Exhilarating hikes along East Tyrol's Eagle Walk — Great Walks

Hiking Collection by Tirol
7-15 days
3-6 h / day
61.9 mi
23,275 ft
20,125 ft

Rugged peaks with panoramic views, mountain huts ranging from modern to futuristic, and magnificent glaciers will make every hiker’s heart beat faster on the Eagle Way in East Tyrol. You will climb spectacular trails, catching a glimpse of turquoise glacial lakes and the Großvenediger and Großglockner peaks.

Following an eagle’s silhouette, you will take the shorter of the two routes of the Eagle Way, a 260 mile (420 km) long-distance hiking trail in Tyrol

With a total length of around 62 miles (100 km), the Eagle Way in East Tyrol is much shorter than its 199 mile (320 km) long ‘big brother’, but no less exciting. You will hike to the glacier-rich Venice Group and the imposing Großglockner where you can enjoy the famous alpenglow at its feet. The nine stages are demanding so you often need to take care, have a head for heights and be able to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Each day starts and finishes at a panoramic mountain hut. We recommend reserving a hut in good time, especially during the summer when they are often fully-booked. The hiking conditions are best from June to the end of September. Outside of this period, you will most likely encounter heavy snow at higher altitudes.

To get to the starting point in the east of Tyrol, you take the train to Lienz. A free bus takes you from there to your start point in Ströden. Getting back to Lienz from the endpoint in Kals am Großglockner is just as easy.

If you're a stamp collector and enjoy gathering coveted hiking pins, then the Eagle Way is the perfect place for you. You can get your stamp booklet out in many huts, mountain pastures and inns. At the end of your journey, you can pick up the Eagle Pin in bronze, silver or gold and an Eagle Path certificate, depending on the number of stamp sites you visit.

If you have the time and feel like a longer challenge, we recommend checking out the 24 stages of the wonderfully demanding "big brother" of the Eagle Path in North Tyrol:

The Eagle Way is one of the six most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Tyrol, the so-called ‘Great Walks’. All routes promise you three things: escape from your everyday, beautiful alpine landscapes and real adventure. As well as the Eagle Way, the Tyrolean hiking trail elites include the Berlin High Trail, Lechtal High Trail, the Stubai High Trail and the Inntal High Trail.

Hiking in the Zillertal Alps on the Berlin High Trail:
High altitude air on the Stubai High Trail:
Between borders on the Karnisch High Trail:
The Inntal High Trail:
Hut-Hopping on the Lechtal High Trail:

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Tours & Highlights

    8.27 mi
    1.2 mph
    4,450 ft
    2,075 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Your adventure on the Eagle Walk in East Tyrol starts at the Ströden car park. From here the ascent to the picturesque Maurertal begins with its rushing mountain streams, green pastures and views of the glaciated landscape. In the Essen-Rostocker hut, you can reward yourself for the strenuous ascent before heading up to the Turmjöchl in serpentines. Here you can take a breather or test your architecture on one of the many stone towers. The Johannishütte welcomes you at 2,121 meters above sea level with delicious, homemade cakes and a quaint mattress warehouse or multi-bed room for the night.You can reach your starting point in Ströden within a good hour from Lienz station with the free bus line 591. In order to use the bus service in East Tyrol free of charge, you need a guest card, which you receive from one of your booked accommodations.

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    7.38 mi
    1.1 mph
    3,925 ft
    2,725 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    The second stage will be exciting and challenging at the same time, because the Eagle Walk takes you into high alpine terrain. After you have left your cozy accommodation in the Johannishütte, you climb up several turns to the Schernesschaft at 3,040 meters. You can enjoy a unique view of the glacier-rich Großvenediger. The suspended transition requires a head for heights and surefootedness. Before you arrive at the stop at the Sajathütte, the so-called "castle in the mountains", you can take a detour to the Kreuzspitze with its imposing summit cross and wonderful panorama.Once you have strengthened yourself at the Sajathütte, continue to the Timmeltalhöhenweg. Because of its high exposure and risk of falling rocks, you should walk this section quickly but carefully. In the ice hut you can review this spectacular day with a hearty dinner.

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  • Difficult
    5.03 mi
    1.4 mph
    1,450 ft
    700 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    Today, a short and relaxed day's stage awaits you, so you can consider whether you should make a detour to the ice lake before returning to the Adlerweg. A circular walk of about an hour takes you from the ice hut to the ice-cold but beautifully turquoise glowing glacial lake. The Adlerweg now follows the promising Venediger Höhenweg high above the Virgental. 15 very tight hairpin bends in a lawn gutter take you up to the back of the donkey. From here you can already see your milestone, the wonderfully situated, cladded Bonn-Matreier hut.

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    5.84 mi
    1.3 mph
    1,675 ft
    2,150 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    Steep climbs, demanding descents, steel belts and old snow fields shape your way on the fourth stage. It is again a challenge to your sure-footedness, but offers impressive views of the omnipresent Großvenediger and the Großglockner massif. In fine weather you can even see the Dolomites. You are again crossing a few rocky gaps, which are mostly insured with steel cables. The Galtenkogel towers over the Galtenscharte with a height of almost 3,000 meters. Below you can enjoy the view of the idyllic Froßnitztal before you start the ascent over some moraine that leads you to the Badener hut on the Großvenediger.

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    8.62 mi
    1.8 mph
    600 ft
    4,175 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Always keeping an eye on the glacier world of the Großvenediger, today you climb several hundred meters down into the valley to Innergschlöss. Rope points always give you security on the steep descent. On your way you will pass the "Eye of God", a mountain lake, which a small peninsula made of grass gives the shape of an eye, in which the deep blue sky is reflected. Once you have arrived in the valley, you can take a break in the Venedigerhaus. Then it continues along the Gschlösslbach, past a meltwater-driven waterfall and the valley opens before you.The stone chapel is once again testimony to the fascinating architecture. You are now very close to the daily goal, the Matreier Tauernhaus, which can be reached via shallow paths.

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    6.94 mi
    1.3 mph
    5,375 ft
    100 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    To get from your last stage destination at the Tauernhaus to your next stage, you can take the hiking bus 955 to Matrei Hinterburg, which belongs to the municipality of Matrei in East Tyrol. The low-traffic driveway takes you to the Glanz car park, your starting point today. Through dense larch forest you climb over the Edelweiß meadow to the Outer Steiner Alm, which tempts with delicious, traditional dishes. Huge blocks of green slate make the landscape wild and romantic.The rushing Steinerbach accompanies you on the approach to the Sudetendeutsche Hütte, which is beautifully embedded in the Granatspitze group.

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    4.26 mi
    1.3 mph
    525 ft
    3,475 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    You come closer and closer to the imposing Großglocker with the seventh stage. Ice age moraine dominate the landscape as you hike below the Gradöt glacier up to the eponymous gorge in a rocky area. You will soon cross the Muntanitzbach. If the snow melts heavily, it will be difficult to cross it with dry feet. Now it goes down numerous narrow switchbacks through alder, larch and ash back into the valley. Your feet can stay dry on the Stotzbach, because a pretty wooden bridge leads over the roaring mountain stream, which plunges a little further down as a wonderful waterfall.At the end of the Dorfertal you will reach the cozy Kalser Tauernhaus, today's destination.

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    8.61 mi
    1.5 mph
    4,400 ft
    950 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Your valley hike through the picturesque village valley continues. You pass the inviting Bergeralm, which serves the best Kaiserschmarrn. A stop in the Moa-Alm is almost a must, because the rustic alpine hut is still used to cook on an 80-year-old wood-burning stove. The alp, which has been left in its original condition since 1771, is the oldest hut in the valley. You can now decide whether you want to ascend the alpine world on a larch-lined alpine path or prefer to shorten directly via a path that crosses the alpine path several times. Arrived in the high valley trough of the Teischnitz plain, you can see the ice towers of the Teischnitzkees shining in the sun.You can reach the extravagant Stüdlhütte at the foot of the Großglockner via some meadow slopes, which will soon turn into rock and rubble. The view over the glacier world from here is simply breathtaking.

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    6.90 mi
    1.5 mph
    900 ft
    3,775 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    The East Tyrolean Eagle Walk is coming to an end. The last stage comes up again with an exposed spot, rubble and rubble. With the departure from the Stüdlhütte you leave the Großglockner behind. A look back at the gigantic glacier massif is always worthwhile. You reach the climax of the stage on the gate, from which you descend as steeply as you ascended. At the stately Glorer Hut you can stop for a last time high up in the mountains, then an earthy climb leads you further down to the end point of the Eagle Walk at the Lucknerhaus. Here you can immortalize yourself with your own Eagle Walk story in the Eagle Walk tour book.From the Lucknerhaus you can take the free bus 952 to Lienz train station. From there, trains run to Innsbruck, Bregenz, Vienna, Munich and Zurich.

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