Anchorage GRIT final campout


Anchorage GRIT final campout

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07:22 h

69.6 mi

3,350 ft

Anchorage GRIT (Girls Riding Into Tomorrow) is my girls cycling mentorship program in Anchorage, Alaska (my hometown). We work with 12-13 year old low income students over six weeks to build up to a 100km, 3 day adventure ride from their school in East Anchorage to the Serenity Falls Forest Service cabin at the end of Eklutna Lake and back to the trailhead the next day (where their parents pick them up). We leave after school on Friday and camp at the Singing Hills Girls Scout camp the first night, making it to Serenity Falls for the second night. After going through the six week program, the girls earn their mountain bikes, provided by Specialized. Three days later, school lets out and they are able to ride into the summer, with new friends, a familiarity of the greenway system around Anchorage and the confidence to ride all over town.Here's a video about Anchorage GRIT and our third season in 2019:

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  • 01:58
    23.6 mi
    12.0 mph
    950 ft
    850 ft
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  • Tours
  • Distance
    69.6 mi
  • Duration
    07:22 h
  • Elevation
    3,350 ft

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Anchorage GRIT final campout