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Hiking the 282 munro mountains of Scotland in 95 routes

Hiking the 282 munro mountains of Scotland in 95 routes

Hiking Collection by Adventurer Nic



700:52 h

1,306 mi

368,900 ft

During the summer of 2019 I hiked to the summit of all 282 mountains over 3,000 feet (914.4 m), termed as Munros, in the Scottish Highlands with my peak bagging boyfriend James. This was the experience of a lifetime – I relished in the planning of 95 Munro bagging routes. The result was a mixture of single day and multi-day Tours in the most magnificent mountainous setting.

Venturing out in all weathers, we hiked both on well-trodden paths and over pathless, remote, unforgiving terrain. River crossings made for an additional challenge and a handful of routes incorporated mountain biking with hiking. We embraced wild camping and bothy stays on 75 nights.

We enjoyed exhilarating scrambling on the Black Cuillin, Aonach Eagach ridge, CMD Arete and Liathach in Torridon, and endured brutally long but memorable hikes through Knoydart, the Fisherfields and the Cairngorms – where every footstep helped to crank up the overall kilometre and ascent total.

Here I share all of my Tours, together with summit Highlights, so that fellow peak baggers and hill walkers alike can use them as a planning resource.

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Tours & Highlights

  • Munro Route 1: Ben Hope — 282 Munros of Scotland

    4.32 mi
    1.2 mph
    2,725 ft
    2,600 ft



    Ben Hope 3,041 feet (927 m)


    This mountain is the most northerly Munro in Scotland and we hiked to the summit on a really blustery day. Earlier that same morning we'd hiked up Ben Klibreck, the second most northerly Munro.


    Sadly we didn't get any views from the summit of Ben Hope but on a better

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 02:26
    6.00 mi
    2.5 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,275 ft

    191 of 282


    Ben Klibreck 3,156 feet (962 m)


    This was a very windswept day Munro bagging in the far north of Scotland across pathless and rugged terrain.


    It's achievable for fit hill walkers to tackle both this route and the Ben Hope route in a single day as we did.


    The biggest obstacle to this route is

    by Adventurer Nic

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  • 07:37
    11.0 mi
    1.4 mph
    3,375 ft
    3,375 ft

    220-221 of 282


    Conival 3,238 feet (987 m)

    Ben More Assynt 3,274 feet (998 m)


    This was a great Munro bagging day in the historic county of Sutherland in the north of Scotland.


    Starting and finishing the walk on the Cape Wrath Trail, we walked this route on a cloudy September day in the Scottish Highlands

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 05:47
    13.7 mi
    2.4 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,300 ft

    265 of 282


    Seana Bhraigh 3,038 feet (926 m)


    This was a wonderfully remote walk to bag a solitary Munro.


    Some combine routes 4 and 5, maybe with a wild camp but we wanted to incorporate a stay at the Schoolhouse Bothy to the north.


    Approaching Seana Bhraigh from this direction involves a couple of river

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 08:07
    18.3 mi
    2.2 mph
    5,400 ft
    4,575 ft

    251-255 of 282


    Eididh nan Clach Geala 3,041 feet (927 m)

    Meall nan Ceapraichean 3,205 feet (977 m)

    Beinn Dearg 3,556 feet (1,084 m)

    Cona’ Mheall 3,209 feet (978 m)

    Am Faochagach 3,127 feet (953 m)


    Here are five Munros that aren’t commonly walked together as many walk Am Faochagach on a separate outing.



    by Adventurer Nic

  • 05:22
    10.2 mi
    1.9 mph
    3,225 ft
    3,250 ft

    228-229 of 282


    Sgurr Fiona 3,471 feet (1,058 m)

    Bidein a’Ghlas Thuill 3,484 feet (1,062 m)


    This was one of my most memorable Munro bagging outings.


    An Teallach is arguably the most dramatic and stunning mountain on mainland Britain. We were lucky enough to hike the route in the best possible weather conditions

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 12:43
    27.3 mi
    2.1 mph
    6,675 ft
    6,675 ft

    230-234 of 282


    Sgurr Ban 3,244 feet (989 m)

    Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair 3,343 feet (1,019 m)

    Beinn Tarsuinn 3,074 feet (937 m)

    A’Mhaighdean 3,172 feet (967 m)

    Ruadh Stac Mor 3,011 feet (918 m)


    These five Munros make up the Fisherfield round, previously the Fisherfield Six, when Beinn a’ Chlaidheimh was also

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 09:35
    23.3 mi
    2.4 mph
    5,800 ft
    5,825 ft

    256-264 of 282


    A’Chailleach 3,271 feet (997 m)

    Sgurr Bhreac 3,278 feet (999 m)

    Sgurr nan Each 3,028 feet (923 m)

    Sgurr nan Clach Geala 3,586 feet (1,093 m)

    Meall a’Chrasgaidh 3,064 feet (934 m)

    Sgurr Mor 3,635 feet (1,108 m)

    Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich 3,129 feet (954 m)

    Meall Gorm 3,114 feet (949 m)

    An Coileachan

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 06:27
    8.93 mi
    1.4 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,800 ft

    222 of 282


    Ben Wyvis 3,432 feet (1,046 m)


    An isolated Munro, Ben Wyvis is most commonly climbed on its own from Garbat.


    I remember the lower paths in the woodland were full of mushrooms!


    This route takes you up via An Cabar (the south west ridge).


    Ben Wyvis has a good path so it's a great Munro for beginners

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 08:05
    12.0 mi
    1.5 mph
    3,150 ft
    3,150 ft

    190 of 282


    Slioch 3,218 feet (981 m)


    South of the Fisherfield round, we climbed this Munro on its own from Kinlochewe.


    The views of Loch Maree from Slioch are enchanting.


    Your eye is pulled to awesome mountain vistas from all angles on the summit. To the southwest you can enjoy views of the Torridon Munros

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 04:03
    5.94 mi
    1.5 mph
    2,375 ft
    2,350 ft

    187 of 282


    Fionn Bheinn 3,061 feet (933 m)


    This was quite honestly one of the wettest days I’ve ever had on a mountain!


    On a good day, views of the Fannaichs over to the north east are stunning. But as the route is very non-technical, it’s often recommended as a Munro to hike on a poor weather day so that

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 06:48
    10.1 mi
    1.5 mph
    3,275 ft
    3,125 ft

    193-194 of 282


    Ruadh Stac Mor 3,314 feet (1,010 m)

    Spidean Coire nan Clach 3,061 feet (993 m)


    If the weather is fine, the Torridon hills is one of the best places to head to in all of the Scottish Highlands. I particularly enjoyed the view across Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair to the Triple Buttress of Coinneach

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 05:59
    6.75 mi
    1.1 mph
    3,075 ft
    3,075 ft

    195-196 of 282


    Tom na Gruagaich 3,025 feet (922 m)

    Sgurr Mhor 3,235 feet (986 m)


    This was one of my favourite hiking days in the north west Highlands. My face on the summit of the first Munro Tom na Gruagaich says it all!


    I enjoyed scrambling on the Horns of Alligin (up to Grade 1 with some exposure).



    by Adventurer Nic

  • 04:55
    6.81 mi
    1.4 mph
    3,275 ft
    3,300 ft

    188-189 of 282


    Spidean a’ Choire Leith 3,461 feet (1,055 m)

    Mullach an Rathain 3,356 feet (1,023 m)


    This is another of my favourite routes in the Scottish Highlands.


    Starting and finishing at two different points along the A896, these Munros are connected by one of the most dramatic ridges in Britain. Hikers

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 09:07
    15.2 mi
    1.7 mph
    5,050 ft
    5,125 ft

    235-237 of 282


    Beinn Liath Mhor 3,038 feet (926 m)

    Sgorr Ruadh 3,156 feet (962 m)

    Maol Cheann-dearg 3,061 feet (933 m)


    This was a surprising outing for me. We started off in the clag on the first Munro with limited views. But the weather cleared as the day progressed and I have some amazing memories of this

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 12:49
    27.0 mi
    2.1 mph
    9,750 ft
    10,025 ft

    266-271 of 282


    Moruisg 3,045 feet (928 m)

    Maoile Lunndaidh 3,304 feet (1,007 m)

    Sgurr a’ Chaorachain 3,455 feet (1,053 m)

    Sgurr Choinnich 3,278 feet (999 m)

    Bidein a’ Choire Sheasgaich 3,100 feet (945 m)

    Lurg Mhor 3,235 feet (986 m)


    These six Munros can be rather awkward to access and connect up. We climbed

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 07:01
    15.2 mi
    2.2 mph
    3,650 ft
    3,725 ft

    238-241 of 282


    Sgurr na Ruaidhe 3,258 feet (993 m)

    Carn nan Gobhar 3,255 feet (992 m)

    Sgurr a’ Choire Ghlais 3,553 feet (1,083 m)

    Sgurr Fhuar-thuill 3,442 feet (1,049 m)


    These four Munros are very difficult to access. You first have to take into account the gated entrance to the road the leads to the start

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 11:33
    27.0 mi
    2.3 mph
    8,025 ft
    7,950 ft

    242-250 of 282


    Carn nan Gobhar 3,255 feet (992 m)

    Sgurr na Lapaich 3,773 feet (1,150 m)

    An Riabhachan 3,704 feet (1,129 m)

    An Socach 3,507 feet (1,069 m)

    Beinn Fhionnlaidh 3,297 feet (1,005 m)

    Mam Sodhail 3,875 feet (1,181 m)

    Carn Eige 3,881 feet (1,183 m)

    Tom a’ Choinich 3,648 feet (1,112 m)

    Toll Creagach 3

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 07:57
    14.5 mi
    1.8 mph
    4,575 ft
    4,575 ft

    147-148 of 282


    Beinn Fhada 3,386 feet (1,032 m)

    A’Ghlas-bheinn 3,012 feet (918 m)


    I hiked these two Munros from Morvich and it was a great 23.3 kilometre day out in the mountains in good weather. The views from Beinn Fhada (also known as Ben Attow) were stunning. Beinn Fhada is a bulky mountain with one

    by Adventurer Nic

  • 22:09
    38.8 mi
    1.8 mph
    12,475 ft
    11,700 ft

    132-143 of 282


    Sgurr Fhuaran 3501 feet (1,067 m)

    Sgurr na Carnach 3,287 feet (1,002 m)

    Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe 3,369 feet (1,027 m)

    Saileag 3,136 feet (956 m)

    Sgurr a’ Bhealaich Dheirg 3,399 feet (1,036 m)

    Aonach Meadhoin 3,284 feet (1,001 m)

    Ciste Dhubh 3,212 feet (979 m)

    Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 3,776 feet

    by Adventurer Nic

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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    1,306 mi
  • Duration
    700:52 h
  • Elevation
    368,900 ft

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