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Discover a wild gem — Swiss bikepacking in Valle Morobbia

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Discover a wild gem — Swiss bikepacking in Valle Morobbia

Collection par Jack Wolfskin



15:10 h

97,6 km

3 860 m

The Swiss canton of Ticino combines everything an outdoor lover could wish for. Wild valleys and glistening blue lakes are framed by the majestic mountains of the Alps. Meanwhile, vibrant cities and tranquil mountain villages offer cultural gems and excellent infrastructure. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from the Swiss.

The canton is particularly magical in autumn, when morning mist rises on the shores of Lake Maggiore, golden light falls through the colourful chestnut forests in the valleys and the first snow glistens on the distant peaks.

Our three Jack Wolfskin ambassadors Sara Bassano (instagram.com/sara_bassano), Annika Vossen (instagram.com/annika_vossen) and Elmar Burke (instagram.com/elmar_burke) didn't want to miss out on this special atmosphere.

For the three experienced bikepackers, autumn is the ideal time to catch the year’s last warming rays of sunshine, feel the cool wind in the peaks and experience the border between wilderness and civilisation. How? On their gravel bikes, of course.

For a three-day bikepacking Tour, they chose the picturesque Valle Morobbia in Ticino, a side valley to the Magadino Plain, which stretches from the San Jorio Pass to Giubiasco. Despite its proximity to the cantonal capital Bellinzona, this valley has retained its essence of remoteness and wilderness – wolves have even been sighted here again in recent years.

The valley gained notoriety as a part of the historic Giubiasco-Carena cycle race. However, our ambassadors weren’t interested in speed on their bikepacking Tour, but in experiencing this fascinating valley in its autumnal garb. In this Collection, they recount their adventure.

The first stage started from the town of Castione-Arbedo. From the north, the first kilometres led to Bellinzona, where an ascent was already waiting for the three bikepackers. Riding serpentines, they passed the Monti di Artore and then the Monti di Ravecchia. Their calves were tested, but the wonderful views of the valley and the Magadino Plain made up for the effort. Afterwards, they made a detour to the Carmena dam before moving into their sleeping quarters in the small mountain village of Sant'Antonio.

The following day was in the Valle Morobbia, with a ride along the historic racing bike route Giubiasco-Carena to two wonderful mountain huts. Challenging climbs were on the agenda and so they set off early in the morning. For the overnight stay, the choice fell on the Cremorasco hut. Thanks to its high, secluded location, our ambassadors not only found a beautiful, idyllic place to sleep, but were also able to enjoy a unique view of Lake Maggiore and the city of Locarno in the evening light.

After two days that were tough on the legs, the last stage was downhill almost the whole way, with one exception. The crowning finale was a ferry ride across Lake Maggiore. Here, our three bikepackers enjoyed the unique Mediterranean flair of the lake and the city of Locarno. After a final Tour along the lake promenade, the three-day bikepacking trip came to an end.

If you’ve caught bikepacking fever, follow the tracks of Sara, Annika and Elmar and experience your own adventure in the Valle Morobbia. If you’re also planning to go in autumn, make sure you wear functional clothing. Even if it still seems comfortably warm in the Ticino valleys and on the Magadino Plain at this time of year, the first cool winds are already blowing at higher altitudes.

The Ticino mountains are steep and some single trails are quite challenging. But with some advanced MTB experience and if you don't mind pushing or even carrying your bike, you’ll have a great time discovering the valley on two wheels. You’ll need good personal fitness and your bike should also be suitable for the mountains. Good brakes and smooth gears are obligatory.

If something is still missing, you’ll find bike shops in the cantonal capital Bellinzona, as well as in Locarno. With our bikepacking bags, your luggage will also find the right place. You are then equipped and ready to start your own adventure in the Valle Morobbia. We wish you lots of fun!



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