and solved in the past ourselves. It can be anything from suggesting process improvements to a small coding task. The challenge is designed by our hiring team to let you showcase your skills in a real world scenario – we like receiving good CVs but we’re also interested in seeing your skills in action. It should normally take around half a day to complete, but some challenges may take longer. In addition to your solution, we’re also interested in your thought process, your technical abilities, approach to research, creativity, written communication, summarizing abilities and how you present your ideas. Often we don’t give too much detail here because we want to see how you go about solving the challenge. However, if you have questions or need more time, please ask – we want to enable you to do your best work here.

Why do you ask me to do the challenge first, before talking to me?

This is a very fair question, and a policy we spent a lot of time thinking about before implementing. We have been hiring people for 10 years, after all, and our recruitment processes have changed over time. There were times we did this the other way around, for example. We decided to set up our recruitment process this way as we truly believe that showcasing your skills, knowledge and ways of working is the most valuable asset and much better way to find out about how awesome you are and have something specific to talk about in the interview.

Do you use the results of the challenge in “real” life?

No, we don’t. We ask you to complete the challenge purely for hiring purposes: Your submissions will never be used in “real” life.

Is all the work I dedicate to solving the challenge worth it?

Well, that’s up to you to decide. Challenges are a fun way to find out what your work at komoot would be like. It’s a chance to discover more about what we do and things we deal with, and it definitely is a great chance to learn something new. It’s an opportunity for you to become a part of a highly successful European startup and to join a team of smart, motivated and fun loving team of outdoor enthusiasts who truly care about changing the way people explore.

What do you look for in a candidate?

There is no easy answer to this question as each role is different and has different needs. In general though, we are always interested in knowing your true motivation to join us and to discover whether your technical skills and experience match. Tell us, honestly, why would you like to become part of our team, what you are really great at, what we could learn from you and what you would like to learn from us. Usually, the best candidates are not only a great fit experience wise but they are genuinely driven by an idea to change the way people explore the outdoors and are excited about the prospect of joining our team.

What do I need to prepare for an interview?

We always like to talk to prepared candidates. Prepared means different things to different people - we leave this up to you. We are not here to interrogate you. We genuinely want to find out more about you - as a professional and as a person- and give you a chance to find out more about us. If you do your research, brush up your answers, put a smile on your face and have fun - you will be just fine.

What about remuneration? Can I know that in advance?

We understand that salary is critical for assessing a job opportunity. We typically don’t share a salary scope for our roles in advance as we hire across the whole of Europe. Our offer is based on criteria such as experience level, knowledge, and industry and location benchmarks. We do thorough and tailored research once the interviews are concluded and always aim to pay in line with these benchmarks. Candidates who make it to that stage usually find our offer compelling. Nevertheless, please let us know if you have any specific numbers in mind.

Do I need to be sporty to join komoot?

The answer is no. We are united by the love of the outdoors, some of us are what can be called sporty and some of us are not. We are a bunch of people with very diverse interests ranging from beer brewing to ultramarathon running. We love the outdoors and we are passionate about our mission of making the outdoors accessible to everyone.

How we work

Is the UTC-1 to UTC+3 timezone a hard requirement?

Yes. For all of our full-time, permanent roles this is a hard requirement. For our freelancer roles it often is not a must. Most of our roles are full-time and permanent roles unless specified otherwise.

Core Time / Working Hours

The whole company has Core Time - 10 am - 3 pm (UTC+2) - during which everyone is available. This is an essential part of our remote work as it allows for quick feedback loops and direct/unplanned communication between the entire team. Outside of this time, you are free to organize yourself in whatever way you prefer. Some of our colleagues prefer to work early mornings and finish at 3 pm while others are more night owls. This is up to you. We work 40 hours/ week (for our full-time roles).


We are a remote company yet we like to meet from time to time. To connect with each other on a more personal level we organize week-long gatherings 3 times a year. They always happen in beautiful locations such as Austrian Alps, the Italian countryside or Spanish Islands. The goal of the gatherings is to connect, spend some quality time together as well as exchange knowledge, brainstorm, and refocus for the upcoming 4 months. We run a lot of workshops and universities alongside cool activities usually in the outdoors. Get a feel for the vibe of our gatherings here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6sbHrhRcoUkLohCUKj9imZkJc_1_Av5X

Supported Workplaces

You are free to pick a co-working of your choice and we will reimburse the cost. If you prefer to work from home that’s perfectly fine too and we will support you with equipment and furniture to set up your home office.

Equipment and Devices

Devices are our everyday tools: we use them to communicate, to create, and to develop. We want you to thrive at komoot, and therefore want to make sure that you can draw on tools that help you succeed. We will provide you with all the equipment or devices you need for your work - including monitors, phones or tracking devices.

Do you have an office somewhere? I would be lonely without the office.

Our HQ is in Potsdam yet we are very rarely there. All of our team members hang out in co-working spaces, home offices, or other places of their choice. Many of our team members from the same city/ area hang out together in the place they have selected, yet we do not have an “office” per se.

Personal Development and Growth.

Learning and being curious is one of our core values. We have dedicated time and budget - 3 days and EUR 2000 a year to spend these on courses, conferences, coaching sessions, or certifications of your choice. The Personal Development Kit is in place to support our learning, satisfy our curiosity and apply new knowledge on the job - there are plenty of opportunities for this.

Any Questions?

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