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Discover the best routes, guides and handmade Collections, organized by region and categorized by the type of adventure you’re looking for. Just choose your region, select the categories that best describe what you want to experience — and find your next bike tour.

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Lovely Tauber Valley — the Tauber Valley Cycle Path in 3 stages
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Liebliches Taubertal - Der Klassiker
The Elbe Müritz Cycle Path in 7 stages
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In 6 stages along the Aller cycle path
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Water & history – 6 days on the Römer‑Lippe Route
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The Franconian Water Bike Path – 8 days of creeks, lakes & rivers
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Fränkischer WasserRadweg
Swim trunks, beer, baroque — The Niederbayerntour in 7 stages
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Odenwald-Madonnen-Radweg – 4 days along chapels and nature
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The most beautiful bike rides in Styria
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Steiermark – Das Grüne Herz Österreichs
A long weekend on the Diemelradweg cycling route
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Coal, wind & water tour — in 6 stages through Elbe-Elster-Land
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Kohle, Wind & Wasser-Tour
Werratal cycle path — 6 stages along the Werra to the Fulda
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Nature, art & culture - 5 stages on the Vechtetal Route
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The Stromberg Murrtal Bike Path – 7 stages of nature and culture
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Töddenland cycle path — on the trail of the wandering merchants
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Radnetz D-Route 3 – in 17 stages across Germany
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D-Route 3/ Europaradweg R1
Full pleasure on the Danube valleys cycle path
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Along the Border - cycling between Teutoburg Forest and Ems
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Grenzgängerroute Teuto-Ems
The Heidelberg-Schwarzwald-Bodensee-Radweg
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5 royal stages on the Schlossparkrunde through the Ostallgäu
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Schlossparkrunde im Allgäu
10 fabulous stages along the Romantic Road
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Romantische Straße
Südschwarzwald-Radweg – 5 stages of pleasing nature
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Nature meets culture — 6 stages on the Paderborn Land Route
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Paderborner Land Route
In five stages along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path
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Schwarzwald Panorama-Radweg
The most beautiful long-distance cycle paths in Franconia
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Franken Tourismus

Bike touring is one of the most natural ways to explore more of the outdoors. The whirr of your tires rolling over the ground; the wind in your face that becomes cooler and cooler as you pick up the pace—bike rides are something special, and they’re perfect when you’re on the right bike touring trails. Add in a restaurant along the way, maybe a quick stop at a beer garden, and you’ve got a great day out in the saddle for anybody who’s able to ride a bike. And being an accessible, healthy activity for everybody—from families cycling with kids, elderly people looking for a gentle way to spend the day, and those who want to conquer epic climbs in record times—it’s with good reason that bike touring is becoming one of the most popular pastimes across the world. Afterall, all you need is a bike, a route and the will to ride. How many of those do you have?

When it comes to cycle travel, all you need to enjoy your chosen cycling routes is to be appropriately prepared—and to ensure you’re riding the correct type of bike. You don’t want to roll a road bike down a singletrack, for example, and you don’t want to ride a downhill mountain bike on a four-day bikepacking tour of the Alps. Therefore, ride biking routes that are suitable for your specific build or stick to cycle paths if your bike is not built for the off-road. If you keep this in mind when you use komoot’s cycling planner, you can always be sure that your route is the correct one for you and your bike.

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