Oberpfalz: the hidden MTB paradise in East Bavaria

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2-3 days
3-5 h / day
73.5 mi
6,850 ft
7,275 ft

The Oberpfalz Forest and the Steinwald Nature Park are full of exhilarating single trails, enchanting panoramic paths, idyllic huts and dreamy villages full of history. The region lies between Marktredwitz in the north, Weiden in the south and the Czech border in the east.

Several castle ruins adorn the peaks of the gentle hilly landscape and tell of the eventful past of this border region, which has always been hotly contested. At the Czech border, you will follow the more recent traces of the Cold War, which you will see again and again: former watchtowers, barracks and concrete blocks. Today, it is hard to imagine that this border separated two worlds until 1989.

We have put together several routes through Trans-Oberpfalz, which you can easily manage in three days, or two with enough leg muscle. You can also ride each route individually, but why not stay a few days in the beautiful region and ride all the stages consecutively?

The individual stages include single trails in the range S0 to S2, which you can also easily avoid with a glance at the map. With a total altitude of just over 2000 metres (6560 feet) over three days, a certain fitness level is of course an advantage. On the way, however, you will regularly find huts or villages where you can have a good rest. Don't forget to pack enough water and snacks – there are countless beautiful places along the way to stop and enjoy the nature.

Our stages start and end either at train stations that are easily accessible from major cities such as Nuremberg or Regensburg or at accommodation where you can stay the night. Camping is also possible at different locations. However, please check in advance whether the local campsites are open when you decide to go on your adventure. The last thing to do is get pedaling – nothing stands in the way of your adventure in the Oberpfalz!

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Tours & Highlights

    31.8 mi
    7.0 mph
    2,675 ft
    2,475 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    This tour is the first stage of the Trans-Oberpfalz-MTB-Tour. It leads from the station Marktredwitz to the Gasthof zur Post in Plößberg, where you can spend the night.Although this stage also includes some single trails that are located between S0 and S2, the overall focus is more on track and landscape. The highlights are definitely the ruins of castle Weißenstein right at the beginning of the tour, the Oberpfalz tower with its overwhelming views and the beautiful Waldnaabtal.Although you will cover many kilometers today, your tires will feel relatively little asphalt. It is mainly about natural trails and paths and a few forest roads - pure nature experience!And even if 820 vertical meters do not sound without you first, you manage the most strenuous climb right at the beginning of this stage to Oberpfälzerturm. Then you follow in the (flat) Waldnaabtal the river course. Only towards the end of the stage are a few minor climbs waiting for you.Trail addicts can take a closer look at the immediate surroundings of the route from the Oberpfalzturm in the Steinwald and take a few more downhill runs with them. Leisure cyclists save themselves in Waldnaabtal the shore path and stay on the forest road.

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    19.3 mi
    6.9 mph
    1,750 ft
    2,050 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The second leg of the tour takes you from the Gasthof zur Post in Plößberg to the Bockl rest stop in Raft, where you can spend the night.This stage takes you to the Czech border area. Here you can explore the traces of the Cold War and find two imposing castle ruins that are perfect for breather between all the fast singletrack (S1-S2) you have today.If you like, you can start the day with a jump into the cool water. The large pond in Plößberg is a beautiful natural lake, which is popular with hikers, cyclists and bathers, especially in summer.Then it is then first crank uphill to Waldnaabquelle, where the German-Czech border trail begins, an absolutely flowing Allroundtrail, which meanders for miles along the border between the countries. The detour and the steep ramp up to the Havran (Rabenberg) is worthwhile for the phenomenal view to the Czech Republic from the lookout tower - and the descent afterwards.Thereafter, the castle ruins along with associated singletrack are on the program. The castle ruin Schellenberg hides mystically behind moss in a wild forest, which is so overgrown that it almost reminds of the more remote temples in the Cambodian jungle. The ruin Flossenbürg, on the other hand, impresses with a very exposed location on a rock and the appropriate view.Shortly before the end you drive past a small trail on Gaisweiher, which invites you to cool down especially after the exhausting climb to the castle. On the beautiful Gaisbachtrail you then roll relaxed to today's stage stop in raft, where you can put up your feet right on the river.

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  • Intermediate
    22.4 mi
    6.7 mph
    2,425 ft
    2,775 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The third and final stage of the tour leads from the Bockl rest stop in raft to the station Weiden. From there you can travel by train to Regensburg or Nuremberg. Finally, there is a crisp-fiery trail buffet on which you can shoot your last grains, with the option of less - or more!In principle, you drive uphill again and again uphill, and then descend on a great single trail (S1-S2). Especially at the beginning you do a bit of track along the way as well. A highlight in good weather is the view of the distant but visible Oberpfälzer Turm, where you were already at the beginning of your tour.Then you reach the Fischerberg and the here, very exciting trail network. Now you have two options: Either you decide after your rest in the Strobelhütte Vierlingsturm to omit the planned single trail loop around the Hölltaler Hof and strike directly the way towards pastures, or you explore the trails a bit and take it a few more meters in purchase.No matter how you choose, in the end you'll reach Weiden, whose marketplace you should definitely treat yourself to a well-earned coffee and an ice cream before heading home. Here is your Trans-Oberpfalz tour finished.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    73.5 mi
  • Duration
    10:40 h
  • Elevation
    6,850 ft7,275 ft

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