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You've found the official route collection for Unpaved, the adventure cycling & bikepacking podcast.When we first conceived the Unpaved podcast, we knew we wanted to give our audience more than just something to listen to.We want to not only inspire you to ride, but also give you the tools to get out there. One of the greatest barriers for many people to riding off road is knowing where to head for the quality trails.During our travels with Unpaved, we'll be bringing you routes from each episode. Put together with the local knowledge of our guests, why not go and check them out for the very best local riding from all over the UK and beyond.Find these dirt gems here and give us a follow while you're there to find out about all our new routes as soon as they're released.Find out more about Unpaved and listen here: unpavedpodcast.com
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  • Distance
    536 mi
  • Duration
    71:18 h
  • Elevation
    40,400 ft