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The Welsh 3000's


The Welsh 3000's

Colección de Grace



23:01 h

54,3 km

3.430 m

Back in April 2020 during the first lockdown, I was asked by Mountain Leader Carla to do the Welsh 3000s from home... 15 of the highest peaks in Snowdonia each with a height of 3000ft or more to qualify. This was back when virtual challenges were the norm, the challenge was brutal to say the least! I hated pretty much every minute running up and down the stairs to achieve the elevation and swore I'd never do it again! Fast forward to summer 2021 and I was asked by the same person to do the the challenge but this time for real. Without even thinking about it I just said yes. I am surrounded by such inspiring women at komoot that I have been craving a big challenge, so I had to be a yes person. A total of 4000m elevation, 53km of hiking across 3 days and camping at campsites in between. Not thinking about my fear of heights (or fear of falling as some might say) I agreed to do the scramble up Tryfan and the infamous Crib Goch, a treacherous knife edge ridge in Snowdonia. Add in a storm, slippy surfaces, men turning back and women being brought to tears... I have to say it was probably my worst nightmare and the photos of my face just about tell the story of how difficult it was for me to overcome this fear. I did the challenge with Carla and her tour company Summit Seekers. We were pampered with having our tents put up each night and dinner, massages and hot drinks on arrival back at camp each day. The whole vibe made me feel like I was back in South America meeting new people, sharing stories and being like one big adventure family for the weekend. There is nothing like a fear bonding adventure to bring a group of people together! I wouldn't recommend doing Crib Goch without a guide unless you are extremely experienced. Completing the challenge with a group of strangers made it a truly amazing adventure. I would encourage anyone that wants a good hiking challenge to consider the Welsh 3000's, its an experience that I will never forget. I firmly believe there is a place in the world for both route planning apps and Mountain Leaders and this trip just proved to me how valuable a guided tour is. The 15 mountains were completed across 3 days and the tours include the following mountains and elevation: Day 1:
Foel Fras ~ 944m
Carnedd Gwenllian ~ 926
Foel Grach ~ 977.
Yr Elen ~ 962
Carnedd Llewelyn ~ 1064m
Carnedd Dafydd ~ 1044m
Pen Yr Ole Wen ~ 978m
Day 2:
Tryfan ~ 917m
Glyder Fach ~ 994m
Glyder Fawr ~ 1001m
Y Garn ~ 947m
Elder Fawr ~ 924m
Day 3:
Crib Goch ~ 923m
Garnedd Ugain ~ 1065m
Snowdonn ~ 1085m
For more information on how to sign up to this crazy challenge with Carla and Summit Seekers please visit summit-seekers.co.uk

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Rutas y Lugares favoritos

  • Welsh 3000s Day 1 Foel Fras to Pen Yr Ole Wen

    22,9 km
    3,2 km/h
    1.300 m
    1.210 m

    Día 1 de los 3000 galeses... Foel Fras a Pen Yr Ole Wen con @summit__seekers y un equipo increíble.



    Hoy nos vio llegar a 7 cumbres con un comienzo a las 5 am y una gran cantidad de bocadillos. Después de algunos problemas con la camioneta y carreteras cerradas en el largo viaje hacia el norte de Gales

    Traducido porVer original

    de Grace

  • 11:55
    18,0 km
    1,5 km/h
    1.330 m
    1.520 m

    Día 2 de los Welsh 3000s... Tryfan a Elder Fawr con @summit__seekers 🗻🏔



    No voy a mentir que dormir en la carpa bajo la lluvia fue lo mejor que había tenido en mucho tiempo 😂 El sonido de la lluvia en la carpa me parece realmente terapéutico y simplemente me desmayé después del largo primer día. Hoy

    Traducido porVer original

    de Grace

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  • 03:50
    13,3 km
    3,5 km/h
    800 m
    1.070 m

    Día 3 del Welsh 3000s Crib Goch a Snowdon.



    El tercer y último día del desafío y, con mucho, el más difícil para mí mentalmente. Tengo mucho miedo a las alturas, así que para mí, subir a la infame cresta Crib Goch fue un gran desafío.



    No tuve un buen comienzo y casi no dormí. Dormí inclinado, así que segu

    Traducido porVer original

    de Grace

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Información de la Colección

  • Rutas
  • Distancia
    54,3 km
  • Duración
    23:01 h
  • Desnivel +
    3.430 m

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