Schwarzwald Panorama-Radweg

In five stages along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path


In five stages along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path

Bike Touring Collection by Schwarzwald Panorama-Radweg

From the heights of the Black Forest you can look over the wooded hills, which are still covered by a mysterious veil of mist early in the morning. But the sun does all the work and bathes the magnificent low mountain range landscape in a warm light that penetrates into the deep, picturesque gorges of the Black Forest valleys and makes the small villages along the way look even more cosy. Welcome to the Black Forest, the land of cuckoo clocks, the cherry cake — and the ingenious views. And these are precisely the motto of this tour, which is not called the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route without reason. In five stages we present you Germany's highest low mountain range from its most beautiful side. So beautiful that even the ADFC has chosen this tour as a quality cycle route with three stars.

The start is in Pforzheim, from where you can enjoy cycling along the eastern edge of the Black Forest to Waldshut am Rhein. The gradients are mostly moderate. Only the first stage has something to offer — but to make sure that not only experienced touring cyclists have fun, we will show you an alternative which, thanks to the mountain railway in Bad Wildbad, is also a pleasure for occasional cyclists. On the way, you usually roll along asphalt cycle paths and low-traffic side roads. From time to time, there are also well-designed gravel paths.

Especially in the stage towns there are many sights to discover. You will also find plenty of accommodation there. Not every town has a railway connection, so not all stages of the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route are recommended as individual tours. As an alternative to starting in Pforzheim, you can also travel by train to Bad Wildbad, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen or Titisee and join the tour there.

Tip for e-bikers: Along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route there are regular charging stations where you can refresh your batteries. Here you can find a list of all e-bike charging stations in the Black Forest for your planning:

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The Stages On The Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route

    46.8 mi
    7.4 mph
    3,700 ft
    2,125 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride.

    On the first leg of the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path it's straight to the point. Because before you drive through the Black Forest, you have to go in or up. That's why a lot of altitude meters are on the program on the 75 kilometer stage. Therefore, this entry into the tour is more suitable for experienced touring cyclists who in return can enjoy a scenic route with many great vantage points.For occasional cyclists, there is fortunately a much less strenuous alternative, which we also present in this collection. She uses the summer mountain railway in Bad Wildbad, which significantly shortens the mighty increase. On this route, on the other hand, you earn yourself every vertical meter yourself.It starts in the beautiful city of Pforzheim, which is located on the northern edge of the Black Forest, an ideal starting point for the tour. Maybe you come a bit more and treat yourself to a sightseeing tour through the "Goldstadt"? Many attractions and museums invite you to do so. Then it starts. First, gently, but steadily it goes uphill and you take course on Bad Wildbad. So far you can still think about whether you would rather drive the more relaxed option.In Bad Wildbad you are already in the middle of the Black Forest. You cycle along the Enz in a deep valley surrounded by high, wooded slopes - a great atmosphere, which you can enjoy in peace with a stop at the Enzquelle. Then you climb on until you eventually cross the B294. It's done: The road marks the highest point of the stage.Now you follow the bike path along a wooded slope, which always gives a fantastic view of the beautiful Murg Valley. The route is now flat and sometimes it is even slightly downhill, so this stage towards the end is still really enjoyable. Soon you will reach the stage destination Freudenstadt. Here you roll on the largest converted marketplace in Germany, where you can end the day in one of the cafes or restaurants and strengthen yourself.Both Pforzheim and Freudenstadt have a rail connection, so you can easily ride this stage individually. In Freudenstadt you have a large selection of accommodation, four of which are even certified by the ADFC as bed + bike accommodation. By the way: In the starting point Pforzheim, there is a free high-speed WLAN throughout the city center. If you still want to download your maps for offline use, you have a great opportunity in Pforzheim.

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    21.3 mi
    6.5 mph
    2,375 ft
    1,275 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    This alternative route replaces part of the first stage on the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path and saves you a long climb of around 300 meters, using the summer mountain railway in Bad Wildbad. You can use the gained time to enjoy the exciting highlights along the bike path. This alternative is, so to speak, the connoisseur variant for occasional cyclists. If you are not sure what route you want to drive, this is not a problem: The alternative branches off in Bad Wildbad and meets in Besenfeld back to the main route, so you can decide spontaneously whether you relax or tackle the hard way want.In Bad Wildbad you do not turn off onto the cycle path, but to the valley station of the Sommerbergbahn, which also transports bicycles. You might even encounter fully armored mountain bike downhill riders with their full-suspension terrain bikes - in Bad Wildbad there is a well-known mountain bike park, and the train transports the bikers to the start of the routes.Already while riding the Sommerbergbahn you can enjoy the great view of Bad Wildbad, which is particularly impressive at the top of the mountain station. If you want to go even higher, it's worth making a short detour to the treetop path, which is located at the top of Sommerberg. From the wooden jetties in lofty heights, the view of the surrounding mountains is simply stunning!
    There are plenty of opportunities for rest on this alternative route in the further course enough. In the Grünhütte you can eat delicious pancakes, while in the refuge at the "dead man" you can enjoy all your brought food. Apropos: Absolutely enjoyable are the wonderful views into the landscape, which arise again and again, as soon as the lush green forest opens a bit. Before you know it, you roll into Besenfeld, where you turn back onto the main route.

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  • Difficult
    41.9 mi
    9.2 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,375 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Stage 2 on the Black Forest Panorama cycle path leads you across meadows and through forests at many old villages and farms and uses beautiful cycle paths, natural gravel roads and really quiet side roads. Today, not a single, long climb waits for you, but many small ones. So the ride is a bit demanding, but very varied. In addition, the tour lives up to its name: beautiful viewpoints offer you the finest panoramic views of the Black Forest mountains.Let's start in Freudenberg, where the tour starts directly with a crisp climb. It leads you up to the Friedrichsturm, where you should already take a first breather. Because the view from the tower on the city and the surrounding mountains is simply beautiful. There is also a cozy café next door - a delicious piece of cake is always!After the break you enjoy a wonderful descent, where you roll rapidly through the beautiful forest that spits you down in Lossburg and thus in the Kinzig valley. On relatively flat bike paths and roads you cycle in parallel, but at quite a distance from the Kinzigtalstraße through the beautiful valley to Sulgen, where you can treat yourself to another break. In the meantime you have left the Kinzig valley and find yourself in the valley of the Schiltach. If you drive out of Sulgen, you have a great view of the valley of the short river, which merges with the Kinzig after only 30 kilometers.At the end of the tour it is almost only downhill, until you finally reach the beautiful city of Villingen. Its historic city center has many attractions to explore in peace at the end of the day. Then refill your energy reserves in the many restaurants in the city before you move to your bed and breakfast in a cozy place. In Villingen there are hosts in every price range and with the hotel bear even a ADFC certified bed + bike accommodation. If you want to ride the stage individually, the train will take you back to Freudenstadt. If your plans change and you want to finish your stage trip in Villingen, you will also return to Pforzheim by train.

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    32.5 mi
    8.3 mph
    2,150 ft
    1,675 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The third stage on the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path starts in the beautiful old town of Villingen and leads you first relaxed and without major climbs through the valley of the Brigach. Here and there you have a nice view of the small river and the wide landscape. Especially idyllic is the ride, if you roll over the straight Brigachtalradweg through the countryside.Behind Klengen you then "change" the valley. Over a small hill you reach the Bregtal - no less beautiful and in the medieval town of Bräunlingen you have earned a long break in the historic center. After you have rolled through the impressive city gate, you are guaranteed to find a cozy cafe that you like and where you can rest a little.Then you leave the Breg again. Now a slightly longer climb awaits you, which leads you past the Kirnbergsee to the highest point of the entire Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path, to the highest mountain at 1,084 meters altitude. You can reach it via the so-called Lange Allee, a fantastic forest path that runs straight and lined with shady trees. Once at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains of the Black Forest and can even spy the Feldberg, the highest mountain peak in Germany.The final of this stage could not be more beautiful. From now on, it is almost only downhill, until you finally reach the stage destination Titisee. On the lake of the same name you can enjoy for a while the beautiful view of the water and the mountains behind it - from the shore or on a boat trip across the lake. Then you can end the evening by ticking a cuckoo clock with Black Forest ham and a delicious "Zäpfle".In Titisee there are all kinds of accommodation in different categories. Including two ADFC certified bed + bike operations. Titisee has a train station from which you can quickly get to Freiburg, where you have access to regional and long-distance traffic. From Titisee back to Villingen there is unfortunately no good connection. You would have to use buses, but sometimes take no bikes. As a single tour, the third stage of the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route is therefore not so well suited.

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    37.9 mi
    9.2 mph
    1,450 ft
    2,750 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Before you start into the fourth stage, you can still take a look over the Titisee, which looks particularly beautiful in the morning light. Then you cycle via Neustadt back to the Gutach, in the valley of which you will enjoy the gently sloping bike path. The small river flows through a gorge, which is lined by wooded valley slopes and becomes narrower as the route progresses.Suddenly the bike path bends to the right. You follow a small piece of the Haslach until you cross it in Lenzkirch and back on the other side of the bank. As you leave, one of the most scenic sections of the stage begins. You turn onto the Bähnle cycle path, which follows the course of a former railway line. You enjoy the almost flat route, the great view and all sorts of relics from the time when the trains rattled over their tracks. Old station buildings and impressive viaducts line your way.From Bonndorf it gets increasingly steep. A magnificent descent brings you down to the valley, where you roll along the Wutach to the stage goal Stühlingen. With a little luck, you can watch a historic steam locomotive on its way through the Black Forest. On selected days, the Sauschwänzlebahn winds its way from Blumberg to Weizen and also passes through Grimmelshofen. Here you will cycle past the station on the Black Forest Panorama Tour - the perfect opportunity for a short trip. A ride on the train is a real experience for several reasons. For one, of course, the journey with a real steam engine is something very special. On the other hand, the winding route through the idyllic landscape of the Black Forest is simply unforgettable. If you feel like it, you should get a ticket in advance and sign up for your bike, which you can easily take with you. All information about the ride with the Sauschwänzlebahn and of course the timetable can be found here: Grimmelshofen it is not far to the final destination - and it goes downhill. In this way, you can reach the climatic health resort of Stühlingen in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can visit one of the museums at the end of the day or stop off in one of the cozy guesthouses. As a bed + bike operation the Landgastghof Rebstock is especially well prepared for cyclists. Stühlingen has no train connection, so this stage is not so well suited as a single tour.

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    19.4 mi
    9.6 mph
    500 ft
    875 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The fifth and last stage on the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path is the shortest stage of the tour and, with very few exceptions, goes downhill through the beautiful Wutachtal, which connects the start in Stühlingen with the finish in Waldshut. On the way you can fully enjoy the beautiful landscape of the southern Black Forest and enjoy Swabian hospitality in one or the other place on the way.Shortly after the start in Stühlingen you briefly touch Switzerland - the cycle path runs directly on the border between Germany and the Swiss Confederates. On the idyllic riverside path you follow the course of the Wutach, which merges with the wooded slopes of the southern Black Forest again to a magnificent panorama. Stop it a few times and enjoy it for a while.The small town of Lauchringen offers itself for a last break. Here, from the supermarket to the café, there is everything that pleases the cyclist's heart. Then you follow the Wutach a few more kilometers, until it finally flows into the Rhine. When both waters merge, it's worth pausing and enjoying the moment. Because you did it. In five stages you have mastered the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route - you can be proud of that!From Waldshut you can comfortably travel by train back to Pforzheim. But maybe you do not get enough of cycling - then just continue cycling: Through Waldshut run the Rhine Cycle Route and the Southern Black Forest Cycle Route, which you can then pre-button.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    200 mi
  • Duration
    24:13 h
  • Elevation
    12,450 ft

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Schwarzwald Panorama-Radweg

In five stages along the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path