60 miles on the Way of St. James

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This adventure is one that you just need to go on. It's about leaving your thoughts behind and spending some quality time with yourself. And we think that's a great idea.

How long you trek along the Way of St. James, how much time you allow, where you start and where you end—these are all personal decisions, and you’re the only one qualified to make them. Officially, everyone who walks the last 60 miles (100 kilometers) to Santiago is an official pilgrim. And we have planned your perfect pilgrimage already: 5 stages, 60 miles (100 kilometers), and a path that will stay with you forever. Here is your camino—or at least the final piece of it.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    71.3 mi
  • Duration
    31:39 h
  • Elevation
    6,175 ft6,700 ft

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