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If Germany were Canada, then the Ore Mountains would be something like British Columbia – a true mountain bike El Dorado, a "must-see" for every bike fan and a trail paradise that is second to none. The icing on the cake is that the Ore Mountains are practically on your doorstep. You can dive into an exhilarating adventure without spending hours in the car or flying.

In this Collection, we take you on a four-day bikepacking trip through Germany’s wild east. You will explore the wonderful nature of the Ore Mountains, discover traditional villages, folk art, and the warm hospitality of the region on the border to the Czech Republic. What is more, you can look forward to great trails that ensure you have a memorable time on your bike. Are you Ready for Adventure? The Ore Mountains are waiting for you.

The Ore Mountains are located in the east of Germany south of the cities of Chemnitz and Dresden. The ridge more or less marks the German-Czech border so the low mountain range lies in both the German region of Saxony and Czech Bohemia. Standing at 4,080 feet (1,243 m), the Keilberg, which stands on Czech soil, is the highest mountain. Close to the peak, you can visit the German town of Oberwiesenthal. The town is already known amongst the mountain biking community as several downhill races have taken place here, and also in Klinovec in the Czech Republic.

In this Collection, we’ve combined biking hotspots found in the Ore Mountains to create a wonderful bikepacking adventure. You start in the town of Schöneck, known as the biggest ski resort in eastern Germany and a biking destination. The first stage takes you along great trails to Trailcenter Rabenberg, where you set up camp for the first time. Day two starts with awesome single trails along the "Stoneman Miriquidi" route ( to the 2,726-feet-high (831 m) Pöhlberg Mountain, where you end the day in a rustic mountain hotel. Stage 3 takes you to the cradle of the Ore Mountain trails. Today, you ride to the town of Lengefeld where the Forsthaus Inn is waiting to welcome you. The innkeeper is an Ore Mountain Legende and founder of the Miriquidi Trail so you’re probably in for a long and entertaining evening. Your final day takes you to the town of Seiffen where you have the chance to ride the legendary Ore Mountains Marathon circuit at the end of your adventure.

The focus of this Collection is adventure and discovery, as well as having a good time on the trails of course. Get in touch with locals and immerse yourself in the Ore Mountains’ living history and rich culture. The stages are short to allow you plenty of time to get off your bike and explore your surroundings. Why not take a stroll through one of the quaint villages, cool off in the swimming pool, or end the day with a visit to a museum? Keep your eyes open and you will not only get to know and love the trails, but the entire Ore Mountains.

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    24.8 mi
    7.0 mph
    2,325 ft
    1,975 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Your bikepacking adventure in the Ore Mountains begins with a real trail firework. No wonder, because both the start and the finish of the stage are at one of the German bike hotspots par excellence: It starts in the Schöneck bike world, and your day ends in the Rabenberg Trail Center.With two such top-class mountain bike locations, it is a good idea to tackle this stage in peace and possibly even extend it to several days. Maybe you just ring in your adventure with a weekend in Schöneck before the actual journey begins? There is so much to discover here alone: in addition to the five bike park trails, you can try out all sorts of beautiful tours in the region. There is a whole range of accommodation in Schöneck, including a holiday park that is right next to the bike world.After this great start, your bikepacking trip really starts. Strictly speaking, you continue where you left off: with the finest trails. The only difference is that this time you have another goal in mind - the Trail Center Rabenberg. On the way you get a first impression of the beautiful Ore Mountains. The route runs over large sections directly along the border with the Czech Republic. One or the other relic from days long past will always make you think, while the beautiful forest and raised bog landscape is just for enjoying.The milestone is perfect for your bikepacking adventure. The Trail Center Rabenberg is embedded in a sports park, where you can either stay in the hotel or - very close to nature - set up your tent on the campground. If you arrive early enough, you can try out a few trails. Otherwise you postpone it until tomorrow and end the evening with a few laps on the pump track or in your tent camp.Arrival tips:
    If you want to travel by train, this is easily possible. The Schöneck bike world has its “own” train station, so to speak. The “Schöneck (Vogtland) Ferienpark” station spits you out directly on the trails.

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    34.1 mi
    7.0 mph
    3,800 ft
    3,900 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The “Stoneman Miriquidi Trail” is now a real classic in the Ore Mountains. It is actually a circuit on which you get to know great trails, the beautiful landscape and the culture and history of the area - packaged in a challenge, at the end of which you take home a "finisher card" as a souvenir. The second stage of your bikepacking trip through the Ore Mountains follows part of the Stoneman route and leads you from the Rabenberg Trail Center to the Pöhlberg near the former mining town of Annaberg-Buchholz.After a quiet night in the "base camp" of the trail center, it is actually clear how the day begins: with a flowing descent via the Magic Moments Trail. If you like, you can simply crank up again and hang up one of the many other trails before continuing your journey.Right at the start, the route makes a small detour to the Czech Republic and you will pass idyllic nature reserves and moor areas again and again. Here you can enjoy wonderful peace, because at most you will meet a few other bikers or hikers. Only in Boží Dar it gets a bit busier again. Downhill riders are certainly familiar with the small town in the Czech Republic, because racing events take place here regularly. Instead, take it easy and treat yourself to a snack in one of the city's cafes or restaurants.Freshly strengthened, you are ready for the climb to the Fichtelberg. At 1,214 meters, it is the highest mountain in Saxony - a magnificent view awaits you above. Maybe you leave your bike behind for a moment and climb the lookout tower? Then a rapid descent begins, followed by a gentle up and down, which finally leads you over the Bärenstein and then through the Pöhlbach valley to today's stage destination. Far from the hustle and bustle you can enjoy the great view and the cozy ambience of the mountain hotel, which offers you shelter tonight.

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  • Intermediate
    21.6 mi
    7.4 mph
    2,050 ft
    2,950 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Where do all the beautiful trails come from? The third stage brings a bit of light into the dark - which brings us right into the middle of the topic. Because where wonderful trails meander through the forest today, it was once dense and impenetrable. This is exactly why the Erzgebirge was called "Mirikwidi" before the discovery of the precious mineral resources, which means "dark forest". The “Miriquidi Bike Trails” take up this old name and when you talk about these trails you can't avoid Thomas Frenzel. He is not only the operator of today's stage goal, but a kind of "good soul" of the Erzgebirge trails. In the past few years he and his colleagues have developed a really great trail network, which has given rise to the “Stoneman Miriquidi” among other things.Thomas runs his Gasthaus Forsthaus in Lengefeld, which has cult status among bikers. It is today's milestone and you can be sure that you are prepared for you and your needs after a long tour and that you are welcome. Maybe you will start a conversation with Thomas and maybe he will even accompany you a bit the next day. When it comes to mountain bikes, the host is usually always there.Before that, a varied tour is waiting for you. Beautiful viewpoints, such as the Zeisigstein or the Drei Brüder Höhe, provide wonderful views over the Ore Mountains. It goes up and down, but almost never just goes straight. Shortly before the end of the stage, the Neunzehnhain dam offers a particularly nice opportunity to catch your breath before you take the last crisp climb to the Forsthaus.

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    24.4 mi
    6.1 mph
    3,075 ft
    2,825 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    Nutcrackers and wooden pyramids are probably the best-known export goods of today's milestone: The health resort Seiffen is also common as a toy village and the folk handicrafts are omnipresent when you stroll through the cozy inner city of the health resort on the Erzgebirge ridge. Among mountain bikers, Seiffen also stands for sporty high feelings: The Erzgebirge Bike Marathon has been held here for 27 years, and it has the right cult status today - after all, it is the first bike marathon in Germany. And exactly its route represents the worthy finale of your bikepacking tour through the Ore Mountains.Another beautiful bike tour awaits you beforehand. Again it goes - partly crisp and steep - uphill and downhill. Boredom is not an option with this route profile. Promising highlights alternate with rapid descents and you can once again enjoy the peace and seclusion that you have already known and loved on the first three stages.After a nice descent into the Natzschung valley, you reach the border to the Czech Republic again, which you follow for the last kilometers of your tour. Finally, you will reach the location of the legendary Erzgebirge marathon. You drive into Seiffen over a short section of the marathon route. If you feel like it, you can add a few original marathon trails to your tour before your wonderful bikepacking adventure comes to an end. Then you look for a cozy café or restaurant in Seiffen to strengthen yourself and to review the last beautiful days.Tips for the return trip:
    Seiffen itself has no train station. Nevertheless, you can still take the train back to the starting point of the bikepacking tour to Schöneck or directly home. The nearest train station is called “Olbernhau-Grünthal” and is about ten kilometers away from the center of Seiffen. Alternatively, you can set your marathon round so that you come out of the forest in Hirschberg. From here it is only around two kilometers to the platform.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    105 mi
  • Duration
    15:19 h
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    11,225 ft

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