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Picturesque hills, fantastic views, idyllic reservoirs, and romantic half-timbered villages. Plus miles and miles of green as far as the eye can see. When you cycle in the Schmallenberger Sauerland, your senses will come alive in the fairytale landscape straight from a picture book. But all those miles will probably get you out of breath, don’t you think? When headwinds and hills sap your energy, a push of a button can change everything – discover the land of a thousand mountains by e-bike!

E-bikes conquered cycling touring in Sauerland a long time ago, for good reason. Thanks to their extra power you can experience the wonderful region with unbelievable ease, even with the whole family. Cyclists with different levels of training can enjoy an untroubled, enjoyable, and natural holiday experience with an e-bike. E-biking is really easy and great fun.

The roads in the Schmallenberger Sauerland are especially well-suited to e-bikes as the whole region has adapted to this new way of cycling. You will find innumerable perfectly paved paths such as the Rothaar Cycle Route, the Kinderland trekking route, or the shorter option around the Sauerland Cycle loop. All shapes and sizes of riders can find a ride to suit them here. Cafes along the way are also well prepared for e-bike cyclists. You will be able to fully recharge your bike battery whilst tucking into something to eat and drink. The Schmallenberger Sauerland is known for its excellent tourist infrastructure which is great for you. So grab your e-bike, take a deep breath, enjoy the moment, and find your inner peace – welcome to the Schmallenberger Sauerland!

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    31.8 mi
    10.9 mph
    2,700 ft
    2,650 ft
    Intermediate e-bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    On this 53-kilometer bike tour you will discover the idyllic villages in the "farmland" of Schmallenberg Sauerland. Up to 534 meters it goes up - on the heights of the route you can expect panoramic views of the fields, meadows and mountains in the area. Afterwards, the tour continues through the picturesque nature and through the wonderful tranquility of the rural farmland.Gently rolling hills and many small half-timbered villages characterize the picture of this scenic tour. At the Rasthütte in Herschede, a panoramic board gives you a good overview of the Sauerländer Höhenzüge. From here you can look out over the hills of Hunau with the TV tower and the Rothaargebirge mountains. Both mountain ranges converge at the branch tower, which you can recognize in good weather.With a little luck, you can expect a special spectacle of nature and you can watch the Sauerland Mäusefänger as they make their circles on the beautiful landscape: The Red Milan, the buzzard and the kestrel are native here - at a rest with your own food you can do this enjoy unique nature experience in peace. From Schmallenberg-Mailar you cycle comfortably over the slippery former railway line of the SauerlandRadrings back to Schmallenberg.

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    34.3 mi
    11.5 mph
    2,125 ft
    2,125 ft
    Intermediate e-bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The SauerlandRadring mostly leads you through former railway lines through the Sauerland. It leads you through the middle of nature and usually runs without remarkable inclines. In this way it is the ideal entry point to discover the Sauerland and to get to know some of the most interesting cities in the region. On this tour you do not ride the entire Sauerland cycle ring, but a 54-kilometer short version that starts at the wood and tourism center in Schmallenberg.First you follow the "sign of the bat", the logo of the Sauerland bike ring to Eslohe. In the small half-timbered town, it is worth taking a break to take a break and recharge the battery for the rest of the tour. Then it continues in the sign of the bat. After crossing a former railway bridge, you will reach the highlight of the SauerlandRadring: the bat tunnel. However, its inhabitants are not to be found in the summer months, so you can cycle through the impressive tunnel without any worries.After this tunnel experience, you turn around and shortly afterwards turn onto the short version of the SauerlandRadring. The bat sign is now yellow and leads you to the villages of Kückelheim, Niedermarpe, Isingheim, Lüdingheim and Netherlands Beck. Then the route bends to the left and leads you "over the mountain" to Arpe in the farmland. You finally reach Selkentrop via gravel paths, where you cross a farm and then continue on the bike path along the district road back to Schmallenberg.

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  • Intermediate
    30.5 mi
    10.2 mph
    2,900 ft
    2,875 ft
    Intermediate e-bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Pretty half-timbered villages with imposing churches and cozy places to stop for refreshments in the middle of an impressive landscape await you on the Golddorf bike route. Over 49 kilometers you will get to know the diversity of the seven gold villages in the Schmallenberger Sauerland. A true pleasure tour that will delight you in every way.It is not for nothing that the "golden" corners of the Schmallenberger Sauerland with the gold villages of Lenne, Fleckenberg, Grafschaft, Oberkirchen, Westfeld, Niedersorpe and Holthausen were awarded the gold medal of the federal competition "Our village has a future". The best way to get an idea of the inviting villages is to choose a cozy restaurant, stop off in peace and watch the hustle and bustle of the residents and visitors.There are plenty of opportunities for such entertaining breaks on this tour. So you can always recover from the sometimes somewhat longer climbs - after all, it goes up to 638 meters. Magnificent panoramic views are included. So you can not only discover the beautiful villages, but also the original Sauerland and enjoy the surrounding nature to the fullest.

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    27.4 mi
    10.5 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,850 ft
    Expert e-bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Henne cycle route is divided into two stages: the first part of the route is about 43 kilometers long and takes you from Schmallenberg to Meschede. From here, the train will take you to Winterberg, where part two of the tour will start and take you back to Schmallenberg. The result is a wonderfully varied stage trip, which you can also do in one day. Alternatively, you could also plan an overnight stay in Meschede or Winterberg - in the beautiful Sauerland places there is a lot to discover, so it is absolutely worthwhile to stay here a little longer.This tour describes part 1 of the hen cycle route. It starts in Schmallenberg at the wood and tourism center, from where you first follow a well-developed bike path that leads through Gleidorf, Bad Fredeburg and finally to Mailar. Then you change from asphalt to gravel and it gets a bit steeper: It goes up to the highest point of the tour at 543 meters - good view is included. The following descent down to the Henne-Rartal and the villages Oberhenneborn, Sellmecke, Kirchrarbach and Sögtrop is a real treat.Down in the valley, the small Rarbach flows into the river Henne, which gives the reservoir - and this tour - its name. The beautiful Hennesee is the next highlight. Here you should definitely plan some time. A trip to one of the excursion restaurants on the lake, a break in the beautiful bay or climbing the imposing "Himmelstreppe" you should not miss. Then it is not far to the center of Meschede. There you can stroll, stop off and let the day fade away or continue by train to Winterberg, where part 2 of the Henne cycle route starts.Tip: Especially for the first leg of the Henne cycle route, we recommend a powerful e-bike, because on the way there are some slopes waiting for you. If your battery needs new power, you can plan in the restaurants in Oberhenneborn or Kirchrarbach charging breaks.

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    18.0 mi
    10.4 mph
    1,300 ft
    2,150 ft
    Easy e-bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Part 2 of the Henne cycle route leads from Winterberg back to Schmallenberg. To warm up, it goes up first on the Bald Asten, then you tend to go downhill only. An enjoyable tour, which also offers informative or simply beautiful opportunities for small breaks.There is always something going on in Winterberg. It is worthwhile to spend some time here and discover the city with its many sights. For bikers, a short stop at the Bikepark Winterberg is especially recommended: It is impressive to watch the mountain bikers skilfully mastering the demanding routes on the Erlebnisberg Kappe. If you are in the mood for some thrills, it is worth taking a walk over the Panoramabrücke or a detour into the climbing forest, where the route passes directly by.The tour itself starts with the climb up to the third highest mountain in the Rothaargebirge, the Kahler Asten. From up here you have in impressive weather an impressive view of the Rothaargebirge. From the platform of the branch tower, you can even guess the chunks in the resin when visibility is good. If you've seen enough, follow the route back to Schmallenberg. On the way there is still a break in the cozy Schmiedecafé near Oberkirchen.Tip: With the Schmallenberger Sauerland Card, travel by bus and train including bicycle is free. You can use them for the drive to Winterberg or back to Schmallenberg if your plans change.

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    32.7 mi
    10.6 mph
    2,700 ft
    2,675 ft
    Intermediate e-bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    This route through the Schmallenberger Sauerland is not child's play: at a good 52 kilometers and more than 800 meters altitude, the kids should already have some stamina. If you take this tour in peace and use the numerous breaks, then it is feasible for the whole family and guaranteed a great pleasure.The scenic route leads you across the Sauerland around the region Schmallenberg and rewards you again and again with great views. Gentle hills alternate with fertile valleys, giving you and your family a touch of "Tuscan charm".On the way there is a lot to discover: Playgrounds, ponds and paddling pools invite to entertaining breaks and again and again, idyllic streams offer opportunities for cooling off and splashing around. The adventure of nature lures everywhere: animals along the way like horses, goats, donkeys and cows - in the fields and on the Kinderland farms. With a little luck, you may even spot deer, black storks, herons, deer or rabbits for a short moment.Despite the distance and the many vertical meters, this tour is ideal for sporty families, because it has a high asphalt content, so that the bike rolls well. If you still want to abbreviate, you have the opportunity in several places.

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    35.1 mi
    10.4 mph
    3,500 ft
    3,450 ft
    Expert e-bike ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Rothaar Cycle Route is 52 kilometers long - you cross the heights of the Rothaar Mountains twice and cycle up to 738 meters. Fortunately, the e-bike helps a bit, so that you can fully enjoy the panoramic views of the north and south sides of the Rothaar Mountains despite the long climbs.The route starts in Schmallenberg, leads directly to the heights of the Rothaar Mountains and then through the Eder Valley to Bad Berleburg Castle. The residence of the princely family zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and its adjoining parks are a real highlight and we can definitely recommend the guided tours of the castle. In addition, you can fortify yourself in the restaurant near the castle and also charge the battery of your bike: E-bike charging stations are waiting for you in the Hotel Alte Schule, in the tourist office in Bad Berleburg or in the castle tavern.On the way back you cross the Rothaarsteig again and finally reach the high village of Schmallenberg-Schanze, where two restaurants are waiting to pamper you. Then you can let it roll enjoyably: The road with little traffic leads downhill to Grafschaft, which is another highlight of the tour with its monastery of the same name and the beautiful half-timbered houses. Now it is only three relaxed kilometers to the historic old town of Schmallenberg, the starting point of the Rothaar cycle route.

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    19:42 h
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    17,600 ft

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