Water features and alpine views — the Illerradweg in 3 stages


Water features and alpine views — the Illerradweg in 3 stages

Bike Touring Collection by Iller-Radweg
2-4 days
3-6 h / day
96.8 mi
2,000 ft
3,000 ft

A magnificent gravel path meanders through the idyllic valley of the Iller. On one side the splashing water, on the other the fresh green alpine meadows. Again and again you cross the river over various bridges on which you stop to enjoy the particularly good view of the river and the impressive mountain panorama in the background. What a setting for a bicycle tour!

Far away from the traffic and the hectic pace of civilization, the Illerradweg leads you from the origin of the Iller near Oberstdorf to the mouth of the Danube in Ulm. 150 kilometres of pure nature, where you can take a deep breath. Garnished with just the right amount of culture and entertainment that you will experience in the villages and towns worth seeing on the route. Between river bends and cow pastures you can stop again and again at picturesque farms, churches with typical onion towers and towns with historic buildings. Visit the region's monasteries and enjoy the silence. Find out about the history of the Allgäu in its exciting museums. And enjoy the comfort that the many cosy accommodations on the route offer especially for cyclists.

In this collection we present the Illerradweg in three stages. The cycle path was chosen by the ADFC as a quality four-star cycle route and praised especially for its great, low-traffic route guidance and its good tourist infrastructure. So you'll find plenty of bed+bike accommodation on the way — hosts who have specially adapted to the needs of cyclists and who welcome you especially. So the perfect night's rest at the end of a stage is guaranteed. If you'd rather ride the stages individually, that's no problem either, as all stage locations are well connected to the railway network. Every day you can expect around 50 kilometres and thanks to the mostly flat (or slightly sloping) route, they are also absolutely feasible for occasional cyclists. If it gets a bit strenuous, there are always nice opportunities to rest and rest at the edge of the track — from a simple bench to a bathing lake with sunbathing lawn. The route mainly leads over gravel and gravel roads, only very rarely over asphalt. This means that some passages may have to be bypassed after thunderstorms or during floods. A real nature experience cycle path — we wish you lots of fun exploring it!

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The Stages On The Iller Cycle Path

    30.3 mi
    8.4 mph
    375 ft
    800 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride.

    If you follow the river Iller from its source near Oberstdorf to its mouth in the Danube near Ulm, you can look forward to this first stage of the Iller cycle path, which is mostly slightly downhill. The bike path always leads you along the river Iller, so that you will be pampered almost nonstop with a magnificent view of the river in the foreground and the mountain panorama in the background. You cycle mostly on gravel or gravel paths, which only enhance the wonderful feeling of nature.After leaving Oberstdorf it will not be long before you reach the official start of the cycle path on the Illersprung. It pays to pause for a moment and enjoy the view of the three rivers Breitach, Trettach and Stillach, which unite here to Iller. In the further course, there will be many more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere on the river: on the way you will find various break stations and beautiful banks, which invite you to swim in good weather.If you feel like some extra action and entertainment along the way, then we can recommend a stop at the Inselsee, where the water ski park invites you for a refreshing change. No less interesting is a trip to the Great Alpsee at Immenstadt. Here you can enjoy the great Alpine panorama from the treetops of the climbing park, discover the special features of the region in an interactive exhibition or stock up on regional specialties in the cheese café of the Diepolz cheese dairy and in the nature park shop.In the stage destination Kempten there are numerous ways to end the day entertaining, instructive or very comfortable. Many sights, events, bars and restaurants ensure that you are guaranteed not bored. For a good night's sleep there are various bed + bike accommodations, which are specially adapted to the needs of cyclists. If you want to drive the first stage individually, the train will bring you quickly back to Oberstdorf via Regionalexpress.

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    32.1 mi
    8.2 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,500 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The second stage on the Iller cycle path begins leisurely and follows initially slightly sloping course of the Iller. After about 15 kilometers, the bike path leaves the river and leads you through the beautiful, but somewhat hilly landscape of the Oberallgäu. In the last kilometers Radweg and Iller unite again, so that you can roll with relish into the stage destination Buxheim.After a fun-filled stay in bustling Kempten, at the beginning of this stage, peace and tranquility return to the banks of the River Iller. You roll over the well maintained gravel bike path and enjoy the beautiful views of the river, which are particularly impressive here and there when the Iller squeezes through steep rock formations.Shortly before Altusried the character of this tour changes. You leave the Iller to explore for a while the beautiful hilly landscape of the Alpine foothills. There are plenty of interesting opportunities for a little break on this section. You can take a short detour to the imposing open-air stage near Altusried, look at the lovingly restored Neumühle on the Rohrach, experience a moment of silence in the pilgrimage church of Maria Steinbach or immerse yourself in the rural life of bygone eras in the Swabian farm museum Illerbeuren.After all these cultural detours, the bike path nestles up again to the river and brings you to the quiet stage destination to Buxheim, where we recommend a short visit to the monastery of the Carthusian monks. Here you can admire the magnificent "Charterhouse" or look at the attached museum former monk cells. Apartment Zettler offers biker-friendly bed + bike accommodation in Buxheim. If you want to end your tour on the Iller bike path here, you can take the train from nearby Memmingen via Kempten back to Oberstdorf.

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  • Intermediate
    34.4 mi
    7.5 mph
    400 ft
    700 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride.

    After the short detour into the hilly landscape of the Oberallgäu, the third stage of the Illerradweg has again a commonality with the first: The route consistently follows the course of the river and as you cycle downstream towards Ulm, it goes downhill with only a few exceptions. There are fine gravel roads, beautiful views and plenty of water.If you have enough time, we can recommend you before the start of the tour in Buxheim still a detour to Memmingen, because the "gate to the Allgäu" waiting with a lot of sights on. Among other things, there is a diverse museum landscape that covers all possible areas from the history of the city to art and Jewish life in Memmingen.Along the Iller, it goes down the river in the direction of Ulm. You will pass innumerable barrages - the Iller is used intensively to generate energy here, a total of 13 run-of-river power plants produce electricity for the surrounding area.In Vöhringen, the Vöhringer Lake beckons with a cool refreshment. The designated bathing lake is perfect for an extended break, where you can relax on the lawn and cool your legs in the lake in between. Well rested then you are ready for the last section, which brings you to Ulm stage destination. Here, the Iller flows into the Danube and thus ends here, the Iller bike path. Before you start your journey home, there is still a lot to discover in Ulm. You should definitely plan a short foray through the medieval city center and a view from the highest church tower in the world. The Ulm main station is optimally connected, so that you - if you want to travel by train - can easily return to Oberstdorf or drive directly home.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    96.8 mi
  • Duration
    12:08 h
  • Elevation
    2,000 ft3,000 ft

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Water features and alpine views — the Illerradweg in 3 stages