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Discover the best routes, guides and handmade Collections, organized by region and categorized by the type of adventure you’re looking for. Just choose your region, select the categories that best describe what you want to experience — and find your next road cycling adventure.

There’s no better feeling of freedom than when there’s nothing standing between you, your bike and the open road. The soft churn of your tires rolling over smooth asphalt, the wind gently flowing past your cheeks. As gradients increase, so must your heart rate, and you are forced to push down on your pedals to conquer the climb. And as you straddle the high-point taking in the well-deserved view, one thing is absolutely guaranteed: The way down is going to be a rush. And you can’t help but smile.

Road cycling is quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in the world—and with good reason. It helps prevent cancer, lowers the risk of heart disease and promotes weight loss. More uniquely, however, it lets you see parts the world you’d otherwise miss—and from a perspective that you have to earn through hard work, dedication and whole lot of pedaling. As the most popular form of cycling in the world, road cycling is also a great social activity and clubs exist everywhere to get you out on your bike several times a week.

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