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Rich butter melts on a thick slice of bread, still hot from the oven, as you open a bottle of chilled organic beer from the local monastery’s own brewery – this is your delicious reward for your gentle hike through the beautiful Franconian landscape. This vibrant region in southern Germany is home to many unique culinary delights. For example, the emmer bread from Plankstetten Abbey is one of over 150 award-winning regional products from the Nuremberg region. The five hiking and cycling routes in this Collection will showcase some of these delicious delicacies.

To the north of Nuremberg, you hike in Kalchreuth municipality through cherry orchards. Here, you can feast on juicy cherries and try Kirschsecco, a local sparkling wine. South of the city of Würzburg, you stroll along panoramic limestone terraces in the heart of the Franconian wine country. Fantastic views over the Main Valley and delicious traditional wines await you here. Close to the border triangle in the Altmühltal Valley, you can enjoy the aroma of fresh bread from the monastery and visit the vegetable garden.

On your bike, you will discover postcard landscapes around Greding municipality where you can try three local delicacies: red ‘Pressack’ Franconian sausages from the Lederer butchers, a meal at the Eysölden Castle Tavern, and quality products from the organic farm Bio Arche Hofs Gerstner. Around Illschwang municipality and the beautiful Hain- and Högenbach valleys you can work up your appetite on your bike before spoiling yourself with baked bread and pastries from Wenkmann Bakery. The legendary restaurants "Weißen Roß" and "Zum Alten Fritz" also serve hearty post-ride meals.

To ensure you enjoy the time on your bike to the full, the start and finish points are all connected to the VGN transport network. These routes are part of the Original Regional campaign which promotes the variety of regional specialities and products that are produced according to old traditions in cultural landscapes. The ultimate goal – inspire your taste buds and senses to the max.

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Tours & Highlights

    7.72 mi
    2.4 mph
    275 ft
    350 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Juicy, red cherries and bubbly cherry secco - this relaxed, 12 km long hike through the cherry orchards of Kalchreuth will make your mouth water.At the Großgeschaidt train station you swing your daypack on your back and follow the Gräfenbahnweg with wonderful panoramic views over picturesque orchards to Kalchreuth. The culinary highlight of the tour awaits you here: the Kalchreuther community has been cultivating old cherry varieties for several years. In addition to the delicious fruit, you can also try and buy their unique cherry secco here. Afterwards, the tour continues through the cherry orchards of the Red Cherry.After a walk along green meadows you finally descend to the rock cellar in the Kalchreuther Forest. You can stop off in the rustic cellar complex from the 19th century and fortify yourself for the last stage via root paths above the enchanted Stettenbach Gorge.Arrival: You can easily reach your starting point in Großgeschaidt with the Gräfenbergbahn.Departure: The regional train R21 takes you back from Heroldsberg.

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    8.87 mi
    2.3 mph
    725 ft
    700 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    On the Bocksbbeutel tour you hike through dreamy vineyards and romantic winegrowing locations. With a good 14 kilometers of hiking, you can hike very relaxed and treat yourself to a good drop of regional produce here and there.You start wonderfully promising in Kitzingen in the heart of the Franconian wine country. Magnificent views of the Main Valley and the surrounding mountain ridges accompany you on your way to the vineyards and the cozy town of Sulzfeld am Main. In the Streng winery, you can reward yourself with the tour's culinary highlight: the family grows the best grapes on limestone terraces, from which traditional wines are made to produce tasty wines. If you want to learn a little more about the winemaking craft, you can take a tour.You leave Sulzfeld on the wine trail and stay loyal to the vineyards. Along the edge of the forest you come to a wooden viewing pavilion with a fabulous panoramic view, the Weinhalla. Numerous fruit trees are your companion on the descent down to the banks of the Main. You hike over the Main Bridge to Marktbreit, your daily goal.Arrival: You can easily get to beautiful Kitzingen with the regional train R1.Departure: From Markbreit you can either take the boat back to Kitzingen or board the regional train R8 at the local train station.

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  • Intermediate
    8.38 mi
    2.2 mph
    900 ft
    950 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Easily-accessible paths. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The smell of freshly baked bread is in the air on this wonderful forest and meadow hike. Over a good 13 kilometers you hike through legendary jura landscapes of the Altmühl Valley to the traditional Benedictine Plankstetten Abbey.In late medieval Greding you walk across the market square and leave the city's defensive wall with its 21 towers behind you. You dive into the lovely landscape of the Altmühltal nature park and enjoy the tranquility along the rippling Agbach.Via green meadow paths you reach the plateau of the triangle where the counties of Eichstätt, Neumarkt and Roth meet. From here it goes through rugged rock formations down to Plankstetten with the imposing monastery complex. In the monastery's own bakery you can get excellent Emmer bread, which is baked with ingredients from monastery agriculture and gardening. It also tastes delicious organic beer from the monastery brewery. Take all the time in the world, it is only a stone's throw to the goal.Arrival: You can reach the starting point Greding from Hilpoltstein with the Gredl-Express 636 and the line 611.Departure: From the bus stop in Plankstetten you can take the 515 and 520 bus back home.

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    24.2 mi
    9.9 mph
    975 ft
    975 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Unique postcard motifs and varied landscapes, peppered with pretty towns and inviting lakes - a real pleasure tour lies ahead of you. The approximately 39-kilometer tour also has a lot to offer from a culinary point of view.The journey starts in medieval Greding with its imposing fortified wall. You cycle on the Altmühltal-Rothsee-Nürnberg cycle path through the most beautiful pre-Jura landscapes to Thalmässing. Here it becomes culinary interesting. The butchery Lederer has a special delicacy in store with its red press bag. A little further out in Eysölden you can stock up on delicious organic lamb liver pâté at the Bio Arche Hof Gerstner and spoil yourself with homemade herb ravioli in the castle tavern around the corner.Luckily, after the delicious meal, you roll largely through flat terrain except for a small climb to the European watershed. Ideal for digesting. At the Rothsee you can hop into the water again at the end of the wonderful tour or chill on the beach. The Hilpoltstein destination is very close.Arrival: You can get to Greding very comfortably with the VGN leisure line including bike transport.Departure: At Hilpoltstein station you have bus 633 to regional train 9. Alternatively, you can take the regional train 58952 back home.

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    17.7 mi
    8.9 mph
    1,075 ft
    1,100 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    A perfect combination of sporty cycling and culinary delights awaits you on this approximately 30-kilometer tour from Amberg to Hartmannshof.It starts at the Amberg train station. The first few kilometers are still quite flat and supple. You roll along the Ammerbach and past an old mill with an oven and several stables. The thought of freshly baked bread embraces you. From kilometer ten onwards, however, the climb will be crisp and for you it means gritting your teeth. Some climbs can be so steep that you push your bike better.The reward earned is not long in coming. In Illschwang, the Wenkmann bakery beckons with fragrant, hand-baked bread and pastries. In the restaurant "Weißes Roß" just around the corner you can spoil yourself with delicacies from the region.Freshly strengthened, you drive on through the picturesque landscapes of the Hain and Högenbach valleys and tend to only go downhill. In the inn “Zum Alten Fritz” there is a last chance to strengthen yourself. It is not far to Hartmannshof now.Arrival: With the regional train R4 you can easily get to Amberg by bike.Departure: From the Hartmannsdorf station you can take the regional train R4 or the S-Bahn line 1 to get home.

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  • Distance
    66.9 mi
  • Duration
    15:23 h
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    3,950 ft

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