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Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg

Attractions around Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg

There are plenty of places to see and visit around Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg. Whether you love hiking or cycling, Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg is a region where 6 hidden gems are waiting to be explored and visited. Check the top places to visit in the region and plan your next adventure today.

The top 6 Attractions around Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg


    Am Mapragg-Stausee entlang

    Mountain Biking Highlight (Segment)

    A road runs along both sides of the emerald green reservoir of the Mapragg pumped storage power station. One is for cars, the other for hikers and cyclists, so you don't get in your way. Very pleasant.

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    Tip by Betty Achrainer

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Map of the Top 6 around Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Mapragg

Last updated:
November 29, 2023

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