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Lost Places - Berlin / Brandenburg

Marco 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️🛶

Lost Places - Berlin / Brandenburg

In dieser Collection möchte ich alle Lost Places sammeln, die es sich lohnt anzuschauen. Ich bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar.

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    The "Tour de refrigerator" is finally over :) Today I drove with my nephew Daniel and his girlfriend to the old barracks with an adjacent airfield, between Schönwalde and Hennigsdorf.It was a nice adventurous suburb tour. I love such LPs. The route there was not so long, since the three of us came from Hennigsdorf and then drove back there (along the canal), so that a small bike tour came about.
    In any case, we were not alone. Several adventurers were still romping around here. We took a lot of pictures of this place. :)
    I found the following about the story online:Schönwalde Airfield is a former military airfield in the Havelland district. It is located east of the municipality of Schönwalde-Glien and is now completely immersed in a large forest area. The secret plans for the rearmament of Germany already provided for the establishment of an airfield in the area mentioned in 1934.In 1935, the Reich Aviation Ministry bought larger pieces of land in the area of what would later become the airfield and began to erect wooden barracks to accommodate the people who worked there. Extensive ground work made it possible to drain the future airfield. A complete air base with a concrete and illuminated runway, radio beacons and several hangars was built in several construction phases until 1939. The airfield was directly connected to the Bötzowbahn and also received several barracks. A kitchen, a casino and an outdoor swimming pool were also set up for the supply.In 1935, the Aviation, Training and Training Center (FÜS) moved Hennigsdorf from the nearby AEG works airfield Nieder Neuendorf to the airfield Schönigsde at that time, which was still called Hennigsdorf Airfield. At the end of 1936, the FÜS was transformed into the AFS B / A 11 pilot school, in which pilots were trained for the German Air Force until 1943. In 1943 Schönwalde became the location of the supplementary and transport aviation group of the XIVth Air Corps.The previously cleared Schönwalde airfield was conquered on April 24, 1945 by Soviet troops without any significant resistance. The location of the airfield in the Allied control zone and in the middle of the air corridor to Berlin, which would have required any flight movement to be registered with the Allied air traffic control center, prohibited the intensive continued use of the Schönwalde location as an airfield, as well as the fact that the location of the airfield extended the takeoff -Landebahn, as it would have been necessary for the use of the now increasingly jet-powered aircraft, did not allow.The airfield was still used as such until the mid-1950s. The first Soviet jet aircraft were stationed here. A helicopter squadron was stationed there until 1965. After 1965, the territory was used by the Soviet Army as a military training area.The units of the CIS armed forces stationed in Schönwalde returned the site to the German administration in 1992.On January 30, 2018, ownership of the buildable barracks area passed from the State of Brandenburg to Schönwalde Wohnen GmbH & Co.KG, based in Langenhagen. It can therefore be assumed that this abandoned place will soon no longer be accessible.Source:

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    After almost a year I was here for the 2nd time. On this tour by bike, hiked from Summter See in 2020. It's always nice to look at. I love abandoned places. If you still have a hint where you can still find which, then get out with it;)I can still remember this bike tour quite well. Back then my 1st really long tour. I was pretty much knocked out but happy afterwards. :)About history:
    From 1650, where it was the Great Elector's hunting lodge, to the Nazis and the Stasi, to 2006, where there were several film sets, there is a lot to report ...
    Read everything at:ühle/historie
    This is how the castle should become a luxury hotel:

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    Today Moni (my sister) wanted to get out. I had told her about it and, like me, she found it very nice today. Today the children were not with me so that I could take some photos in peace.
    The weather was very good again and the tour was great fun. A little picnic by the lake was our break. 😎
    There is still an abandoned object in Summt. You can also see it in the photos. Maybe someone knows about it and can explain to us what it used to be. I would run this tour again at any time or ride a bike, but now I have to see something new. 😅🌞

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    Unfortunately I started the recording a bit late. Today we went with child (ren) and cone from Summter See (Friedwald) to Schloss Dammsmühle. We were on the road for almost 6 hours in total.Almost 1 year ago I was here by bike (from Hennigsdorf). At that time, the castle was not yet built. Does anyone happen to know what they're up to?I still think it's a beautiful, deserted place. Definitely recommended as a destination. :)

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Marco 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️🛶

Lost Places - Berlin / Brandenburg