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Escape the noise – weekend escapes around Zurich


Escape the noise – weekend escapes around Zurich

Hiking Collection by adidas TERREX

When coloured leaves cover the ground and fresh dew blankets the alpine meadows, it's time to put on your waterproof hiking boots. Not far from Zurich, just a short train ride away, you will find rustic mountain huts and idyllic alpine pastures, hiking paradises with deep blue lakes and beautiful valleys. These three short multi-day hikes will take you to impressive peaks with crystal-clear mountain streams and plenty of fresh mountain air.

The three routes in this Collection showcase wonderful places around Zurich, whether you prefer to explore well-known regions such as the dreamlike Lake Lucerne and the Solothurn Jura or go to the beautiful Lake Walen. Alpine huts with colourful shutters and flower-decorated mountain guesthouses straight from the pages of a picture book make each of these hikes a delight. And, the best thing is you can easily reach the starting and finishing points of all the hikes by train from Zurich.

On the "2-day tour in the Solothurn Jura" you hike along the Aare in the karstic Jura mountains to impressive viewpoints rising out of the forest. You will explore ancient castles and the unique flora of the Tuefelsschlucht gorge. On the "3-day tour at Lake Lucerne" you can visit alpine chalets. From Brunnen we take you high up to the mountain village of Stoos and back to the lake, to Sisikon. The circular hike "Mountain Adventure at Lake Walen" brings you very close to the impressive peaks of the Churfirsten. At Lake Walen, the cliffs drop steeply towards the water, giving the lake a fjord-like appearance. There, you can spend the night on Alp Tschingla, high above Lake Walen.

If you can't get enough of our multi-day hikes, then simply combine the "2-day tour in the Solothurn Jura" with the "3-day tour on Lake Lucerne". You can travel from Oensingen to Lucerne on Lake Lucerne by train in under one hour. From there, you can take the boat to Brunnen, the starting point of the three-day hike. There are no limits to your wanderlust.

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Tours & Highlights

    9.81 mi
    1.8 mph
    2,450 ft
    2,300 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Between the French border and the valley of the Aare lies the impressive Solothurn Jura. In Olten moderate mountains and hills rise, which can not keep up with the alpine peaks in the height development, but are just as exciting hiking area.We have put together a two-day tour that will take you from Olten via Hägendorf to Oensingen. On the way there are fantastic viewpoints, deep gorges and historical places.You start at Olten station, which can be reached from Zurich in three quarters of an hour. After crossing the Aare on a more than 200-year-old wooden bridge you walk through the beautiful center. You have the opportunity to visit the Capuchin Monastery and the city park.Through beautiful forests, you hike up to Rumpel on gently ascending paths. In the local garden you can take a break. Accompanied by the twittering of the birds and the rustling of the leaves, you will return a few meters and come to the Belchenflue. This striking, rocky peak rises out of the forest, creating a truly unique vantage point. In autumn, when the fog is still in the valley, the sun is shining on the 1,099 meter high Belchenflue and the peak rises like an island out of the sea of clouds.From the highest point of this stage the path leads you down to Allerheiligenberg, where the entrance to the Devil's Gorge, also called Tüfelsschlucht, is located. About paths, bridges and stone steps, it goes along the rushing stream. Soft mosses, tall ferns and ancient trees make the Karst Gorge a natural paradise. Again and again, the Cholersbach falls over rocks and walls, forming waterfalls and pools.
    Via the following Oeliweg you will reach the center of Hägendorf. In the village there is a good selection of different places to stay and restaurants.

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    10.8 mi
    1.9 mph
    2,275 ft
    2,225 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    After a relaxing night in Hägendorf, you will hike on winding forest paths up to the viewpoint Höchli Flue. At 966 meters you can sit on a bench, study the information boards and enjoy the wide view into the plain.Continue through dense forest, where you meet the castle Bachli. This brings you to the imposing ruin of Old Bechburg. For 1,000 years, the plant perched on a ledge above the Augstbachtal. Explore the historic walls of the enchanted ruin, from which you have a wonderful panorama.Then you will reach the highest point of this stage over the ridge of the rye schnarzes. The 995 meter high Roggenflue is also a popular vantage point in the middle of the forest. You look over the tops of the trees at bright limestone walls.Below the Roggenflue lies another highlight of this hike: the majestic Schloss Bechburg. The well-preserved complex was built in the 13th century and is now managed by a foundation. Unfortunately, Neu-Bechburg is not open to the public, but on request the castle can be visited as part of a guided tour. Or you are lucky and the goals are open due to events.On the last part of your walk, you will walk through the streets and alleyways of Oensingen to the train station. The relaxed journey by train to Zurich takes less than an hour.

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  • Difficult
    5.64 mi
    1.7 mph
    3,100 ft
    75 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    All around Lake Lucerne are magnificent peaks, idyllic pastures and rustic huts. Not without reason, this region is a popular destination for hikers and climbers looking for pure nature.The deep blue of the lake and the massive mountains in view, you wanderst in three days from the place well to Sisikon. The first night you spend on the modern Stoos Hüttä, before it goes on the second day to the rustic Lidernenhütte. On the last stage, which is characterized by beautiful mountain lakes, we lead you down to Sisikon, on the eastern shore of Lake Lucerne.The Brunnen station can be reached in just over an hour from Zurich ( First you hike on a forest path through the dense green, parallel to the tranquil lakeside. Our route leads you gently through colorful fields and lush meadows uphill. Before you enter the Stooswald after about five kilometers, you can again enjoy a great view of the town of Schwyz and the myths.In zig-zag you follow the path through the quiet forest. At 1,290 meters, the trail meets the ring road at the mountain station of the aerial cableway Morschach-Stoos. A spacious alp with flower meadows and many refreshments opens up in front of you.The place Stoos is an idyllic mountain village, which is well visited even in winter. That's why you'll find a wide selection of accommodation and inns here. Our tip is the modern Stoos Hüttä, which opened in 2015 and is characterized by a clear and cozy design. On the sun terrace or in the light-filled interiors, you can end the day.

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    7.97 mi
    1.9 mph
    2,400 ft
    1,150 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    After a delicious breakfast in the Stoos Hüttä you can explore the most beautiful places of the place. In the clear water of the Stoos-Seelis, the surrounding mountains are reflected. On the Moorerlebnisweg you can learn a lot about the fascinating flora and fauna of this marshy landscape. You walk along a wooden path along the edge of the moor.You leave the lively town of Stoos heading south and are soon surrounded by nature. Forests and meadows alternate and the silence is interrupted only by birdsong. Via Geissbützen and Laubgarten you walk along the flank of the 1,759-meter-high Planggstock.Nestled in a picturesque landscape lies the alpine farm Goldplangg. The rustic hut scores with a magnificent view and delicious food. You can use the alpine economy to strengthen you for the last kilometers of this stage.
    Following you follow the trail to your destination today, the Lidernenhütte. The traditional hut with its striped shutters is known for the delicious Linzer cake.

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    7.62 mi
    1.5 mph
    800 ft
    5,000 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    On the third stage we take you from the Lidernen hut on quiet paths back down to Lake Lucerne. On the hike you have the opportunity to visit two fantastic mountain lakes. However, if you want to shorten the third stage, you can go to one of the lakes or descend directly into the valley.First you leave the Lidernen hut behind you and reach the mountain station of the cable car at the Käppeliberg. You keep left and walk a good kilometer to the gorgeous Spilauersee. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and take a break. You have the opportunity to circle the water and then go back to the mountain station.It goes down and again and again, great views of the mountains on. At Alplen you have the opportunity to make a detour to the deep green Alplersee. The water is located at 1,506 meters on the northern slope of the Rophaien. Since the lake is not particularly deep, the water heats up in the sunshine to a comfortable temperature.After visiting the Alpler Lake our route leads steadily downhill through dense forest. On the hillside above Sisikon is Zingel a great vantage point. Soak up that fantastic view in your mind before you get back to Lake Lucerne.The last part of your varied multi-day hike, you go along the babbling stream Bachstalder. Right in the center of Sisikon, near the church, is the train station. On the 80-minute drive to Zurich you can once again take a look at the beautiful landscape.

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    8.34 mi
    1.6 mph
    4,175 ft
    600 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Just one hour from Zurich lies the beautiful Walensee. The steep slopes that drop directly towards the water and the Mediterranean climate, which even makes vines, make this region so special.With a view of the imposing peaks of the Churfirsten range, you will hike from Walenstadt up to Alp Tschingla. Here you can leave the hustle and bustle behind and enjoy the fresh mountain air.Your two-day hike starts at the station in Walenstadt ( Before you leave the village to the west, you make a detour to the lake. Near the train station is a publicly accessible pebble beach and a ferry landing stage. Here you can cool off and enjoy the beautiful panorama. From the shore it goes over colorful meadows and through quiet forests steadily uphill.At over 1,200 meters lies the idyllic Alp Schrina. In the meadows the cows graze and in the cultivated Beizli you can fortify yourself with regional delicacies. Best dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese are produced here. In addition, rare sycamore, which is under protection, grows on the alpine Schrina.Then we lead you in a zig-zag along a stream uphill. The last part of this stage is a leisurely walk, without a steep incline, below the Churfirsten summit. Great views of the Walensee and Walenstadt await you.Your destination today is the dreamlike Alp Tschingla. Like a picture book, the Alp overlooks the lake amidst steep meadows. On the sun terrace of Alpbeizli you can let the day fade away.

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    8.55 mi
    1.9 mph
    675 ft
    4,200 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    After a restful night on the Alp Tschingla, the day starts with a magnificent mountain panorama. The peaks of the Churfirsten, which reach up to 2,300 meters in the warm morning light, are a truly impressive sight. The first part of this stage you wander without major differences in height along the edge of the forest. Again and again you come across small rippling streams that you can easily cross with your waterproof shoes.After four kilometers you arrive at the Berggasthaus Lüsis, which invites you to take a break. In the garden you can settle down and enjoy the view of the blue-shimmering Walensee. On safe trails we continue over the pastures. Before you begin the descent into the valley, you can make a detour to the small mountain village Verachta. At this remote location you will find plenty of peace and breathtaking views.Following the curved path leads through the forest along the course of the Wildenbach. On the outskirts of Walenstadt you cross the stream on a wooden bridge. From here you can walk to the center of Walenstadt, past the beautiful church and the lively Lindenplatz.From the center of Walenstadt it is only a few steps to the train station, where you can board the train to Zurich. The beautiful drive through the Swiss mountains takes an hour.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    58.7 mi
  • Duration
    33:27 h
  • Elevation
    15,875 ft

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