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tristanbogaard ha scoperto questo luogo con komoot!

Vivi la tua avventura con l'app outdoor #1.


Tappa 3 – Asiago Loop

Tappa 3 – Asiago Loop

10,4 km
5,5 km/h
550 m
10 m
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Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
323 m
Tree on the track!
Love at first lean
More trees on the trail, this one came with spikes
When bikepacking says go here...
570 m
600 m
Gorgeous morning light
1,34 km
Headed for Val di Nos
Alternative track to Val di Nos
2,12 km
Val di Nos picnic site
2,16 km
2,16 km
New camp cooking kit: the Vargo titanium hexagon and a Trangia alcohol stove, and some self-bent spokes for pan support
Cutting some dried fruit
Drinking @dirtbagcoffee this morning, with our oats and dried fruits
Time to cook breakfast!
Entry to Val di Nos
Headed upwards
3,13 km
Starting today's climb
Surface gravel
4,52 km
Cycling treat, brazil nuts
Hiding from the occasional rain
5,67 km
The beauty of cycling is that you spot the details around you
6,44 km
The very trusty Sirui Ultralight T-024SK tripod from @tseimaging. Love this thing!
Out front: tent and sleeping kit, helmet and camera + accessory storage
Easy to undo frame-pack opening, with roll structure. Much better than the zipper!
Carrying 1L of burning alcohol for cooking
Ortlieb frame-pack, fork-packs, handlebar-pack and accessory-pack out on front for versatile storage of all kinds of stuff.
Tubus rack on the rear wheel with Ortlieb Gravel packs for tech, clothes, food and water storage
Let's take a look at my setup!
Little flowers popping
7,37 km
Hike-a-biking our way up
Continuing the climb up on rough gravel
Bedrock sandals providing comfort and grip on the trail
Belén's mandatory leg stretch
8,64 km
A wild Malga appeared!
9,79 km
Looking for a good lunch spot
Flourishing nature
Never managed to reach that place
Rainy but delicious meal :)
Little rest ahead of the rain
The rain started coming down on us after we'd started cooking. Waited 4 hours under a tree, it didn't stop. So we set up camp.
10,4 km



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tristanbogaard e Belén Castelló (belletoscan) hanno fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

4 luglio 2021


  • tristanbogaard

    Il terzo giorno della nostra corsa ad Asiago Loop non è andato liscio come previsto a causa di un temporale che è arrivato intorno alle 14 e ha interrotto i nostri progressi per la giornata. Abbiamo iniziato la mattina con la pista che è nel percorso ufficiale e abbiamo avuto qualche problema con gli

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    10 luglio 2021

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