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Epic trails – making memories in the Dolomites

Freeride Inc. Austria

Epic trails – making memories in the Dolomites

Mountain Biking Collection by Freeride Inc. Austria

In our opinion, the Dolomites are the most beautiful mountains in the world!

Why? We often ask ourselves that... Is it because they unite Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, and the province of Belluno in an almost magical way? Is it because they have been an area full of secrets and exciting infrastructure for many centuries?

We can't say it exactly, but one thing is certain – there are plenty of trails here. The Marmolata (3,343 metres/10,967 feet) is the highest mountain. We haven't been able to conquer it completely yet, but it is still on our list – so near and yet so far.

The mountains in the Dolomites are often really challenging, but this makes the experience and memories even more beautiful and precious. Nature and freedom can be felt up close in the Dolomites and it is simply breathtaking.

With our Collection, we want to take you on a journey that is more than "just" biking. We want to take you to places that are so epic that you can't even describe them with words. That's why we've included photos and the routes. Our tip: follow them and have an awesome time.

Ride on! :)

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Tours & Highlights

    18.0 mi
    9.4 mph
    5,775 ft
    5,900 ft

    For the second time we went to Monte Ciaval (2,912 meters), but this time we used a different ascent and descent, more precisely an "overrun".We started from Peutelstein on a fantastically beautiful, typically steep bike route up to the Faneshütte. Then we went towards Vallon Bianco, from there we had to carry or push.This day was almost "kitschy": crystal clear, blue sky, the trees beautifully golden from autumn and everything slightly sugared by the fresh snow. Unfortunately, we could not climb the summit in terms of equipment and safety, it had simply snowed too much overnight. Nevertheless, we got to the yoke and had a fantastic view and an absolutely great, but crisp trail in front of us.At the very top almost everything is impassable, the stones break off one after the other, so there is hardly any right path. Then we surfed straight down the steep gravel channel and drove the trail into the Travenanzes valley.A recommended autumn tour, fitness and technical skills are required!Have fun - ride on!

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    14.6 mi
    9.5 mph
    4,875 ft
    6,550 ft

    Tofana di Rozes (Vordere Tofana or Tofana I) at 3,225 meters - the last 3,000-meter bike for the season?We used the last beautiful autumn weekend and made our way towards Cortina D'Ampezzo. We started our tour near the Passo di Falzàrego at La Locanda Del Cantoniere, because our destination should be the Tofana.A typical Italian military road led us to the former rifugio, which is unfortunately quite dilapidated today. From there you can see a huge mountain world, we could even see the Zillertal Alps. From now on it was said: carry the bikes!The whole mountain was repeatedly covered with complete ice fields and some places to climb awaited us. Martin continued to pull it off, we were struggling without the bikes and were storing them up. Nonetheless, we really wanted to go up to the summit and enjoy the view, it was already within our grasp.But about 150 meters before the summit we unfortunately had to make the decision to turn around. We didn't have a chance without crampons. We didn't expect everything to be so icy. It's a shame, but it doesn't help and so we started downhill.The trail was very difficult, even without the snow and ice: everything almost mobile or almost everything mobile ?! From the rifugio the trail to the car was awesome. It's a shame we couldn't make the summit, but we still had a great day with a breathtaking autumn backdrop.

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    15.4 mi
    2.1 mph
    4,550 ft
    4,500 ft

    When winter comes back overnight, you have to make a few compromises in terms of the overall height. So it's good that there is the three-finger tip in the area of St. Vigil - our starting point. It is an easy-to-reach mountain with an extremely large number of trails and a great panorama.The ascent to the Kreuzjoch only allows one course, but here you make a lot of vertical meters. We continued pushing or carrying to the summit, where we could enjoy the snow-covered landscape. Simply breathtaking - and that's how it went on the trails (S2 to S3) via Kreuzjoch and Gründwaldjoch back over the Val de Ciastlins and finally to St. Vigil.Great tour with extreme impressions, but sometimes a little exposed - watch out!Ride on!

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    27.2 mi
    4.3 mph
    4,350 ft
    4,375 ft

    The St. Antonius Joch (2,466 meters) - a classic in the Dolomites with a little support.Almost everything can be driven up. We had a lot of fun and we still had enough strength to master the following S2 to S3 trail without any problems. Such trails are really demanding uphill with the e-bike. We also did the tour with the bio bikes, so it is also great.The view on the yoke is definitely worth it and the descent is really good. You probably already know the bottom section of the trail from our other tours in the area. Most of them cut into the trail up to the Pederü hut. The trail is really fun again. As an alternative to our tour, you can also take the descent on path 13. Have fun descending!

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    17.9 mi
    2.9 mph
    3,675 ft
    3,650 ft

    After the e-bike, the e-car and the e-cigarette comes the e-vortex? In any case, in contrast to the e-cigarette, it is not harmful at all and that's why we chose it for this e-enduro trip at 2,307 meters above sea level.We have been doing this tour for several years, but it has never been so much fun up there. :-) The view is breathtaking and all the more you look forward to the descent. Always a pleasure from flow to enduro. Even the carrying passages could be mastered easily with the heavy bikes. :-)You definitely have to be free from giddiness on the descent: it is sometimes very exposed and in a few places it is even rope insured. The tour with this impressive trail is really highly recommended.

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    18.4 mi
    2.2 mph
    4,675 ft
    4,475 ft

    The Dolomites tour to the Hochebenkofel (2,905 meters) and the Lückele-Scharte (2,545 meters) runs away from the hustle and bustle past the Three Peaks and similar breathtaking natural highlights. The descent is quite crispy, in places upper S3 and even peppered with a few big mountain elements. For this you will be rewarded with tremendous views of the Dolomites and loneliness without end.Unfortunately, we had to skip the Hochebenkofel (2,905 meters), the weather just didn't play along, then even a thunderstorm surprised us. In the end, of course, the sun came out as always 🙂 - it doesn't matter, the notch alone was awesome! Attention: If you want to do the Hochebenkofel, a short section awaits you where you have to carry the bike up and down again.

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    15.9 mi
    6.3 mph
    3,250 ft
    3,225 ft

    A tour steeped in history in the middle of the Dolomites - recommended in autumn, as driving is prohibited uphill. When the hut keeper comes, you have to get off your bike and push for a moment, otherwise the dolce vita is over! (That is meant seriously: The hut keeper is not to be trifled with).Then you can expect an amazingly great crossing and the descent over the Pioniersteig. The trenches can still be found above - extreme historical impressions. But be careful: you absolutely have to be free from giddiness and have alpine experience, because the descent is very, very steep and exposed. The trail is really impressive considering why it was built earlier. Be careful, because there are a lot of exposed areas and also a few areas that are secured with climbing ropes.

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    24.7 mi
    3.3 mph
    5,400 ft
    5,425 ft

    Three peaks for a hallelujah! :-)Always breathtaking: a great natural panorama awaits you here, on legal trails. As usual we have put together the track and some impressions for you.The driveway to the Drei Zinnen runs over asphalt and is easy to do. The view and the panorama are, as usual, a dream. The trail is awesome and highly recommended. Only at the very bottom the brook had destroyed the path, but we were able to surf over the pile of rubble.Now we just had to get back up on the pass - puhhhh by shuttle or e-bike it would of course be easier. :)

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    21.0 mi
    2.2 mph
    5,650 ft
    5,575 ft

    For a long, long time I was occupied with the idea of crossing the Monte Cristallo massif by bike. Whenever we stood at the Dürrensee, we thought: "Great look, but is there something going on with the bike?"No sooner said than done - and now we know more: It was one of our most impressive tours so far. It started in Schluderbach and led us to the Rifugio Son Forca. The Dibona via ferrata was already marked everywhere and so we were on the right track.But from the old chairlift station we had to carry through the Grà de Stounies. Here, however, we kept to the left and did not follow the path to Rifugio G. Lorenzi. The climb pushed us to our limits, it felt like we were taking one step forward and two backwards. Minutes and hours passed, but when we reached the Cresta Bianca at 2,932 meters above sea level, everything was forgotten - a tremendous sight!And what the trail towards Cimabanche then had to offer was from a different world! Between S1 and S4 things went downhill alternately. Unfortunately, after about 100 meters of altitude, the trail was destroyed by a storm in the lower area, but that didn't change the fact that the tour was simply amazing!

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Freeride Inc. Austria

Epic trails – making memories in the Dolomites