Sabina Knezevic - Farawayistan

A complete hiking bucket list through every Dutch National Park

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A complete hiking bucket list through every Dutch National Park

Hiking Collection by Sabina Knezevic - Farawayistan



82:44 h

197 mi

3,150 ft

If you thought that the Netherlands is lacking in nature, you are mistaken. Our country may be densely populated, but it has no less than 20 official national parks. So why does this Collection contain 21 parks, I hear you ask? Let me introduce you to a brand new national park: the Dutch Dunes National Park (Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen).

You will find unique Dutch landscapes in the national parks: dunes, forests, heathland, low moors, tidal landscapes, brook valleys, fens and much more. Together, the parks cover some 120,000 hectares, which is almost 3 percent of the Netherlands. That may not sound like much, but in this Collection I present no less than 200 miles (323 km) of walking routes.

One of the largest parks is the Hoge Veluwe National Park. With 5,400 hectares of forests, heathland and sand dunes, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the most popular national parks in the Netherlands. One of my personal favorites is the Drentsche Aa National Park. Here, you will find flowery hay meadows and beautiful valleys as well as a huge number of prehistoric remains such as dolmens and burial mounds.

Another personal favourite is the Schiermonnikoog National Park, located on the Wadden Island of the same name. Despite its small size, you will find a wide variety of landscapes and more than 300 bird species here. The endless sandy plains of the Loonse and Drunense Dunes and the grasslands of the Nieuwland National Park, also known as Oostvaardersplassen, are also wonderful places to explore.

Instead of giving a top 10 list, I present 21 hikes in this Collection that showcase each of the national parks. Each park has its own uniqueness. I myself can tick off seven of the national parks from this list and I definitely plan to visit the other parks in the future. You can use this Collection as a guide to the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands.

These hikes are a diverse mix of challenging, multi-day trips for keen hikers to beautiful day trips for the whole family. Hopefully after reading it you will be inspired by the beauty that the Netherlands has to offer. Whether you complete the list in a season, a decade or a lifetime is entirely up to you. Time to put on your hiking boots and have fun walking!

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    197 mi
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    82:44 h
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    3,150 ft

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Sabina Knezevic - Farawayistan

A complete hiking bucket list through every Dutch National Park