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Border adventure along the Ridgeway - Kammweg Erzgebirge

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Border adventure along the Ridgeway - Kammweg Erzgebirge

Mountain Biking Collection by Martin Donat
3-5 days
3-5 h / day
120 mi
12,575 ft
13,200 ft

In search of micro-adventures I often come across lesser known paths compared to your typical weekend excursion. One such path is the Kammweg, which runs right through the Ore Mountains, along the German-Czech border and offers the perfect mix of adventure, culture and beautiful nature. The Ridge Trail, which is actually a hiking trail (, was the basis for the planning of this stage trip through the Ore Mountains, which I then spiced up with a few additional off-road detours. The result is a wonderful adventure close to nature, which also offers mountain bike beginners an ideal opportunity to get to know the Erzgebirge.

This Collection takes you on flowing trails and fast tracks across the Erzgebirge from Altenberg to Klingenthal. The Tours that await you over the five stages are relatively easy, leaving you with plenty of time to discover the numerous Highlights along the way — watch the traditional craftsmanship of Seiffen (locally known as Toy Village, ‘Spielzeugdorf’), treat yourself to delicious (and inexpensive) Czech specialities and simply relax in your cosy accommodation after each Tour, far away from the hustle and bustle of typical tourist destinations.

Thanks to a mostly well-maintained network of trails, this Collection is not just of interest to experienced mountain bikers but leisure cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy this traffic-free cycling adventure. If you want more of a challenge, you can, of course, also aim to tackle the 193 kilometers in fewer days. There are train connections both at the start and finish of this stage ride, so you can easily travel without a car and the adventure begins right on your doorstep. The stage destinations are each located in a town with plenty of options regarding accommodation or, in same cases, I have made a specific accommodation the end point of a Tour. This route is as much about comfort and relaxation as it is about adventure. Enjoy discovering the Erzgebirge!

If you’ve now got the taste for it and would like to experience the Ore Mountains in a more traditional trail-riding kind of way, I can definitely recommend the Miriquidi Stoneman Trail:

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Tours & Highlights

    29.0 mi
    7.9 mph
    2,375 ft
    3,300 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The journey through the Ore Mountains begins in the picturesque spa town of Altenberg, where you can immediately get into the right mood: peace and just the right amount of seclusion will accompany you over the coming days.You leave the cozy town center and set off. You can expect a relaxed ride on quiet side streets and cozy forest paths, which are always more or less parallel to the German-Czech border. You can almost spit over from the bike path over the old railway embankment near Neuhermsdorf: only one street and a small stream separate you from the Czech Republic.The day highlight is a stop in Seiffen, where you should definitely plan a longer break. Whether you try the culinary specialties of the region or marvel at the hand-made folk art of the "toy city" or simply let both have an effect on you: here you can experience pure Erzgebirge charm. And then there's a real Ore Mountain sports specialty: A part of the route leads over trails and paths of the well-known Ore Mountain Marathon, which attracts many mountain bikers to the beautiful town of Seiffen every year. Then you can roll out very comfortably until you finally reach the Grünthal stage goal. If you fancy a tasty regional refreshment: "Raachermaad", "Buttermilchgetzem" or "Latschen" are typical dishes from the Ore Mountains.If you want to travel by train, this is easily possible. From Dresden the S1 takes you to Heidenau, from there the regional train runs through the beautiful Müglitztal directly to Altenberg.

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    21.5 mi
    6.5 mph
    2,475 ft
    1,275 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The second stage along the Kammweg continues - more or less - to follow the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. If you ask yourself a look at the map, why it winds through the valley like serpentine lines - the answer is very simple: The border here largely follows the course of the Natzschung. First you also follow the small border river, but a little above. The tour runs over the forested hills that frame the cozy valley.
    You cover part of the route today on the Czech ridge side. This brings a bit of an adventure feeling - the old border crossings look like from another time. And it gives you the opportunity to enjoy Czech cuisine (including Czech prices). Halfway you can plan a stop at the Inka restaurant.
    The goal of the stage is the small town of Statute on the 890 meter high Hirtstein, which you will get to know tomorrow. The cozy place has only around 500 inhabitants, but there are still some places to stay, so you can relax in a cozy atmosphere. Have a look here if you want to book an accommodation:

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  • Intermediate
    24.4 mi
    7.5 mph
    2,500 ft
    2,700 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Even if the goal of this stage is almost in the middle of the forest, the name of the next larger town will make many mountain bikers' mouths water: it is not for nothing that the spa town of Oberwiesenthal is a popular destination for a really good bike holiday. Because apart from the beautiful trails around the place, it is not far to the famous Trail Center Rabenberg on the German and Trail Park Klinovec on the Czech side. It's a real bike mecca and if you have so much time, you can easily spend a few extra days here with a lot of trail fun.Or you can simply enjoy what is in abundance here anyway: the beautiful nature and the wonderful tranquility that accompanies you on this stage on the way. Right at the start of the tour, basalt fans of the Hirtstein will inspire you before you take the long descent down to Steinbach with its cozy train station. This is where the historic Preßnitztalbahn starts and if you hear it steaming and snorting somewhere, it could be that one of the old steam locomotives is in motion. In general, there is a lot to experience in the Pressnitz Valley - the route leads directly past the entrance to a small visitor mine.At the end of the tour, the route runs along a historic railway line, the Fichtelbergbahn. If the youth hostel is a little too far away from the shot for you, this train would be a stylish option to get to the highest town in Germany, Oberwiesenthal, for example. Shortly before the destination is the Vierenstraße train station, where you could get on. The train runs three times a day and takes bicycles with it:

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    19.1 mi
    6.7 mph
    2,625 ft
    2,300 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    From the accommodation directly into the forest: If you have decided to sleep in the youth hostel, you will be greeted by the peace and idyll of the Fichtel Mountains immediately after breakfast. To warm up, it goes uphill for a while. No wonder, after all you are heading to the health resort of Oberwiesenthal, the highest situated city in Germany. The first highlight, in the truest sense of the word, is the 1,215 meter high Fichtelberg. Here you can take a little break and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Fichtel Mountains.Pure enjoyment follows, because for a while now it's only going downhill. You will have a real border experience, because the route now follows a beautiful trail that for a few kilometers corresponds exactly to the course of the German-Czech border. It leads directly to Rittersgrün, a small town with a cool rest area: here the pit stop is waiting for you, a kind of biker kiosk with self-service and payment based on trust. The pit stop is part of the “Stoneman Miriquidi” route, which you follow for a while. If you have got a taste and want to go on a significantly more trail-heavy Fichtelgebirge tour, I can recommend the Stoneman to you!A little later you have already reached the daily goal. This is again something very special, because today your tour ends at the Rabenberg Trail Center. Here you can camp or stop at the hotel in the sports park. Before going to bed, you should treat yourself to a few laps on the trail center's pump track.

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    25.8 mi
    7.3 mph
    2,625 ft
    3,650 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    If you feel like it, you can start the fifth and last stage of your tour through the Ore Mountains with a real trail firework. After all, you start in the middle of the Rabenberg Trail Center. It is therefore a good idea to take a few small detours and take a trail or two under the tunnels here before you tackle the rest of the stage trip. But even if you want to head straight to the destination of your trip, you can enjoy beautiful single trails - of course I have included a small trail center sample.In Johanngeorgenstadt you can treat yourself to a small breakfast and take a look at the landmark of the ore mountain town, which is dominated by mining: the so-called "Schwibbogen" can be found in different places in larger and smaller copies. Then it becomes idyllic again: Another section of the Stoneman Miriquidi leads you past the small Kranichsee, where you can take a detour into the beautiful raised bog. A little later, about halfway, the banks of the Carlsfeld-Weiterswiese dam invite you to take a relaxing break with a wonderful view.Then the last piece of your Erzgebirge adventure is waiting for you. At the end there are comparatively many trails and little asphalt - a goodbye to enjoy! In the music city of Klingenthal you have reached your destination after 193 kilometers and look back proudly and contentedly at the last few days. You can start your journey home from the train station in Klingenthal with the Vogtlandbahn.

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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    120 mi
  • Duration
    16:36 h
  • Elevation
    12,575 ft13,200 ft

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