Transteuto — explore the Teutoburg Forest by mountain bike


Transteuto — explore the Teutoburg Forest by mountain bike

Mountain Biking Collection by komoot
3-4 days
3-4 h / day
90.5 mi
10,525 ft
9,825 ft

If crossing a mountain on your mountain bike is at the top of your bucket list then we have just the right thing for you. The Teutoburg Forest offers action-packed trails and beautiful nature, flowing descents and crisp climbs. It is also easily accessible so you are never too far from help in case you have a mechanical or a change of plan. In short, the Teutoburg Forest is perfect for immersing yourself in the world of mountain crossings, without taking on a costly alpine expedition right away. All you need is your bike and a long weekend. We show you the right route in this Collection: the TransTeuto in three stages.

Pne of the northernmost low mountain ranges in Germany, the Teutoburg Forest stretches in a narrow band north of Münster near the small village of Hörstel for 65 miles (105 km), passing Bielefeld and merging with the Egge Mountains at Leopoldstal. The highest point of 1,463 feet (446 meters) above sea level may not sound like much, but it’s much higher than the surrounding flat plains.

As Teuto is a narrow ridge, the terrain is perfect for a crossing rather than a circular route.
The 87 miles (140 km) TransTeuto route takes you along beautiful forest paths and flowing trails past ancient castles, remarkable rock formations, breathtaking viewpoints and through cozy villages with many places to stop for a bite to eat.

On paper, this small low mountain range may not seem particularly demanding. But, the terrain is quite a challenge: it goes up and down constantly and is really steep at times. So even as a die-hard mountain biker you will get your money's worth, with a total of 10,531 feet (3,210 meters) in altitude gained by the end. How demanding your adventure really is, is up to you. You could make the TransTeuto a real challenge and ride it in one go or you can divide it into stages, as you prefer. Our three stages are perfect for a long weekend and are also suitable for less experienced bikers. We have also designed them in such a way that you will find comfortable accommodation along the way, where you can rest and relax.

As the TransTeuro is a one-way stage, travelling by train makes a lot of sense. The journey starts in Hörstel a small town with its own railway station right by the startline. The finish is close to Leopoldstal’s train station which has good connections to Paderborn.

So grab your bike, enjoy the ride and tick off your bucket list!

On The Map

Tours & Highlights

    25.8 mi
    6.7 mph
    2,200 ft
    1,950 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The TransTeuto route begins inconspicuously with a small dirt road that branches off from a road. Signposts of the Hermannsweg point you the way to get started in your drive through the Teutoburg Forest. For long stretches you follow the Hermannsweg, but also leave it again and again to avoid passages that are more passable by mountain bike or simply to avoid pedestrians particularly heavily used sections.Hardly on the bike, you already enjoy the typical Teuto feeling: A beautiful forest trail or a narrow single trail follow the narrow mountain range, which usually drops steeply to the left and right, so you can always enjoy a beautiful view. It goes steadily up and down - on this first stage still very gently - perfect for getting warm!On the way, small highlights await you again and again. In addition to the many viewpoints, there are cozy restaurants or geological features, such as the Dörenther cliffs. Here it is even really steep for the first time. Take it the most athletic, push a piece and look forward to the top, the great views and the impressive rock formations.Shortly before the stage destination in Bad Iburg, the view is something special: Here you will pass some quarries that have for decades removed parts of the mountain over which you drive, and still do. The foresight is perfect, yet this passage is thought-provoking because the consequences of human civilization are so obvious here. The more idyllic it is then when you arrive in Bad Iburg. The striking castle welcomes you from afar. If your calves are glowing, you should try the specialty of the recognized Kneipp spa town: Across the city you will find water treads according to the teachings of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp. But even if you are only after a fortification or your accommodation for the coming night, you will find in the cozy small town in the Teutoburg Forest.Tip:
    The best way to travel to a one-way trip is by train. The nearest major station is in Rheine, from there it's about ten kilometers to the start, which you can master quickly thanks to flat track. If that's too much for you, you can hang on to the regional train to Hörstel for a few minutes. From there it is only a few hundred meters to the start.

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    30.8 mi
    5.8 mph
    3,800 ft
    3,850 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The view at the TransTeuto is actually always good - but especially today. Because on the route are several outstanding viewpoints and two lookout towers. Pure enjoyment for the eyes, but also the stomach is not too short: Various restaurants make sure that you always have enough power to dive in the evenings comfortable in the Bielefeld city flair.The track profile on the second stage is again typical Teuto: It goes up and down. However, now that you are warm, it may be a bit more than the day before. That's why today there are some demanding climbs waiting for you, bringing you to a total of 1,150 vertical meters. Each of them is followed by a rapid descent and thus ends this stage, so you reach the stage destination Bielefeld with full driving pleasure. Here you can let the sun shine on the Kesselbrink, a large square in the center of the city, and watch a bit the BMXers and Dirtbikers, who conjure up their tricks on the impressive ramp system. Alternatively, the largest city in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region offers a wealth of cultural and gastronomic opportunities, so you will not be bored.If you prefer to end the day in peace and in the midst of the forest idyll of the Teutoburg Forest, it may be worthwhile to stop at one of the two hotels, which are located in close proximity to the Hermannsweg: just before Bielefeld, you will come to the Waldhotel "Peter On the mountains ", right on the outskirts of Bielefeld, the Waldhotel" Brands Busch "offers you a leisurely refreshment stop.

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  • Difficult
    33.9 mi
    6.7 mph
    4,550 ft
    4,050 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Did you drive on stage 1 and stage 2 of the TransTeuto? Excellent! Because then you are already used to the ups and downs of the Teutoburg Forest and ready for the third and most demanding stage from Bielefeld to the finish of the stage trip to Leopoldstal. If not, it is not bad either: then you are still fresh and can run it properly on the almost 55 kilometers with 1,380 meters of altitude. Beautiful trails, crisp climbs, action-packed runs and a magnificent landscape are sure to be sure.Great vantage points, including another lookout tower, ensure impressive far-sightedness on the third leg of the TransTeuto, and there is no shortage of stops along the route. The beautiful route is crowned by three very special highlights - as you know, the best comes last. Let's start with the Hermannsdenkmal, whose dimensions are impressive. After a long climb, you can rest up there for a while and enjoy the monument and the great view. You should definitely stop at the "Bandelhütte", because their history is really remarkable: Ernst von Bandel was the one who erected the Hermannsdenkmal and sacrificed his entire private fortune. It took him 37 years to complete his life's work. During this time he lived in the simple hut named after him.Similarly impressive but of pure natural origin are the Externsteine, which you will reach shortly afterwards. The striking sandstones tower up to 50 meters and are a popular tourist destination. It is quite possible that you are a bit too busy here and you prefer to marvel at the rocks just as you drive by - but even that's worth it! The third in the highlight group is again quite contemplative: The Lippische Velmerstot is a mountain summit shortly before the goal of your stage ride, which is covered with huge sandstone blocks. It is absolutely amazing to stand up here and just enjoy the rocks and the views. And here you can look forward to the last descent of the tour: Once again, you can run it properly until you reach the destination of TransTeuto in Silberbachtal. From here it is only about 2.5 kilometers to the station in Leopoldstal. From now on, the train will take the return home.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    90.5 mi
  • Duration
    14:15 h
  • Elevation
    10,525 ft9,825 ft

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Transteuto — explore the Teutoburg Forest by mountain bike